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"When we want one thing, the whole Universe conspires to allow us to realize our dream." Paolo Coelho (The Alchimist)

Line, story of a young teenager drunk with life

   Hello everyone,

   This is an unusual story that happened to me, that happened to Océane and me.
   It took me a while to decide to tell you the main points since my meeting with Line, on Saturday July 2, 2022 in Saint Zacharie during the naturist and swingers stay in the large property of the parents of Zoé, a young teenager of 14 years old at the time, friend of Julia and Chloé, until she became part of our lives after we became her guardians.
   Indeed, Line, 13 years old since August 19, 2023, is a young orphan of both father and mother since the age of 5, raised by her guardian who was none other than her aunt who had since gone abroad for professional reasons. .
   The unfortunate girl was placed in a foster home, an orphanage. She made many friends including Lucille, a close friend of Zoé thanks to her big sister Camille, a nurse in this orphanage..
   Line was invited with a class friend, Mathilde, by Zoé to take part in this very special stay where everyone was naked. Most of the guests knew each other and many young girls and women were present. And it was among them that a very pretty girl of 11 years, 10 months and 12 days stood out with a perfect growing body but already with the trappings of a 15 year old girl. I was won over as I was by Lucille and Lola, two young 14-year-old girls. But Line exuded something apart. His aura and presence captivated my soul. I was touched by so much grace, innocence and above all sensuality emanating from such a young girl barely emerging from childhood. It was mutual since Line very quickly became attached to me and now considers me her grandpa, she who did not know her father or very little and who no longer has any family ties apart from her aunt who is gone abroad.
   Living with our couple involved adapting to our way of living and above all participating in our intimacy and sexuality. When it comes to sexuality, Line is not in unfamiliar territory, quite the contrary since, apart from the fact that she found herself naked among other people as well as with her friends who were also naked, which made it easier things, Line was deflowered under my aegis in the best possible conditions with her demands of a young teenager flooded with fantasies in August 2022. This happened before her adoption in a studio that Océane and I acquired thanks to Laetitia, the statuesque mother of my partner in July 2022.
  Line is thus fulfilled, happy, she has become one of the best students in her class and wants to become a veterinarian because she loves animals and cats in particular. She's an easy-going kid, very cheerful, loves to laugh, and has a lot of humor. Moreover, she gets along particularly well with Océane, her adoptive mother to whom she brings a lot of joy and receives a lot of cuddles in return... On the occasion of her arrival at our home, we gave her an elderly Siamese kitten. 2 months ago 4 months ago.
   She has her own room and comes to join us in our bed to receive cuddles and indulge in the pleasure of sex with us at least once or twice a week. Line loves it and at 13 became quite a naughty girl eager for ecstatic sensations. We offer him everything beautiful and good. She is always very enthusiastic about doing things like traveling and discovering the world. Last summer we introduced her to the naturist beaches of Cap d'Agde where she made many friends. Some of these girls his age were from Marseille. Line regularly receives them at home. I spotted one, or even two, very pretty, brown with a lot of charm. One of them, Elodie, a naturist from the start with her parents, is, at 13, a real seducer to the point that she was very easily convinced to take the plunge. I left the initiative entirely to him regarding the sexual approach given his strong attraction to handsome males. We both concluded quite quickly after having deflowered him the last weekend of the holidays in my studio specially acquired for these occasions. Line was present to create trust. Another unforgettable moment with a young girl.

   So much for the new developments in my life with the girls, with Océane, constituting a new page on my erotic adventures rich in emotions, joys and sensations. A way for me, for us Océane, Line and I to escape with Eros and Cupid and live our dreams and our fantasies to the end in Love and pleasures that are certainly taboo but pleasures all the same!

   That said, I'll see you soon in my adventures with the girls without forgetting to wish you an excellent new year 2024.

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   Marseille, January 11, 2024

N.B.: below are some photos of Line taken at our home, which has become her new home, her home, and during our vacation in the mountains in August 2023. The opportunity to admire the fresh beauty of this pretty 13-year-old pearl fulfilled and happy to live her new life

Nice selfie of Line in her room made available to her since she lived with us.
This kid is cute, always smiling, mischievous, dynamic, practicing gym and judo.
I never saw him complain or get upset.
She is living her new life to the fullest.
She is happy and adores us.
She demonstrates this to us very often by giving us cuddles which very often lead to very hot lovemaking.
Océane is also overwhelmed by so much enthusiasm and spontaneity.
She has become our favorite.

Line photographed on an access pontoon to Lac du Bourget.
This girl is easy-going, very smiling and happily allows herself to be photographed while posing.
By mimicry with Océane, Line loves to get naked in front of the lens with a disconcerting naturalness and sensuality.
At 13 years old she has the maturity of a 16 year old girl.
A true goddess, no longer so innocent, our little one!

Photo taken on the terrace of our studio on Boulevard Baille on his birthday, August 19, 2022.
It was very hot that day, hence the tent placed on the balcony.
This day was THE big day for Line.
It was indeed not long after this photo pose that this dear and tender woman was deflowered at her request.
She seems happy but there is a bit of nervousness and shyness in her eyes and her smile.
This magnificent orphaned child is making a lot of effort to get out of this condition.
She is young but determined to become a fulfilled young girl.
The naturist and swingers stay triggered in her the desire to discover, like other teenagers older than her, cuddles and sex.
His rather easy character but with a fighter personality gives him a certain maturity, not to say a certain maturity, opening the doors to pleasure and fulfillment before being free and autonomous. His precocity, both physical and intellectual, boosted most of his desires.
A hell of a little girl ready to do anything to succeed.
The destiny of this kitty is being shaped thanks to me, thanks to us.
Otherwise admire this superb face, this beguiling smile, her finery worthy of a 16 year old girl masked by a pretty bikini belonging to Zoé that she had worn solely to pose.
It is undeniable that given her very sexy appearance, Line is a very precocious young pre-pubescent teenager.
This delighted the guests, men, women, boys and teenage girls alike.
She was considered the mascot of these two very special days...

