My meetings with the world of escort-girls

  This section that I created is in resonance with My Blog and My erotic stories. Because of my very strong libido and my appetite for sex, I wanted to make you freely share another facet of my many meetings with escort girls who are actually prostitutes of luxury and who often work on their own.
    This is an excellent alternative to the endangered street racing as insecure.
    It is due to the website that I was able to satisfy without hesitation my fantasies and desires of sex. It's worth it and I encourage you to take the plunge. 

My motivations

   Yo know my motivations; after you have consulted My Blog and My erotic stories where I tell you of my intimate moments with my girlfriend Sophie, I wanted to share my addiction for sex with escort girls on tour in Marseille.

  Insatiable and greedy of beauty and sex, I have registered since June 2012 to a very beautiful free dating site titled (username: meMbre13), and where are registered the most beautiful girls of the world who offer their services and their bodies for the biggest Happiness of men worthy of the name, and mine in particular.

   This kind of private meeting not only allows me to satisfy my desires and fantasies, but also to perfect my experience in approach and self-confidence and my sexual endurance, this for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Sex is vital to me and guarantees good physical and mental health. At 57 years old, I still have beautiful remains and mentally, I feel wings like 20 years...

   However, these encounters will never replace my love for my beloved Sophie, who remains the only one to provide me with true shared well-being ...

   So here is a panel of my best shots among the thirty pretty girls I met for 5 years and whom I continue to meet via this superb erotic portal.

The met girls: my top 10

Adele,    The girls I met in thirty years are very numerous. They are concentrated mainly during the last 10 years thanks to the internet. The number is approaching the fifties of which a good thirty via the site

   This non exhaustive list includes my best prettiest meetings girls I have met since my adolescence (see the long post of 14 June 2017 devoted to my summary sexual career since my 10 years old!).

   All these cannon girls have procured me and continue to do so, moments of happiness all shared with some to whom I give pleasure. This is how some of them adore me and do not hesitate to contact me when they arrive in Marseille.

   This list is in the form of photos gleaned on the website with my comments where I detail my frolics with these superb cannons. Please note that these private comments are visible by going to my profile meMbre13.

   I also offer a porn video that I filmed while I was fucking a beautiful ukrainian very naughty who is named Veronika.

   The first 10 beautiful girls mentioned among the thirty we met are in my top 10. There are Anna, Vannesa, Bianca, Lorena, Alina, Natacha, Nadine, Letizia, Kristie, Elena to which I added Catalina met recently. Veronika is no longer part of my top 10 since I met Bianca recently, but remains in the ranking because she was the first escort girl I met via the site The others not mentioned but all too hot are: Aïssa, Delia, Angelika, Angelina, Rebecca, Mimy, Mila, Emmanuelle, and many others of which I have lost track.

   Outside the escort I remember a very pretty 25-year-old girl named Ambre whom I met in 2002 before my darling Sophie, via the free classifieds and who ended up having a crush on me. She looked like Emmanuelle Béart more natural, to tell you that she was really very beautiful. She was separated and had a 4 year old girl. We went out 3 times together before making love in her small apartment in the city center of Marseille. It was with her that I discovered the FK and DFK... Then I lost track of her overnight... Great memories that come back to me right now...

   Here are my 12 famous beauties, treat yourself !! :


My ranking 

In order, which varies according to my new meetings, you will discover:

 1                   My new love Anna

   Anna is at the first of my Top 10. She is young, very pretty, available, selfless and intelligent. With her, I spend great moments of relaxation and shared pleasures. It's really nice. She is more than an escort, she became my girlfriend...

   Anna is a Russian origin, she is 25 years old (born on May 2nd 1994), of the Taurus zodiac sign (ultimate venusian sign and very focused on carnal pleasures), mesuring 5' 6" for 121.2 lb. In her photos, her face is blurred but she looks a lot like Megan Sage, a pretty American porn star (see the picture below). 

   Meet on April 19th and July 31th by 39°C (102.2F), October 2nd, December 7th 2017, February 12th, March 12th, and May 14th and July 2nd, , September 24th and October 17th, November 8th, December 13th, January 9th, February 20th, April 4th, May 23th and June 12th 2019. This girl is very pleasant, available with a rare kindness in an escort.

 is what I describe in private comment on the site (nickname: meMbre13):

   "I am always happy and excited to meet this beauty. After having arranged an appointment by phone (preferably), Anna receives at her home in a beautiful discreet apartment in the downtown of Marseille. The reception is always very smiling in lingerie and high heels (15 cm) which makes it looks much larger (1m 82) than me. Her pace is comparable to a top model. Anna is a very pretty girl of Russian origin speaking French rather well, very nice, intelligent and enthusiastic. Anna always gets naked before I finish making myself too. Just to repeat myself, Anna is a real gun: she has a pretty face that I love to caress like her nice little ass, adorable little breasts with big tits that I love to suck and a perfect fall kidneys... FK and DFK are hot and put me in all my states systematically causing a strong erection. She is very GFE, sweet and caressing. She excels in the blow job and the caresses of my balls with her tongue: with her energetic technique without a condom, Anna manages to get me chills and ecstatic sensations close to orgasm... She loves DFK during coitus, which increases desire and pleasure during my back and forth... Her small tits move at each tumble and react to the rustling of the nipples. Her ass is a marvel and vibrates with every stroke of her back when she gets on doggy style. The beautiful whining Anna impaled on my cock is and always remains an unforgettable sight... To summarize, Anna is a safe bet, nice, smiling, natural, intelligent and above all very naughty... In short, an excellent address in Marseille. (met 17 times on April 19th, July 31th, October 2nd, December 7th, 2017, February 12th where I stayed more than an hour of pure shared pleasures, March 12th, May 14th, July 2nd, September 24th October 17th, November 8th, December 13th, January 9th, February 20th, April 4th, May 23th and June 12th 2019)."