Line at 13.
Photo taken on August 19, 2023 in our studio on Boulevard Baille in Marseille.
We celebrated our birthdays there, Line and I, 13 years for our daughter and 62 years for the grandpa cake, me in this case.
Line has become a very pretty young girl.
She is fulfilled, happy and gives us a lot of satisfaction both physically and intellectually.
She goes to a private school.
She just started 4th grade last September.
I'm the one who goes to pick her up and it's on these occasions that I was able to get to know these friends.
She became very friendly with two of them, a pretty 14 year old brunette, Sarah, from Tunisia and a superb blonde, Marina, 13 years old.
I got to know them and realized that Line had become very close to Marina.
Line, as she admitted to me, prepared the ground so that I could approach it tactfully.
Line understood very well that I was very attracted to the beauty of her friend, as was she too.
One evening, while the three of us were at the table, Line made me understand that Marina was not insensitive to my charm and that she appreciated boys of a certain age and of a certain age.
As I write these lines, I am in the process of approaching Marina.
How pretty this kid is! They look as alike as two drops of water, incredible!
(see photo below)

Little Marina, 13 years old, Line's superb friend.
Line photographed her on the sofa in our studio.
She was invited one summer afternoon in the middle of October.
It was very hot in the room.
No question of turning on the air conditioning, the atmosphere was getting very hot quite quickly.
Shortly after, Line quickly got comfortable by practically getting naked, just keeping her panties on.
Marina, a little embarrassed, imitated her and I was then able to admire her pretty body, pretending not to insist too much on her body as perfect as Line's.
When Marina saw me, she started to blush, which made Line laugh.
My cock started to twitch in my underwear.
Line immediately took off her panties, which made Marina giggle, who followed suit by getting naked and then they caressed each other on the sofa.
All this just 20 minutes after taking this stolen photo.
For my part, I remained shirtless with just my underwear which barely concealed my erection.
Line and Marina were laughing while watching me.
I got naked and they started laughing.
But now was not the time to take action.
I waited 2 months before I could ask the pretty Marina to deflower her.
Which she accepted without any problem after having gained confidence and getting used to seeing me naked from time to time.
What a beauty this kitty is!
She looks incredibly similar to Line, same face, same smile, same perfect body, same blue eyes although Line's are more grey, same chest, Marina's being slightly larger
Gorgeous !

Océane change de vie. De la pharmacie à la photographie...

      It's already back to school. After a hot summer in every sense of the word, change is here. What exactly am I referring to? This concerns my darling, my dear and tender Océane, this magnificent blonde promised to a brilliant future in the field of health. This sounds like a dramatic turn of events. Not really. Océane had been considering changing career paths or even jobs for several months. Pharmacy studies have become very complicated, not difficult, no, Océane is very brilliant, but the industrial sector that she had chosen, a good compromise in terms of years of study, actually turns out to be very busy: internships, relationships, travel, not to mention positioning in terms of position, that is to say really starting one's career, all of this weighs on Océane, although she is very brilliant and hardworking, but it is also a challenge that is becoming heavy for our couple.
   I have retired from my long, rather busy career as a pharmacist, for a year now, my income has been reasonable, with the addition of the sale of my shares, it can be said that we can both see it coming. In addition, I benefit from substantial envelopes after each shoot. No, what actually weighs on my dear Océane is the fact that we see each other less and less, her for her training and me for my sometimes trips abroad. We can't stand being away from each other any longer. That's when we realized that we had become a close couple. So Océane decided to stop studying pharmacy in the industrial sector. However, nothing stops him from coming back to complete his training.
   Why this shift? There is of course a reason. You don't just give up on your prestigious studies. Indeed, 6 months ago, we were contacted as part of my new activities as an actor in X-rated films, by an agent who had noticed Océane's extraordinary plasticity and bewitching charm. This agent, who is a woman, is a very serious professional working for a modeling and charming agency that has a reputation on the street. I will not reveal his name here. Océane and I thought a lot about weighing the advantages and disadvantages of being a photo and video model. Even if the salary is quite modest at the start, i.e. €500 per session with three sessions per week which is not bad for starting out, Océane feels ready to take the plunge and live in this environment as I did a little over a year ago by becoming an actor in porn films, and which is starting to pay off big.
   For this, Océane underwent a photo casting at the agency in question in Paris at the beginning of May and was quickly selected from around a hundred candidates and thus obtained training to become a model.
In the photo above, you can admire my partner aged 23 and a half while we were in Greece where we spent a few days with Line, our adopted daughter (see next post). It was the happiest time we spent together. Océane was over the moon and overflowing with joy. She demonstrated it every evening in the suite of a 5-star hotel offered by the agency just for the two of us, or rather the three of us, counting young Line who was enchanted by this stay.
A happy couple with similar backgrounds which bring us even closer and where we never leave each other at one time. We are happy and Océane is on cloud nine.
   Océane changed path and she is happy to have done so. In addition, she loves posing for photos, naked or wearing a simple bikini. Whatever the theme, Océane is increasingly charismatic. His intelligence, his joy of life, his happiness in living with me, shines through in these photos. Furthermore, our two activities complement each other wonderfully and that is a significant advantage for making a full living from our activities which pay off quite well, I must admit...

  That being said, I am happy to make a living from what I do and to share my existence with a girl whose paths have joined. I hope that this confluence will lead us to complete fulfillment and absolute happiness despite the ups and downs of life. Let's stay calm as Océane keeps telling me. She is right. We only have one life, let's live it to the fullest. Two people are even better and above all easier, provided they are in harmony!

   Other photos of Océane will follow. You will see they are sublime!

   Otherwise, we had an excellent vacation always on the theme of eroticism. What could be better than getting away from it all and forgetting the throes of everyday life by living naked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
We, Océane and I with our hedonist circle, organized over the two summer months, erotic and naturist stays as well as swingers meetings always in Cap d'Agde. This year, several young recruits came to join us to sunbathe naked with us. They are mainly young girls, teenagers to be precise. Two exceptions, two young guns, Léon, 16 years old, since last May and Lucas, 15 years old, his boyfriend, a handsome kid of 1m80 with superb attire... Both are college students. Léon is the boyfriend of Lisa, 14 years old and Lucas still without a girlfriend for the moment. Maybe he will find happiness among us and the tons of young girls who are joining our ranks.
   Indeed, it is mainly the friends of Lisa and Chloé who have agreed to come and join our circle which is receiving a facelift. The youngest is 14, Lisa, and the oldest is 61, that is, me! Many are teenagers aged 14 to 17. Among them Angelina, 15 years old, my sweetheart with whom we fucked for 12 hours straight more than a year ago, Clémence, 16 years old, Nadia, 14 years old, Zoé, 15 years old since June, Emma, 15 years old, Léa, 15 years old and a little new girl, Tiphaine, 18 years old, a friend of Julia, very pretty with a hell of a pair of tits that I was able to appreciate very closely... Of course, I don't forget Julia, 18 years old and Lisa, 14 years old.
   Also came, after insisting in the name of our friendship and her affection towards me, the beautiful brunette, Emeline, aged 24, soon to be 25, a brilliant medical student. She has boundless adoration for me but she still retains a certain shyness which will disappear completely as she quickly blends into our hedonistic group. Seeing the same faces as on New Year's Eve 2021-2022 gave him wings. But all she wants and desires is to find me and be as close to me as possible.
   Emeline discovered swingers clubs with those over 18 and was delighted to be able to meet free and uninhibited people. It was there that she lost her shell of shyness by letting herself go and satisfying all her fantasies. I was with her, accompanied by Océane. Emeline was welcomed by several handsome guys and pinups who took good care of her. During these swingers' parties which took place every evening, Emeline was no longer the same and transformed herself until she became the queen of swingers' nights. What joy this resourceful girl is! How far we have come since our first meeting on the evening of December 31, 2021! All thanks to Océane's legendary flair.

   I try to attach as many photos as possible to illustrate my erotic adventures. The one above where Océane appears all graceful, was taken in Greece during a photo and video casting where she posed in a sexy outfit and naked in front of the photographers and videographers. It’s incredible how Océane has evolved in this area! She very quickly became a pro and delights those who shoot and film her in all her splendor as an accomplished woman. Here again I salute his flair, his intelligence and his extraordinary capacity for adaptation. Everything becomes easy with her. She is brilliant in everything, my treasure! I love it ! I love it !!

   See you soon for new adventures. In the meantime, read those in the
Eroticism, sex and swinging section.

   I wish you a good start to the school year filled with happiness and joy.

   Marseille, September 4, 2023.

My darling Océane, 23 years old, new charming model

Photo from a series of magnificent images of my tender and sweet Océane.
It is dated September 2023 during a photo campaign in a studio provided by the Marc Dorcel house in the Prado district of Marseille...
My partner left the pharmacy and converted to charming photography by becoming a top model under the pseudonym Eva Blue, the name of a jewelry and fashion accessories boutique that she loves.
She is splendid!
She completely shaved her pussy and had a little heart tattooed on her lower abdomen at the level of her right groin.
This is the exact place where I kissed him after taking off his panties on the famous evening of August 31, 2019...
Aware that her beauty and charisma would give her the unique opportunity to indulge in one of her favorite pastimes, Océane devoted herself entirely to the image of her body and set about satisfying all her teenage fantasies.
It is thanks to me, my addiction for sex and pretty girls, as well as my new activity as an actor in X-rated films, that Océane can live from her body and her sexuality by posing and becoming used porn clip actress.
Admire this superb face made up by her after doing internships in Paris last spring!
And these two perfect big breasts, completely natural with her large areolas!
And her clean-shaven pussy, soft and fragrant!
We’ve come a long way since our first meeting on a naturist beach on August 15, 2019!
A superb hottie of 23 years old soon to be 24, my beloved darling whom I love!!

Towards a torrid summer... New recruits for our hedonistic circle

   Hello everyone,
   Summer is here and with it, the good weather and the heat. Like every summer and since I have been living with Océane, I find the joy and freedom of living naked almost all day, especially during the holidays. The holidays are coming soon and like every year by practicing naturism. Like last year we meet as a family with children and teenagers. In addition to Océane and her friends Marion and Elisa, there are fans and addicts like René and Isabelle with their daughters Julia, 18 and Lisa, 14, as well as little Ronaldo, 9. But not only ! Young Julia, a beautiful, fulfilled young girl, has a large number of girlfriends and among them there are some very, very pretty girls. For example, Tiphaine, opposite, very pretty girl, very charming with her glasses which gives her a little air of an innocent schoolgirl and for me, a very sexy air with her two big and magnificent breasts. This young beauty is just 18 years old who will accompany the small family. As I know her, Julia was happy to introduce her to me. Her pretty shy smile made me crack up as she blushed as she shook my hand. Only three days later, she was naked in my arms with Julia before I made love to her in the company of my dear and tender Océane who delighted. So there were four of us having fun and Tiphaine enjoyed the game by discovering sex with others for the first time and that I owe it to Julia, my protege for two years when she was only 16... I will give you a presentation of this very pretty mischievous and shy girl at the same time.
   For my part, I managed to convince Emeline and Angelina to come with us. These two beauties who have become very close both physically and intellectually. Angelina, 15, a fulfilled teenager especially since we know intimately speaking, is rather mature and very intelligent. Emeline, 24, is very sweet, very intelligent too, brilliant, twice major in medicine, in 3rd and 4th year. This does not prevent him from nourishing himself with the pleasures of life and willingly lets himself be tempted to discover naturism. Océane is very happy to welcome and accompany these two beayé with their bewitching charm. More reserved on the arrival of Angelina, my darling let herself be convinced knowing my power of seduction on young girls. In addition, she was captivated by discovering her in a photo. What will make things easier is the haste with which Angelina wishes to know my spouse. Elisa and Gaëtan her boyfriend will be present as well as perhaps Margot accompanied, it seems to me, by her boyfriend.
   Before leaving, I got a phone call from a young woman we had met during our swinging trip to Cap d'Agde two years ago. This is the magnificent Katia, 27 years old at the time, originally from Spain and with whom we had sympathized (see photo below). We had exchanged our phone numbers and called me to let us know that she will be present in Cap d'Agde with her companion, whom he met recently. Océane is delighted to see her again because she was captivated like me not only by her beauty but also by her sexual prowess. I am very happy to be able to see her again. I offer you his photo below. Next to it, a superb photo of Océane that I took in our apartment. Admire this extraordinary beauty! This girl has everything going for her, physicality, intelligence, the profession of pharmacist who holds out her arms. Océane is a very bright girl, graduated major from her industry option promo. She's a queen, my queen. Both of us form a very united couple but with total freedom in the sexual field. Indeed, Océane neither forbids nor forbids sideways as long as she does not confront the unknown. Each of us has set boundaries when it comes to intimate relationships with the opposite sex. But Océane has this advantage of being able to sleep with girls since the age of 15 unlike me who has "not the slightest attraction for men apart from the fascination of the big sexes even if I am not outdone from this point of view...
   All these future meetings as well as our stay in Cap d'Agde will be told to you in a future publication, probably at the start of the school year which will be busy for me with a filming schedule which is starting to expand. Precisely for this reason, a shoot with Little Caprice and Melissa, the girlfriend of Océane is scheduled for September. I'll tell you about it.
   Here, in the meantime I wish you a good summer, warm in every sense of the word, lots of joy and love. I'll give you an appointment at the end of August at the beginning of September for new erotic stories with the associated photos.