   Following my meetings with Anna, what happened was realized. Hey yes, I fell in love with this beauty, and so too...! Indeed, I managed to seduce this pretty girl. I realize that she love me, not only for my physique and my way of making love to her, but also for my delicacy and my kindness towards her. Besides, I deprive myself to bring her as often as possible some small touches that each time translates back to long sessions of DFK, she is greedy...  Anna commend my education and my great respect for the feminine as my simplicity in my human relationships.

   I am happy as at the first day however this makes me all the more embarrassed that I am in a relationship with Sophie, my dear girlfriend, for more than 16 years and I care about her as she likes me.

   That's it, I really love two girls and that's why it will be difficult to organize a part of leg in the air with my two loves. I'm afraid, as Anna has cleverly pointed out to me because knowing my love for my girlfriend, to arouse jealousy on the part of Sophie who knows this relationship but without knowing that I fell in love with her. I will leave time to time. This nascent love should not overwhelm me even if it makes me incredibly happy and proud.

  2                             Elena

   Very pretty girl of 23 years of Russian origin living in Marseille, 5' 6" for 114.6 lb, measurements of dreams: 36-24-35. When I met her 4 years ago she had not her little silicone breasts yet adorable.
   2 comments for this beauty because review at 4 years apart.

    "I met Elena in her little apartment near Place Castellane in Marseille where she lives. She is a very pretty and very young Russian doll of 20 years that speaks very well French, she is well in the photos. Sexy dress, once in the room she was naked before me which allowed me to contemplate her while I undressed in my turn. Elena has a beautiful body worthy of a top model. Nice smiling face, pretty little tits trembling during coitus with a adorable small ass, her skin is soft, a pleasure to caress, she is both delicate and dynamic without simulation during coit. Recommends of course (met once in July 2014)."

   Second comment after reviewing her on March 22th, 2019:

   "I saw Elena for the 2nd time (the first time in July 2014, see previous comment) It had been a long time since I had tasted the charm and the true beauty of this girl. In 4 years I realized that Elena had matured and became beautiful. She was 20 years old and had just landed in Marseille and I was one of her first clients. Always so pretty, smiling with a lot of humor, she's smart and cultured, which is great in this kind of meeting, I did not realize how much Elena a dreamy physique: she has become blonde again, rather light brown (it's better, especially since it's her natural color), a very pretty square face, a cute little nose, a pretty mouth, a look fine with a sublime ass that I could appreciate as she swayed on her heels high and close during coitus in reverse cowgirl, perfectly curved legs, nice tits slightly silicone but superbly proportioned that can be massaged without risk while i They were moving in front of me, Elena moaning impaled on my cock... A treat this girl, really! We ended up enjoying while I got lost in her sparkling and naughty foggy clear eyes, after tasty FK. 
   Note: as to indicate in her profile, she is bisexual and agrees to meet couples, so I'll see her very soon with Sophie who wants to do the threesome (licking pussy in perspective, yum, yum...!) Otherwise, it was a beautiful erotic moment spent with a smart escort with haunting beauty. An excellent address in Marseille like Anna. (met twice, July 2014 and March 22th, 2019). "

Yes, so, Elena is an open and naughty girl who loves to make love to couples. I saw her on her profile and did not hesitate to jump at the chance. We talked to her about my long-standing relationship with my girlfriend. She agrees to make love to three with my "naughty girlfriend" (these are her words). I am happy to know that Sophie can satisfy her fantasy and desire to be licked pussy...

 3                     Vannesa

   Beautiful beauty 22 years old from the Czech Republic. 5' 5" for 108 lb. Vannesa is very fine, cheerful and smiling with dream measurements: 32-24-35. A sacred tempers to the perfect body with a little ass to chew and adorable small breasts to nipples bandage of excitement at sight of eye. My best encounter since I fuck with escorts. 

   "What a beauty Vannesa! Undeniably my best meeting since I attend the escort in Marseille (since 2012). She is of Czech origin and speaks French very well. This smart girl is very pretty. She is a small template as I like (5' 5") with a dream body, very fine with a pretty smiling face, adorable small breasts I could enjoy her nipples bending by fiddling with them ( rare)... A beautiful little ass firm and very sweet. This is one of the few to embrace with the language. Something passed between her and me with her FK... I was like electrified by ecstatic sensations... Rarely a girl did this effect to my tail that had reached its maximum size (17cm) after A sensational fellatio. Well hard and well lubricated of her saliva, my cock then easily interfered between the small lips fleshy of her little pussy narrow and completely smooth... Moreover, I will always remember Vannesa smiling, riding my huge cock... I enjoyed quickly in her while contemplating and caressing this beautiful beauty so I was excited. I went away pleased and happy. (Met twice on June 28th and September 18th, 2017 and there will be others for sure!)."

  4                    Lorena

   Very pretty 25 years old girl, of Spanish origin, tall (5' 7"), very fine (112.4 lb), with a superb fine face with a warm look supported by a wonderful smile. Lorena has a very long hair amplifying her strong sensuality. Watching her as she goes to her bedroom as she slips on her high heels, while I contemplate her beautiful ass vibrating at each step, is an excellent entry into very exiting matter...

    I am an unconditional fan of this girl so she is pretty, sweet and natural. Besides, I always call her "my sweet" when I contact her to make an rendezvous.

  "I meet Lorena at home regularly in her very nice apartment in Marseille, La Joliette, and I am never disappointed by our meetings, which have become our reunion every time, she is intelligent, sensitive, attentive, very tactile. Well, the carnation and relaxation are always there and it makes things easier... She is really more attractive than on photoshoped photos It is a real treat to contemplate and scrutinize her from top to bottom and from the bottom up to the less detail... Lorena is a very pretty latin girl speaking Spanish and perfectly mastering French, she is rather large, the skin matte. She is very thin and slender. Shehas a beautiful face very fine that I love to caress and her look like her smile make me crack every time what systematically transforms into a strong erection when I kiss her tenderly before making her FK... Indeed, the motion is always at the rendezvous and it is a avantage that makes me capsize... Her long black hair that goes down to the buttocks accentuates her sensuality and femininity. Lorena, it's gentleness and finesse in the pure state. Each time the contemplation of her tanned body gives me a rare pleasure. Her breasts have been siliconed quite recently and it is rather well done although I preferred her small breasts that I loved massaging and sucking, fine waist, wide hips with a very nice buttocks firm, beautiful legs, long, fine and caressing. Her skin is tanned and very soft... I love to caress her... As I said before, she loves the FK and we never deprived it... Very enterprising, she loves cunnilingus and enjoys soon enough after having grown characteristic moans, proof that I manage to give her pleasure (that is understood and it is rather rare in an escort) Her energy during coitus contrasts formidably with her delicacy. The top what! I always look forward to seeing her again. Lorena, she's "My Sweet"! (Met 12 times since May 2014, 1 time in threesome with Natacha in May 2016, see again on August 29th, 2017, January 25th, June 2018 and February 2019). 

Here is Lorena when I met her first time in May 2014. She had adorable little breasts slightly falling with big areolas and I loved to knead and suck. She was more natural, but hey, her new silicone breasts remain rather not bad. And then the rest of her body is so cute that we abstraction ...!

   5                                          Catalina

   Gorgeous Spanish 25 years old, with a magnificent body and a pretty sexy silhouette. Catalina is a small template as I like them really carved for sex with ideal proportions: 34B-23-34. She is very thin, 5' 3", 105.8 lb. Very pretty smiling face with a sparkling look with hazel eyes who ignited after making her cum and pretty luscious mouth.
    But the peculiarity of Catalina is her adorable little ass beautifully highlighted by her camber and the delicacy of her waist, set on a pair of high heels. I maté throughout the meeting, her swaying shake her buttocks when she accompanied me to her alcove and woke my cock instantly at the bottom of my panties, until my orgasm enjoying a extraordinary vision on her asshole during my come-and-go doggy style and trembling her ass...
    Met on April 29th, 2019 in a beautiful apartment in the 8th district of Marseille.

    "Catalina is a beautiful girl, very pretty, blonde with a lot of class that I met in a beautiful new apartment in the 8th district of Marseille.This Spanish, which she really type thanks to her light accent, is much more pretty that her photos suggests. She is a small size of 5' 3" very well done with an adorable little ass that I enjoyed while she was swaying on her shoes by following her to alvove. She received me in small lingerie, thong and bra (see her photo back below) highlighting her small buttocks round and firm as well as her adorable small breasts that pointed of desire when I put naked... A small cannon and a real small bomb this chick who caused a nice and fast erection quickly... Naked, I took her by the hand and standing, I undressed before caressing her face to her buttocks that I grabbed, lost in her gaze brilliant desire while kissing her tastefully... Indeed, Catalina delivers a slew of FK and DFK drooling who gave me a stick not possible (6.7"). I then lay down while continuing to kiss her, grabbed my long cock and began to masturbate me... Then, as I do it systematically to all the girls I meet, I made her enjoy loudly with my traditional cunnilingus... It was a first and she loved like all the girls I met here, and surprised by the way I took it since it was never given to her so quickly for a first meeting and for me a real pride... For Catalina it is an important mark of confidence for my next visits to her... She then sucked my cock by lubricating it copiously with her saliva and managed to make it harden rather quickly... Due to her incredible licks around my purple glans penis and the way she engulfed my balls in her mouth... She looked like a pornstar... Catalina had more than one trick pony and the reaction was the height when she admired the size of my cock pleasantly surprised her by dropping a "wow!" fills with greed... Then came the coitus proper in all the positions allowing me to contemplate this rare and smiling beauty, with the temperament of fire proper to the Spanish girls and from end to end... First in Reverse Cowgirl to enjoy her undulating ass and her asshole, then quickly in Cowgirl, gorgeous, beautiful above me, impaled, squeezing my dick by doing energetic come-and-go that gave her many pleasures visibly and animating her small inflated breasts bouncing above me. She leaned in from time to time and delivered me juicy FK and DFK... I was on the side of ecstasy so it was divine... She then placed on doggystyle, arched her beautiful ass which had the effect of spreading her pretty buttocks to clear her asshole and pussy that seemed swollen with pleasure by revealing her lwet labia minora... At first sight she was well excited this bitch... I approached this wonder, Catalina caught from below my big cock wet secretions and inserted into her pussy... Slowly and then faster and faster I swallow the vagina of this slut who began to moan... My tumbling was trembling all this beautiful body transished pleasures, her buttocks flickered under my thrusts and her breasts reacted while spinning... Catalina gave me a gaze of satisfaction, uttered groans of pleasure before i enjoy all my being while admiring her pretty breasts swinging and stroking her little fluffy asshole with my thumb... Rarely I felt such pleasure with an escort... In short I feasted for 30 minutes with this beautiful Spanish girl, all natural that I managed to conquer after giving me her confidence for next meetings even hotter... (met once on April 29th, 2019)".