   Good wind to all.

   Marseille, July 21st, 2023.

The very pretty Katia met at the Cap d'Agde swingers club during the summer of 2021.
She is 29 years old now.
It was a surprise when she phoned me last June telling us about her visit to Cap d'Agde.
She had greatly appreciated our exchanges and had sympathized with us.
It is with great joy that Océane and I will see this beautiful Spanish woman smiling and full of humor accompanied by her friend Juan.

I took this photo at our house, in our apartment where we have been living for almost 3 years now, a week ago.
Look how beautiful she is!
She had made up for this magical moment.
Really beautiful my partner!
I'm still crazy about it!
I love you my darling!

My meeting with a pornstar...

   Hello everyone,
   I have been doing my new job for almost a year now. Retired from my job as a pharmacist since March 2022, I had the unexpected opportunity to join the fascinating world of X thanks to Melissa, a childhood friend of my dear and tender Océane, with whom I have been in a relationship since the spring of 2022. There too a year ago.
   Since then, I have shot nearly ten porn scenes, most of which are visible on the net. I met thanks to Marc Dorcel and X film producers, many pornstars and some amateur actresses, most of whom live in Marseille or the region. The porn casting with Océane in March 2022 with Kristie, former porn star and the young actress Luna Rival, was a promotion that allowed me to make myself known. I thus met beautiful people if I may say so. Among the girls exercising this controversial and lucrative but oh so rewarding profession, I was able to meet Little Caprice, 32 years old soon, Czech actress, with a lot of experience. I haven't shot a scene with her yet, her schedule and her celebrity aura make her travel very often. But the Dorcel production gave me to understand that I should meet her very soon for a casting with the shooting of a scene with another girl whose name I don't know. They told me it would be a surprise... I shiver with impatience.
   Other girls aged between 23 and 35, professional or amateur, a dozen in all participated in the filming of porn scenes in the categories Old and Young, Beurettes (four pretty girls from North Africa appreciated my services and my experience), Big breasts, Voyeurism, Anal sex (specialty of many French producers).
   So I was able to make a place for myself in this coveted universe, certainly controversial, but extremely gratifying in terms of self-confidence if you know how to adapt and remain natural.
   Why am I talking to you ? It's because I had the unique opportunity to meet, during a charity gala organized in Paris by the Marc Dorcel house and some associations fighting against discrimination and violence against women, a young Spanish pornstar from Morocco from what I understood and who is starting to be very well known on the net. This is the very pretty and charismatic Aysha Dama. I'm sure some of you know her. She just celebrated her 26th birthday on February 10. She is from the sign of Aquarius (as if by chance!) and I immediately felt that the current had passed. She was introduced to me by one of her friends working in the porn industry, herself very close to Kristie and Mélissa. Aysha is a beautiful brunette, very smiling with a superb look with brown eyes. I was able to appreciate very closely its beauty and its very special shape, rather advantageous (86D-60-88), but oh so attractive and exciting! However, she is prettier in real life, especially when I was able to contemplate her with a very sexy black tight-fitting dress shiny with a thousand sequins... She speaks Spanish and has a lot of humor. Thanks to her bilingual friend, we were able to chat and laugh for a long time. Océane was there and was intimidated but fascinated by this world. Aysha had eyes only for her and congratulated me after revealing our relationship to her. At the end of our interview, Aysha asked me in Spanish if I was considering shooting with her...
   The conversation continued and the sounds of his voice and his strong gravelly accent flowed and rolled like a hectic, cool fountain. She listened to me carefully, bringing her pretty head closer to grasp my somewhat rough Spanish. With her kindness, Aysha, always smiling, understood perfectly what I was saying to her. She is obviously very smart, loves what she does, knows what she wants and is ready to adapt to any situation. I understood that it was also the way for her to probe her interlocutor because she was convinced that we were going to make love very soon. I know that Aquarius women put a lot of emphasis on men's personalities through long but simple conversations. I had passed the test perfectly.
   She gave me a big smile and kissed me then told me that she was going to talk about it with the production. From what I was able to understand thanks to her interpreter friend, that she was in a hurry to make love with me. I replied: Me too! She then began to laugh... Wonderful!
   Aysha is a very classy young woman, very tactful, very kind, very professional with her interlocutors, intelligent and passionate about what she does. I learned that she had been deflowered at the age of 15, a revelation, and that since then she had dreamed of becoming a porn star. A true delight for this girl! I can't wait to see her again and tour with her.
   Shortly after, ten days ago, I received a message confirming that I was going to be able to see Aysha again for a casting. It will take place in Spain, on the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary archipelago where I learned that it was where she was born on February 10, 1997, when, incredibly, I made love for the first time with an escort. Like what chance has in store for us some surprises!
   To see and discover in the section "My debut in porn" with a short biography that I will complete after having worked with her.
   I will tell you about it again because it should be done next May between the 22nd and 25th on the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary archipelago. I am also preparing to take a few days for a professional tour. I remind you that Monika shot several erotic videos there in November 2006 and that you can watch them in the "Videos" section.
   Of course Océane, my beloved darling is aware and takes it very calmly even if in this case I see myself having to go away for four days.

   In the meantime, I am posting some photos and a porn video of this superb natural beauty full of life.
   Otherwise, nothing new about Monika in terms of new photos of my favorite muse thanks to whom everything happened, my boosted libido, my meetings with escorts, my love at first sight for Océane, my taste for swinger sex, the discovery of the world of X as an actor, in short my attraction for Beauty, Love and Sex...
   See you soon and fair winds.