   To complete my feelings and not wanting to boast, I can say that the fact of attending these beautiful beauties produces me each time a renewal of pleasure that increases and prolongs the paroxysm of my orgasm... I feel incredibly well and these sensations are unspeakable... I understand why the girls that I fuck are as satisfied as me to have enjoyed. Every time, he has experienced something special and they feel it. I can cite two examples with Sophie et Anna who loves to make love with me ...
    I can say without hesitation that giving pleasure as receiving it makes me proud and happy. I am thinking of beginning to open the way for the
Kundalini ecstatic happiness of the sages who practiced Kamasutra...

Admire this unique body! I have rarely seen such a pretty girl with such proportions.
She is just perfect.
Damn look this ass, a wonder!
Well, it is in this outfit with thong, alluring bra and high heels Catalina received me and it is this dream vision that I could enjoy and that caused the thrill of my cock deep in my slip on my arrival at her place...!

  6                            Bianca

   Beautiful Hungarian 25 years, very well done, 5' 6" for 108 lb with ideal measurements 34-24-34. Very pretty face with pretty lamb's eyes radiating when Bianca smiled. Superb little ass that comes alive during her swaying walk... Beautiful pair of natural and firm tits that I loved to fondle. The peculiarity of Bianca is her GFE and her attachment to preliminaries that I did not miss; caresses, FK and cunnilingus that she loved of course. I became an expert in pussy licking. There was excellent and very fleshy that's why I was eager to make her enjoy... The coitus was divine with various positions; cowgirl back and face (beautiful) and the classic position of the missionary during which I could scrutinize the beauty of her face and her eyes causing my orgasm. However, 30 minutes with Bianca is too short to really appreciate the magic of the moment in the presence of this sublime beauty from Eastern countries.
   Met on November 6th, 2017 in her apartment near the Vieux-Port in Marseille.

   "Beautiful brunette of 25 years old of Hungarian origin, more beautiful than in her photos. Very nice face smiling. Bianca welcomed me in lingerie with pantyhose mid-thigh very sexy. She has a superb body, breasts quite voluminous farms that I adored caress and suck. She has a beautiful ass that I eagerly contemplated during coitus tickling her anus while she was in  back Cowgirl position... And this way to wiggle her ass with my cock stuffed into her pussy... Wonderful !! Bianca's particularity is its attachment to the importance of foreplay, which is not displease me, quite the contrary. As she is very GFE I took the opportunity to lick her pussy a good time before making her enjoy. Very nice because it had something to eat... Also I'm used to it and all the girls love my riding tongue... The show of Bianca impaled on my long back and front tail was an unforgettable moment... I enjoyed inside her contemplating her pretty hazel eyes... In short, a moment divine to be renewed during her next visit to Marseille. (met once on November 6th, 2017)".


  7                  Adele et sa jolie copine Irra

   Very pretty and young Czech of 25 years, rather blonde, 5' 6", 114.6 lb with ideal measurements: 34-25-34. Met on August 21th, 2018 in Marseille in a very nice apartment on a very hot summer day (35 ° C).
    This adorable and smiling girl speaks French very well. I recognized the temper of girls of Czech origin; intelligent, cheerful, both sweet and not at all shy and what is characteristic of these girls like Letizia and Vannesa, their humor, a lot of humor. We had a good laugh and it facilitated our relationship in a cozy intimacy...
   Here is the story of my first encounter with this beautiful cannon. One of my best memories with an escort in Marseille.