   Marseille, May 9th, 2023.

Loriane, her 18th birthday and her surprise swinger party

   Hello everyone,
   I'm back with a new post. They have been rare lately because I am very busy with my new activities as a young retiree. Indeed since January 1st of this year I am officially retired from my activity as a pharmacist. Since July 2022 I have become a porn film actor in addition to my training as a computer technician. I juggle these two exciting activities that take up a lot of my time. My health allows me to combine business with pleasure.
   My agenda as a porn actor in the senior category still gives me the opportunity to take advantage of my partner Océane who is heading towards a brilliant career in the pharmaceutical industry. But that is not the subject for the moment.
   I came to you to tell you about the birthday of my protégé Loriane, Océane's younger sister. She just turned 18 on March 16. This beautiful young girl has become a splendid young woman, fulfilled and comfortable in her own skin. She is in the final science option and will pass her baccalaureate next June. She lives with Raphaël who will celebrate her 22nd birthday next July and is preparing to become an engineer.
   Loriane celebrated her 18th birthday with joy and in a light atmosphere full of naturalness where naturism and swinging were the key words. We have with our circle of hedonists where new recruits have come in the person of Lisa, 14 years old and Angelina, 14 years old soon to be 15, two splendid blonde girls full of life and already well versed in our erotic games.
   I will reveal to you soon, the ins and outs without forgetting the desoous and behind the scenes of the rascality between us as well between girls as between girls and boys. Raphaêl, Romain, Marion's boyfriend, Gaëtan, Elisa's companion, Léon, Lisa's partner without forgetting Jean-Philippe, Laetitia's companion and myself, the most capped of the band with my 61 years ringing and stumbling, were present..

   I offer you some of the sublime photos of Loriane that Océane took shortly before her 18th birthday, a unique opportunity to admire the physical transformation of this adorable and charming young girl.
   A feast of beauty and perfection. Not only is she beautiful, but she has a rare and unusual intellectual acuity in a young girl of this generation.
   To be enjoyed without moderation.

   Marseille, March 17th, 2023.

The very pretty Lisa who celebrated her 14th birthday on December 5, immortalized last July in the forest of La Sainte Baume 25 km from Marseille by her parents.
Magnificent young girl, fulfilled and precocious both physically, sexually and intellectually.

Naturism et echangism in Saint Zacharie

   Hello everyone, Summer is here and sometimes in excess. This did not prevent our friends and friends from enjoying this magnificent season where we can live our desires and fantasies without hindrance. Nudity is part of this way of approaching Life, our life and that of others. It is also in this very simple way that I was able to meet new people living practically naked all year round in a large property located in the Var in the commune of Saint Zacharie. Océane and I were invited through Julia and Lisa, superb teenagers, daughters of Isabelle and René, fervent naturists and notorious libertines. It was their friends, Francine and Xavier, owner of the private domain mentioned above, who had organized this reception scheduled to last the whole weekend of July 2 to 3. No less than 45 to 50 people were present during these two unforgettable days, including our circles of happy naturists who were already there last Christmas Eve. Only Elisa, Loriane and Raphaël were not there for professional reasons and away from Marseille.
  There were many young people, especially teenage boys and girls, not to mention Julia, Lisa and Chloé, all perfectly liberated and who indulged in both naturism and sexual games... I was delighted to find Zoé, the daughter of Francine and Xavier, very close friends of Julia and Lisa's parents. Other friends were there with their children, including five couples whose wives had bisexual inclinations which surprised some of us but without shocking us too much, quite the contrary... You understood me...!
   These young adults aged between 30 and 45 were accompanied by their offspring forming, among other things, a magnificent panel of young teenagers aged 11 to 17. They were sixteen, accompanied by their older brothers, them, from 8 to 15 years old. Among these boys, three young ephebes turned the heads of Océane, Isabelle and Marion. An abundance of more or less tanned little asses... This mixture of genres quite naturally led to the creation of moving and even rather erotic idylls, like that of Juno, 15, with Lucas, 14. For my part, I was able to take advantage of three of them, Delphine, Lucille and Lola, all three aged 14 (see photo above) with the benevolence of completely free parents who themselves even amused with Julia, Lisa, Chloé, Margaux and Zoé. Note the presence of Angelina to whom I had proposed her presence to Francine and Xavier, but who remained quite discreet given the presence of Océane. Zoe's parents didn't see any problem with the children mixing with the adults, especially since they were delighted at the sight of the extraordinary beauty of my new conquest. My pretty companion was the queen of this erotic-naturist weekend where she discovered sex with libertine adults including two of the five husbands present like Xavier, 45 years old. All these people were benevolent and only sought pleasure. 
   Océane and Marion were present, therefore, accompanied by Romain, her boyfriend. There were also equally beautiful young women with whom I fucked during the Saturday evening, Camille, 19, Zoe's older sister, and Anna, a superb 17-year-old blonde, one of the daughters of one of the couples. present, Christine and Serge, fervent naturists themselves. Océane, despite her schedule, only allowed her to free herself on weekends, since my darling is on an internship in a pharmaceutical lab in the Lyon region. Océane took advantage of these erotic moments and indulged in pleasures with both men and women. She even paid for a 15-year-old boy, completely uninhibited with a strong erection when he flashed on her. It didn't bother me at all, on the contrary. Océane had evolved a lot since we met almost 3 years ago. My companion flourished every day and shone with charm and beauty. It was partly thanks to me and our relationship based on sex but also and above all thanks to our love which had been affirmed and strengthened. Paradoxically, this love boosted our libidos, which were expressed through swinger relationships, practices that brought us a lot in terms of knowledge and enrichment. What is extraordinary and unusual was the participation of children in full growth and metamorphosis. Young teenagers such as Zoé (13 years old), Lucas (14 years old), Lola (14 years old), Gabriela (15 years old) or even Lina (12 years old), to name but a few among the twenty teenagers present, indulged in naturism and the pleasures of the flesh with a naturalness that enchanted our circle. My little naughty Julia, Lisa and Chloe competed in beauty and energy during sex games with adults as well as with friends. Marion and Romain were in heaven during these two rather torrid days. This young couple where Marion radiated beauty, was once again the queen of these two orgiastic days. What happiness! 
   I will tell you soon, these incredible moments whose themes were always sex, sex and more sex, in my next publication. In the meantime, I've put you some pictures of the prettiest and naughtiest girls... 
   Otherwise, therefore, Océane and I, as well as our circle of libertines, are going on vacation to do naturism in Languedoc next week for 2 weeks, exactly like last year. We will join Zoé there accompanying Fancine, Xavier, her parents and her big sister Camille (see photo below). 