  "It's Tuesday and I'm still on vacation. For a fortnight my girlfriend Sophie left to join her parents in La Drome where she was born. She will not return until early September. As I could not wait for his return and that early in the morning I had a very strong desire to fuck, I went to visit my fetish site in search of a rare pearl. And that's where I came across Adele. I immediately flashed on his photos. She is really beautiful (see below). This will be confirmed in much better later in my meeting proper ... I took my smartphone without hesitation. 
   Appointment by SMS was quite fast and very simple in the morning of Tuesday, August 21th, 2018. Rendez-vous was therefore taken at 10:30 for 14:30 in the Sainte Cécile street, nice street of the student district of La Timone in Marseille, after having specified her dress-code(*) and the desire to meet her in GFE(**) mode. Last SMS to signal my presence in front of the door. As always in this kind of occasion, my heart started beating at the prospect of meeting with a new girl... I am engulfed in a 'pretty and renovated building. I go up a few steps. I hear a door that opens, I approach and there... What a happy and pleasant surprise, a beautiful babe in small outfit camped on high heels as requested, stood behind! A nice smile and a kiss on the cheek and here I am in the bath. Always this sensation and this particular atmosphere that emerges from these places devoted to eroticism and sex freely consented. I love to find myself with these beauties. It's part of my life now as well as my being... I followed her enjoying a unique view of her figure and contemplating her from head to foot; what a beauty ! More beautiful than her photos. And what a nice little ass! Adele in panties and sexy red bra, on her heels accompanied me to her room swaying what made her little butts tremble... A pleasant shiver ran through my being... Once in the semi-darkness of her lodge I quickly put myself at ease before strolling naked to the bathroom, where I noticed her pretty girlfriend Irra in the living room. Once refreshed, I returned quickly, Adele closed the door behind me. Here, I finally find myself in the hushed intimacy with my pretty partner. Standing both, I took her by the hand to begin the ritual foreplay to put me in condition and raise desire. As I was already naked I undertook to take off her bra first, caress her beautiful natural tits (see photos). I went down kissing hher small breasts, her belly before removing her panties she let slip at her feet. I discovered, caressing gently with my lips, her shaved pussy. I was happy to see that she let herself go... I got up and I felt a small moan, hugging her. My cock came alive by swelling against her belly as I grabbed her little buttocks ... And here I began to kiss her... First with small kisses very soft on her luscious lips. Then more and more insistent by inserting my tongue. Adele let herself go and reacts by opening her mouth to let in my tongue wandering. I felt a nice little warm breath on my face. At that moment I started really hard. Adele felt it and grabbed my cock and shyly began to masturbate while I made my famous FK. The first step allowed me to relax my pretty partner. She was thrilled and loved my FK and my way of doing it so much that she asked for more and moaned with pleasure... We lay down and continued on her big bed stroking, kissing each other like true lovers. Adele grabbed my big cock again, reacting immediately to the sweet caresses of these pretty hands... Adele stretched out on her back, stared at me with her lovely look, smiling and moaning... My cock jerked as I stroked her beautiful smiling face. There, I knew that I had conquered her. I was standing above her, while my cock began to grow I let my long shaft caress her belly and her pussy... Gently I began what I do with all the girls I meet, I want to talk of my traditional and unavoidable cunnilingus... She understood and let herself go again as with my girlfriend Sophie... I went down on her adorable firm breasts with small breasts, her belly, her hips, her groin, along her thighs muscled in tickling her with my kisses and finally her pussy completely shaved... There it was divine... I felt her breathing panting... I gently removed with my tongue her little lips, caressing her clitoris with scholars little lick that made her react with slight spasms then wandering my tongue between her labia, visiting the entrance to her vagina before returning by whirling the tip of my slobbering tongue on her button which I felt it had hardened... Adele moans health was thrilled and after a few seconds, thanks to my hand on her stomach, I felt enjoy quickly writhing without screaming too much because we were not alone in her apartment, her girlfriend was close with another client... It was so exciting. She loved, witnessing her bright smile and her foggy look... I gave her a languid and wet kiss on her mouth... I was so proud and pleased to have been able to enjoy a nice girl with my wandering language... Then it was up to her to do the "job". For this, she was on all fours on the side so that I can contemplate her beautiful curves and particularly her ass... My right hand caressing her pussy and her lips wet, Adele grabbed my cock already very hard and began to pump it beautifully (OWO)(***), which had the effect of completely decant my wet tassel and inflate as ever... Shivering pleasure with each caress of her tongue, I was in paradise on the edge of enjoyment to such an extent that I whispered to her to slow down the comings and goings. Understanding my pleasure and restraint, Adele began licking my balls, the penis with licks on the tip of my purple tassel which had the effect of making it jump and straighten above my belly button.. The cow, how good it is! During that I caressed her beautiful body, her breasts that dangled above my thighs, her buttocks and her pussy ajar. Once the 6.7", the pretty Adele released her grip temporarily bouncing on my belly and I saw her prank lips... The naughty! The pretty Adele slipped a relatively short condom on my long tail then placed in position "Reverse Cowgirl"(****) and slowly and fully slipped my huge cock that disappeared into her hot and humid lair... At this moment a thrill of pleasure ran through my being so she was pretty in this position... What a beauty! I could contemplate her beautiful little ass that waved and feel her pussy caressing my balls while I stared at her adorable little bullet hole... I saw her straighten up before starting a come and go of hell impaled on my cock and bounce her breasts, making her pussy sound on my balls and her buttocks on my belly with a loud snap accompanied by her sweet moans of happiness... An unforgettable wonder that this girl having fun on my cock! Adele, exhausted by her rodeo and the heat in her room, lay on her back and spread her legs making me understand that it was my turn to do the job. I sat up then, I kneeled in front of her "entrance", by wandering my huge dick in every way to feel better and I let her put my dick before the to push to the hilt, she let out a little cry and smiled at me... I kissed her tenderly... Adorable! That's when I began my sweeping of her pussy, first slowly and then at an accelerated rate until I feel my balls bounce on her buttocks... Delighted to give her pleasure I stared at her... My panting beauty straightened up, clutched at my buttocks, threw her head back and began to moan loudly... It was the signal she was going to enjoy imminently. At the same time that kissed greedily, so I accelerated the pace to join her in ecstasy and then enjoy together, groaning together and empty my seed in her... We were exhausted but what a great time! Unforgettable ! Before getting dressed we talked and there I had fun making her laugh to extend the fullness of this unique moment... 
   Making love to Adele proved to be the most intense and complete moment I had with an escort. I think she too will remember for a long time this moment of eternity and happiness that lasted only 30 minutes! I understood this by her tender caresses, her sweet smile, her fogged look and the kiss she gave me before letting me go. I had filled her... I said to her "Very quickly my pretty!" (met once on August 21, 2018) "

Yes, see you soon, my beauty! She's really worth it.

   Here, one more to my table of female conquests. I do not count anymore but I know that with Adele there will be even more intense afterwards as she enjoyed this erotic moment shared.

   To give you the mouth water, here are some pictures (it is more beautiful in real life) to get an idea of its beauty. Adele is a nice girl of rare beauty, natural and authentic. She is 5th in my rankings but she will join Anna for sure at my next meetings with her.

(*) dress-code: dress code (for Adele, small sexy lingerie: bra and small red panties, high heels to better appreciate the curves of the calves and her hips)
(**) GFE: Girl Friend Experience: Like her girlfriend
(***) OWO: Oral WithOut: blowjob nature without condom
(****) Reverse Cowgirl: the back girl impaled on my dick. Ideal position to contemplate and admire her ass bouncing, ondulating back and forth while peering her asshole...

The beautiful Adele with an angel face and perfect breasts. Only her ass is photoshoped after the curves of his adorable little buttocks were amplified.
She has never had an ass as bulky as her pretty face all the same.

Her pretty girlfriend Irra

Super escort of Hungarian origin that I met and who shares the same apartment as Adele. Very pretty face and a sublime body (5' 9", 127.8 lb, 34-25-34).
It will be my next meeting if she comes back on Marseille.

  8                            Alina

   Encountered on May 4th, 2017. Superb Italian 25 years, 5' 6", 114.6 lb, measurements of dreams: 36-24-35 and speaking French very well.
   Note that this beautiful canon has, with the exception of her big breasts, strange resemblances with Monika (see photo 3 below) which amplified my fantasies and my enjoyment by fucking her...

  "I've met Alina in Marseille in the same apartment as Lorena and Natacha, and they all know each other even if Alina is of Italian origin, beautiful girl with a beautiful pair of natural breasts. Face with the soft and naughty look, likewise for her nice ass that I have caressed without stopping from the beginning to the end so it is soft and firm... I was able to contemplate her from all her seams and in different positions... I ended up enjoying in her eyes in the eyes like a love transi of happiness... Otherwise no unpleasant surprise besides FK little supported, I missed to set fire... An excellent meeting (met once on May 4th, 2017). "
This picture of Alina presents like a disturbing look with my dear Monika, do not you think?
In any case the fact is that it amplified my fantasies and my pleasure when I fucked this magnificent canon while imagining being with Monika, a unique experience...!

  9                             Natacha

   Superb Spanish 25 years. Pretty girl strand, very fine with a dream body. 5' 5" for 110.2 lb. Very carressing and smiling.
    Meet 3 times, threesome with Lorena on May 19th, 2016 and solo on February 21th and July 6th, 2017.

   "Very nice little girl with a beautiful face with Asian features and an all natural dream plastic, especially her ass and her breasts. This is very smiling, enterprising, caressing and energetic, which is what characterizes Natacha. She speaks French well enough to converse and relax the atmosphere. Very GFE, Natacha fully understands what is expected of her and realizes it perfectly... Works often with Lorena (We met three times, one of which was a threesome with Lorena in May 19th 2016, the last time I had the chance to see her, July 6th 2017). "

When I say that Natacha has a perfect body just look at the picture above.
Very pretty face, sublime breasts, a beautiful ass and wonderfully rounded by a dream camber, legs of supermodel.
In short, a dream body.

  10                            Nadine

   Encountered for the second time on 19th May. She immediately recognized me: very pretty girl with Italian-Bulgarian origins and speaking very well French. She is barely 21 years old, small size of 5' 3" for 114,6 lb with measurements of dreams, 32C-28-34.
    Next time I will publish a video of my frolics with her as she agrees to be filmed. This will be my second porn achievement after Veronika.