   See you at the start of the school year for my naturist and swinger adventures. 

   Good wind to all and happy holidays. 

   Marseille, July 15th, 2022. 

N.B.: The photo of Lola above was taken by me in the large bedroom of Zoé's property, just before her defloration. A moment of eroticism and unforgettable pleasure. Note her natural beauty and her apparent relaxation, which greatly facilitated our intimate relationship. A great moment of sex for both of them. A hell of a slut too by the way... I'll tell you about it in detail soon. Below also, some photos of the little kittens present during the weekend of July 2 and 3. They are between 11 and 19 years old. Delphine, Anna and Gabriela actively participated in swinging. Previously, as for Lola, Gabriela and Delphine were deflowered on this occasion by me with the blessing of the parents as always. All girls and boys, regardless of age, have participated in swinger games in one way or another, either with each other or with completely free adults. The fact that everyone was naked greatly facilitated the sexual approach. Unique, rare and unforgettable moments and moments in an idyllic setting under the sun and the heat in the heart of the pine forest accompanied by the song of the cicadas...


Carole, 18 years old

Camille, 19 years old

Fanny, 19 ans, une amie de Camille

Ambre, 36 ans, une amie naturiste

Delphine (14 years old), Ambre (36 years old) and Julia (16 years)

Revealing example of our sexual exchanges during this magnificent weekend devoted to naturism and swapping with friends.
Here, in this photo that I took on the evening of Saturday July 2, the pretty blonde Ambre, 36 years old, mother of little Julia (11 years old) and aunt of Stella (11 years old) is with Delphine (14 years old) freshly deflowered, lying behind her, and with my Julia (16) kissing.
They made love to three. 
The very pretty Delphine was breathtakingly beautiful and erotic. 
A hell of a slut that Amber won't soon forget, she came so much under the licks of the young teenager. 
Note that the young Delphine accompanied Anna, her big sister, the trainee employee of the couple Francine and Xavier.

Pretty Lisa in May. Between beauty and pleasure, seduction and innocence. 
Teenage Love and Pleasure.

   Hello everyone, 

   That's it, spring is really here! I would rather say summer is here! The month of May is considered to be the month when all the senses are awakened. There is nothing truer and more exciting than feeling desire during this time. Sex and eroticism are once again possible freely and openly thanks to the light clothing essential in hot weather. Before dropping panties, underpants and bras, let's drop shirts, t-shirts, shorts and pants. That's what we did Lisa, Julia and I on May 4th. 
   Julia had understood this well when she invited me with her younger sister Lisa, barely 13 years old, to her apartment on Boulevard Baille that was rented out for students leaving, but that the parents, Isabelle and René, have preferred to leave it available until the next school year so that they can enjoy it as they please during the summer when they are in Marseille. It is moreover in this renovated and modern accommodation that Julia and I meet once a week or every fortnight depending on her menstrual cycle, to make love and have fun a good part of the afternoon. This 17-year-old girl has loved sex with me since I deflowered her in April 2021. She transmitted the virus to her little sister, a lovely 13-year-old girl (see photo opposite) who was deflowered by her little friend Léon aged 15 on January 1st
   This young girl has quickly fallen in love with me since we got to know each other closely and intimately on New Year's Eve 2021-2022. This young beauty, whose pure and perfect physique you can admire in the photo above, has transformed since that date and has practically left her shell imprinted with shyness. Lisa gained confidence in herself and in me to free herself and give herself almost without taboos, by making love to me. This famous day when we fucked together, she and Julia, had been set for Wednesday, May 4 in the magnificent apartment where the two beauties were waiting for me practically naked. 
   For the first time in my life, at 60 years old and a little, I made love to a 13-year-old girl, pretty as a heart, still fresh, with a little zest of shyness and innocence but with the spirit of a very naughty young woman... As reserved and tense as a child despite my canonical age, and in addition to the fact that I became a porn film actor, filled with so much youthful youth and pure beauty, Emotion gripped me and overwhelmed me as I enjoyed my whole being on Lisa's wonderful face, paradoxically proud and relaxed, happy to have transformed into a happy and fulfilled young woman. 
   Following this memorable afternoon we got along and we renewed our antics both without Julia and there, Lisa let go and broke out like a real tigress, releasing all her erotic and sexual potential. At only 13 years old, she has become the sexiest and most seductive teenager I have fucked since my first time 25 years ago! 

   In addition to this episode of pure sex with a young girl, my new job is starting to take up more and more of my time. My agenda is expanding with many porn and erotic scenes are scheduled for the next few weeks without forgetting my invitation from Mélissa to participate in the shooting of a film where she will perform with the emblematic actress of pornographic cinema, a natural beauty without taboos originally from the Czech Republic, I want to talk about the sublime Little Caprice, a superb 33-year-old girl, super capped in terms of films shot in the most angelic and mythical places in the world ranging from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Budapest, Prague, Paris, on the Côte d'Azur, London, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, etc, etc... Her reputation is second to none and I have the privilege of being able to meet her on the weekend of June 11 and 12 on the heights of Cannes in a heavenly place. 
   Melissa asked and interceded so that I could integrate the shooting by becoming active with the only two girls present in this production Marc Dorcel and Elite, Mélissa and Little Caprice. Mélissa will be in Marseille to let me know the final production response before leaving for the shoot on Friday June 10. Whatever the answer, I will attend a real professional porn shoot. This will be my first participation as a pro actor. A hell of a promotion! Fingers crossed. I already have two films to my credit in addition to the scene shot during my casting with Luna R.