   "Very pretty girl with an angel face and green eyes. She is very young (21 years old) with a style "babyface" arousing emotion. Soon both naked we sprawled on her bed facing the mirror dressing, I cracked contemplating her plastic... I looked into her eyes while listening to her sweet voice... Touched by her beauty I kissed her tenderly as FK rather soft. She is extremely kind. she speaks great French with a little east accent (she is Bulgarian) This is a small size with white skin with pretty forms where you need it. She took a little weight since the first time, but the proportions are harmonious and fully natural. Nadine has pretty much wide ass and a beautiful pair of breasts alive. Very naughty, this girl loves to get in doggy style in front of the mirror. So I could admire her big tits that moved nervously by swinging to the rhythm of my somersaults and feel my balls abutting against her pussy along her quivering buttocks under my thrusts it all with a nice view of her little asshole... I enjoy in her hearing her groans of pleasure. We always spend a nice time with this chick super nice, super simple and super nice and it is rather rare. (Encountered twice, July 2th, 2015 and May 19th, 2017)."
   NB: Not to be missed! Rendez-vous soon with Nadine in a small porn film filmed by my own care ...!
What a beautiful angelic face! This pretty face looks sweet makes me crack and causes me an incredible emotion at the same time as a big hard-on...
Superb face with a gun eyes. I love caress this profile with eye to eye, my cock anchored in her pussy, and her big boobs swaying above me...
Nadine is a lot of emotions on waves of pleasure ...
Photo of Nadine slightly photoshoped showing her beautiful angelic face and her wonderful curves, including her superb padded buttocks... 
What an extraordinary face!
Of all the girls, especially the escorts, that I met, she's the one that dig me the most.
It is at once gentle, mischievous, naughty and haunting.
When she smiles, I crack with emotion and when I contemplate her sparkling eyes with green eyes and the beautiful curves of her goddess body, my tail starts and is recovering very quickly at attention to you...
Nadine the naughty is then subjugated by my enthusiasm and offered to me from all sides...
Proof that Nadine is exceptionally beautiful.
Just admire her pretty shapes, including her beautiful natural lolos with large areolas; like those of my girlfriend without competing with them.
However, we can notice that Nadine has followed a small diet that refines the curves of her beautiful legs.
We guess the curves of her buttocks thanks to an extraordinary arch.
How pretty she is this chick!
A real gun that needs to be known...

  11                           Letizia

   Letizia is a very pretty girl from the Czech Republic. She's 28 years old. It is a true cannon 5 '8" for 119 lb with dream measurements: 34C-28-34. She has big natural breasts which she uses to caress my cock and my balls... Meet 6 times Since May 2013, the last time I saw it in November 2016. Since Letizia is obviously out of the market escorts. Maybe she broke up. Too bad because she was one of the prettiest girls I've ever met and loved...
   "Letizia is a very pretty girl from the Czech Republic with a lot of class and a zest of humor that relaxes you with a smile. She speaks very well French with an accent of the east that is not to displease me. It is a real cannon, very well fucked with clear skin and very soft, big natural breasts they used to caress my big cock and my smooth balls... a divine moment that sees my gear jump over my navel... Her two big tits come alive during the coitus as her beautiful ass she twists incredibly by spinning it with my long tail planted in her pussy while she shoot me pleasantly with her pretty smiling bluish eyes... A damn naughty and a treat of sensuality and pleasures! Only flat, which for me is size, she does not make FK.But her beauty, smile, delicacy, finesse and intelligence largely offset soups of tongues... (Encountered 8 times, the last one in November 2016)."

  12                        Kristie (Aurelie)

   Beautiful 22 years old Lithuanian speaking Russian and English, height: 5 '5",
weight: 114.6 lb, measurements: 34-28-34, met 4 times since February 2015. Kristie is the prettiest girl I have met for 20 years and even since my teenage years. It was a privilege to have been able to fuck her and give her pleasure... I miss her a lot.

   "Very nice girl more than conformed to the photos presented (she is actually prettier in real, even little makeup)." She does not speak French but she is jovial and likes to laugh. I saw a bump of laughter dancing both and in music, La Lambada completely naked. I was behind her, my long tail stirring and sticking between her buttocks It was at this moment that I kissed her greedily... Her young body of goddess causes to me a lot of emotion leading to a strong erection that surprises her every time and makes her laugh... , She makes me crack and I kiss her again tenderly and greedily... Kristie has a smiling angel face, a beautiful natural breast and lively during coitus, an adorable little ass to chew, buttocks firm and bounced and legs well shaped as I like, in short a real treasure that makes you enjoy and enjoy to enjoy ... Indeed, in order to have a maximum relaxation she attaches great importance to enjoyment (she loves cunnilingus). I did not deprive myself of it before being rewarded in return by making love in various positions at the same time energetic and all smooth... And always with a smile! What pleasant memories! An adorable girl I miss a lot! (met 4 times, the last one on April 2018)."
Look how beautiful this girl is. Never I met a babe as pretty since my adolescence...! 
I strip nothing but to see her by reminding me of our antics... 
Sublime Kristie, I miss you...!!
Look how pretty she is in natural! What an angel face! And that smile... What a beauty! I'll never grow tired...!
Even if you do not see her naked on this photo without phtoshoping, the vision alone of her face is enough to make me capsize. Just remember her beautiful body and view this image to make me hard-on.
Really beautiful this girl !!

  13                           Veronika

   Veronika is a beautiful escort of Russian origin, quite pretty, not very young (31 years old) but with a fantastic body and a deep experience recognized with the men she meets across Europe.
  She is rather small (5' 3") for 105.8lb with a dream plastic (34A-23-34), a beautiful little ass vibrating during coitus and small breasts with large reactive heads.
   She is a naughty slut, very smiling and moaning...
   Veronika is the first escort met via the site (June 13th, 2012 in Marseille) and the one I spent the most time with her before meeting my new love Anna.
   I even immortalized it with a porn video that I filmed in POV. You will find it later after my photos.