   But before my departure for Cannes, I wanted to tell you about my encounters with Lisa's friends. Echoing the days spent with Lisa in the strictest intimacy, Julia's little sister organized a very special day, which also continued the following night, where she had invited 7 of her best friends and very close friends. It was Wednesday, May 25 with extension the night of 25 to 26 with one of them, a 14-year-old babe named Angelina... Why 7? Because these young ladies, all between the ages of 13 and 15, wanted to live the experience that Lisa had had, namely knowing love and the joys of sex. I thought to myself: why not? Why refuse on the pretext of their young age, since these girls are nubile, why refuse to give them what they want. Nothing forced them to ask to be loved and discover pleasure. In my opinion, there is no age to have fun. The search for happiness is the goal of the existence of Man and that from the cradle. Life is not only hardship or struggle for survival, it is also, and above all, the search for happiness with its corollaries which are Love, pleasures, tenderness, feelings. To satisfy a desire is to suppress suffering. Pleasure is given happiness and well-being. How to achieve this in men or women? Exit the material side which is only possession, me I want to speak about the being, the satisfaction passes by the expression of the desire which are the seduction, the sexual fantasy even the exhibition. Channeled, emotions lead to feelings, to sexual pleasure, in short to inner happiness, that of the soul. This happiness is self-maintaining by feeding on feelings and pleasures. 
   All this to tell you that this search for pleasure in young people is what is strongest and dearest in their existence. The frustration and the impediment caused by certain moral barriers at the time of the sexual metamorphosis from the age of 11, 12, we then speak falsely of the "crisis" of adolescence, can ruin the mind which remains fragile in the child. You just have to learn to channel the desires that overwhelm the brains of kids. The goal is to make them smile at La Vie, to teach them empathy and how to do good. This goes through sexuality and intellectual capacities when we know that the two are closely linked in the human species. So I didn't hesitate for a second, to make girls happy whether they were 40 or 13, I'm in, but it will always be them who decide, they who choose for their well-being. I want to be both their master and their servant. Channeling, persuading and serving are the true functions and mission of a Master. 
   Amongst it is 7 girls therefore, there were 5 virgins, which is understandable. These 5 young teenagers wanted to quickly take the plunge by accomplishing the founding act of being feminine in all its fullness. I have rarely seen such enthusiasm for this act which is not insignificant and which provokes a strong discharge of endorphins in the body of a young girl. I find it poignant and extraordinary. It is the strongest expression of the pleasure that nourishes Love. All human beings must know this unspeakable happiness. I think humanity would be much better off. Without love and without soul, Man becomes morbid and sows Death.

   This famous day will remain unforgettable both for them and for me. All 7 were satisfied. 5 were deflowered according to the rules. The relaxed atmosphere was there, as well as the confidence, the desire to love, the thirst for pleasure, the desire to create extraordinary moments of happiness that only young girls manage to provide as they overflow with true emotions and sincere feelings... This is innate and part of their nature as women, it's called empathy. 

   Another thing that will begin to furnish the beginning of summer is the great invitation that Lisa and Julia's parents have offered to our circle of hedonistic friends. I remind you that this intimate circle was born more than a year ago and we find there Elisa and her companion, Gaëtan, Marion and Romain, Margot, Lisa, Julia, Loriane, Oceane's sister, perhaps Emeline, the pretty medical student whom I met completely and intimately, during the swinger evening of December 31, 2021. This invitation therefore concerns all people who practice naturism and swinging. From what I understand and say about Julia, it is the parents of a friend of Lisa, Zoe who are organizing this big meeting which will take place over the weekend of July 2 to 3 in their large property. in Saint Zachary. Zoe, age 13, was also present during the day from May 25 to 26. She was deflowered and delighted to have been by me. There will be between 20 and 30 people with young couples and their children including quite a few teenagers, so there will be an abundance of young people and lots of opportunities to have fun... I'll talk to you about all that very soon. 

   In the meantime, work awaits me. The profession of porn actor is demanding but brings me a lot of joy. I finally manage to reconcile the useful with the pleasant. It is vital for me. 

   And Oceane in all this? She works, she is in training until July. She will free herself to participate in the big swinger party which will parallel that of last New Year's Eve. 

   That being said, I'll see you very soon and don't hesitate to read my stories which include a lot of naughty illustrations. Just click either HERE or HERE. Good reading...! 

   Marseille, June 8, 2022.

N.B.: Below, two of the seven mignonettes who participated in the sex party with me, organized by Lisa. It was with these two young beauties, the best moments spent with a girl. Tenderness, caresses, soft, deep, affectionate kisses, tender but also smoldering gaze characterized our antics with these two fresh and smiling young beauties. The movements of their bodies were fluid, majestic even. Their ways of moving with my cock in their vagina were exceptional and systematically provoked their orgasm. 
   Zoe was the most dynamic, the most fiery, after the rupture of her hymen she used my cock as if it were her toy. For a novice, she adapted very quickly and instinctively knew how to move from one position to another. Her favorite position, straddling my cock. Loud and spastic orgasm. Facial ejaculation without problem but no swallowing of my semen. I had a lot left after having already enjoyed with Nadia, Clémence, Lisa and Chloé.
   Angelina she, beautiful blonde was calmer, more voluptuous and sensual. She had already been deflowered when she was 13 by a 16-year-old boy and is dating another 18-year-old boyfriend, which means that she has some experience in physical intercourse. She is very attracted by my physique and my sporty look. She moves her ass very well which is a marvel. Very agile and very demonstrative during intercourse, which she masters very well for a 14-year-old girl, soon to be 15! Her favorite position, doggy style. More discreet orgasm with convulsive and quivering spasms. Cumshot in her mouth and with what was left in my balls she was still able to swallow everything without any problem. 
   Angelina then became my new protege and we try to see each other discreetly as much as possible, taking into account her friend Maxime. I offer you two representative photos of these two wonders.