   "Veronika is a lovely Russian doll from Ukraine who does not speak French, but it allows me to perfect my English language, but the language barrier does not interfere with me, she is intelligent and her company is very nice And very GF, she is surely older than what is marked on her profile but has many experiences in her field, she quickly guesses what you expect of her, very energetic and without any taboo, her FK are inflamed and She has a superb body, small breasts with very reactive nipples and an adorable little ass... She likes what she does by creating a perfect osmosis. N.B.: Knowing myself well, I could Make a few pictures and a 10-minute clip about a part of our antics (a POV for 100€ extra), she is very naughty and very gifted pornstar...! (11 times, filmed once).

Snapshot from my video
Snapshot from my video
Great opportunity to appreciate the size of my cock with its maximum erection: 6.7"!

Veronika sucks my cock and licks my balls before burying it
for a hard riding

    I realized this little porn movie in POV mode (Point Of You) with a small camera in the afternoon (3:15 pm) on August 6th, 2014 in a room of the 3-stars hotel Oceania in Aix-en-Provence. Veronika received her clients in a very pleasant place and discreet. The setting and the rooms were top notch.

   Veronika has a beautiful ass (watch how she wiggles her impaled on my cock).
  She is without any taboo and allows herself to be guided by fulfilling all your unavowable desires... She allows herself very willingly to film by playing in an extraordinary way the role of a pornstar.
  You have the unique opportunity to see me in action with my big cock stretching through its uncontrolled mobility. The tremors of excitement when Veronika sucks my balls allow my cock to harden, to thicken and to lie down until reaching the famous 6.7" for 1.8"of thickness...!
  Observing the way she plays with my machine by fixing me with her naughty look... Veronika is a sexy naughty sex that I adore because it gives me incredible sensations...
  Immediately after the end of the sequence, I set up my camera, before beginning on a long session of FK and DFK. We were linked on both sides, my big dick embedded in her pussy and on the other with our two tongues stroking gullible... Then, I positioned myself as a missionary, placing my legs above my buttocks and penetrating her to the hilt, which allowed me to stop my balls dangling against her buttocks. Veronika was in the mood, smiling, moaning with each of my tumbles at the same time as our DFK (Deep French Kisses), then to enjoy ejaculating after putting out just in time, on her pretty face in very large quantity... She had everywhere so much that she could no longer open her eyes (sperm is harmful to the cornea due to its high content of enzymes) and that I was obliged to guide her To the bathroom... I was able to realize one of my most unavowable fantasies, even if it was divine...

  This short porn movie is downloadable by right-clicking on the image then "Save video as ..."
    You can also watch the film either directly below or by following this link:

La jolie Roberta originaire de Roumanie

  J'ai rencontré très récemment une superbe escorte de passage à Marseille. Elle se prénommait Roberta et arrivait de Roumanie. Ce qui a conduit au fait que je voulais baisé avec une escorte, alors que je vis avec deux superbes étudiantes Océane et Marion, c'était de savoir qu'il y avait la possibilité de faire une vidéo, une "sextape" pour ainsi dire, de mes ébats avec une jolie fille. Ce n'est pas la première fois puisque j'en ai eu l'occasion de faire une vidéo il y 6 ans et demi avec Veronika, une superbe ukrainienne de 30 ans (voir la vidéo ci-dessus).
   Roberta est une magnifique jeune fille de 22 ans, mesurant 1m 66 pour 53 kg. Elle possède une grosse paire de seins naturels avec deux percing sur les tétons plus un sur son nombril. Vous pouvez d'ailleurs les apprécier en train de virevolter sur sa poitrine... Très joli visage aux yeux noisette, chevelure châtain clair, superbe cul et grosse chatte entièrement rasée. Hygiène irréprochable et capote de rigueur. Cet accessoire est obligatoire avec les escortes. Ces filles sont ammenés à rencontrer beaucoup d'hommes donc prudence. De plus Roberta était légèrement et agréablement parfumée. Un bonbon que j'ai dégusté durant près d'une heure. Elle a adoré notre rencontre et me fit pleins de bisous avant de partir. Preuve que je l'ai rendu heureuse comme elle me l'avoué en espérant me revoir bientôt. Elle devraiit revenir en juillet.  
   Sinon elle parle parfaitement le français avec un joli accent qui lui donne un charme propre à ses filles à la recherche du plaisir et du bien-être avec un homme, sans être réellement vénale. Il faut bien que ces spécialistes itinérantes du sexe gagnent leur vie. C'est le métier le plus vieux du monde et n'est pas prêt de disparaître tant qu'il y existe un besoin d'aimer et de se consoler avec une fille. Le plaisir sexuel avant tout. Par contre elle m'a autorisé à la filmer moyennant une petite compensation (100€). Je suis resté une heure pour assouvir mon fantasme, faire du porno comme avec Veronika...

   Regardez comme elle est jolie ! 

   Profitez en bien ! Vous avez l'occasion de me voir réellement lorsque je baise avec une fille.