Full story of my first porn scene

  Hello everyone, It's been a month since I participated in a casting with a pornstar in order to become an amateur porn actor at first. I was accompanied by my dear and tender Océane who lent herself to the game by letting herself be filmed having sex with me then with Kristie, the collaborator of the Marc Dorcel agency, a superb 30-year-old blonde, bisexual with a natural and very advantageous physical. This beautiful Hungarian literally fell in love with my beautiful Océane. It must be said that my 22-year-old darling is at the height of her beauty, which has become extremely bewitching. This, thanks to our love which has fulfilled us both, but especially Océane. It is difficult to describe this magnificent young woman who has become my companion for life. She combines everything that is most beautiful and sought after in a woman: natural beauty, simplicity, extraordinary intelligence (she has an IQ of 140! mine is 120), empathy, detachment, great sensitivity, a lot of lucidity about the world, a tenderness that allows us to stay on our cloud, an immoderate taste for sex and a strong desire to discover the benefits of Life. So participating in a porn casting didn't put her off too much and Océane quickly adapted to the situation and ended up discovering a gift, that of attracting women and not the ugliest... 
   Since that famous day and this unprecedented encounter, Océane slowly but surely slipped more or less unconsciously, even calculatedly, towards the complete unveiling of her personality, concomitant with the desire to get naked naturally and intellectually. She understood very well the purpose of the process, to dare to reveal herself. 
   It's her naturalness and her authenticity that made Kristie and the film crew crack, including Luna, the young pornstar who tries to convince her to shoot with her. But Océane wants to keep her freedom to choose. She remains a brilliant student and wishes above all to finish her studies to become a doctor of pharmacy. The rest will be for fun, sex is a way for her as for me. But doing it in front of a camera remains a challenge. 
   Porn is now part of Océane's life, of course, but she prefers to reserve the right to choose to become a porn actress or even a pornstar, she has the stuff and the charisma in addition to the ability to adapt to new constraints that are worth it. She thinks about it, more and more, she is proud of it, but it must remain a game, a tool to flourish when she makes love in front of a camera, as we both did in this magnificent hotel four star on La Corniche in Marseille. 
   So here is the full story of this incredible weekend where my life and that of Océane have changed once again since this famous August 15, 2019 when I met my tender and sweet Océane. It is to be read and discovered in the last section of the site entitled "My beginnings in porn"

   On the other hand, I will tell you about my encounters with magnificent French actresses of Luna's caliber in future publications. Some have the "bottle", if I may say so, in the profession of porn actress. This is how I had the chance to discover in flesh and blood, the superb Anissa Kate, originally from Lyon, accompanied by her companion (also a porn actor), a superb 34-year-old girl soon to be 35, passing through Paris. We chatted for a long time when she invited me and some friends to a meal in a charming restaurant in an upscale neighborhood in the center of Paris. I will tell you everything in a future publication. The unexpected and unexpected interview was rich and instructive. Apparently I made an impression and there is a strong chance that I will become her partner in a future film as she suggested to me. She knows that I have already shot my first scene with the young Burgundian Luna, whom she knows well. I may even shoot in Spain, the country where she has taken up residence. 
   Here, my future seems all mapped out, the turning point has been perfectly negotiated. It only remains for me to follow this path which seems to be rather well defined for the moment. It is and it will be, I hope, only happiness! 
   All this I owe to Océane who is continuing her studies but is thinking more and more of taking the plunge by becoming a real amateur porn actress in parallel with her very brilliant scientific career. A pharmacist making porn, I like the idea! Why not ! She will think about it in due time. First the diploma, after will come the time to combine the useful with the pleasant. Sex is especially with me that she wants to experience it. For the moment, making love four times a week suits him very well, as it does me of course. Océane feeds on it and it has become a delicacy for our greatest happiness. Porn will be his dessert as one or THE icing on the cake... 

   I wish you good reading. 

   See you very soon to tell you and tell my adventures in my new fun but lucrative activity. 

   Marseille, April 21th, 2022.

Wonderful photo of Luna taken by Galatea a few minutes before shooting my first amateur porn scene with her. 
   Look at that ass! A marvel that I had the chance to visit closely and rather deeply I would say...! 
It was the same for her big fleshy pussy as I like them. 
Her characteristic and not the least, it is the presence of a beautiful tuft of pubic hair. 
Luna likes it because it gives her more naturalness and attraction. 
The hairs are back like the natural and I love that!

Luna R., voici la jeune pornstar qui fut ma partenaire lors de la scène porno tournée dans la magnifique suite mise à disposition de l'équipe de tournage.
Cette superbe nana originaire de dijon avec un léger accent bourguignon est une fille dynamique, un sacré boute en train avec un caractère enjoué.
En plus, elle est très jolie avec un visage d'ange aux joues rondes comme celles d'une jeune adolescente.
Petits seins très réactifs au toucher et aux caresses, un cul splendide, grosse chatte poilue et un trou de balle bien large qui a facilité la pénétration de mon gros chibre.
Bref une sublime et jeune pornstar de 25 ans, déjà connue et reconnue en France et dans l'univers du X.
Une sacrée baiseuse. 
Elle fut très impressionnée par ma prestation.


Le porno, nouveau tournant et nouvel horizon. 

   Hello everyone, 

   It has now been 8 days since we, Océane and I, had a casting to shoot a porn clip. This memorable weekend of March 19 and 20, the first day of spring, marked a turning point in my life for me. I realized a wish and a fantasy, to make love with a porn actress in front of cameras. This girl was not just anyone since it was a young French pornstar aged 25, L.. R.... Extraordinary girl. (see photo opposite). This young beauty was very careful with us but especially with me. She was wonderfully kind and caring. It was the same for her team which accompanied her. Besides, Oceane was not left out either with Kristie and the makeup artist… 
   This casting organized by the Dorcel Vision agency was an unforgettable and lasting memory. My fantasy finally satisfied, went wonderfully. The result was beyond my expectations. In addition to having shot my first porn scene, the Agency's collaborator validated my performance and made me sign a formal work contract as a porn actor. Here I am suddenly in the spotlight! This is how my life has just changed.
   Certainly it is not a fabulous promotion, nor an honorary reward that makes me an exemplary man, but it is above all the fact that I am in the process of realizing a wish, a dream, a fantasy that haunted me since my adolescence and which was maintained all these years and in particular the last 20 by attending escorts, by my addiction for photographic eroticism and sex movies that I watched and continue to watch with the appearance of video cassettes, DVDs and now on the web. In 25 years of using the internet, I have thus accumulated more than 24,500 porn videos and clips and no less than 1,200,000 sex photos! Or the equivalent of 5TB of data without counting a few comics and erotic books. My strong libido was also expressed with the drawing, the most successful of which you can admire on the site. 
   This contract has been running since March 20 for a period of 1 year. A lot of filming is planned, starting in April, with French actresses that I'm going to meet and with whom I'm going to get to know next week in Paris at the Marc Dorcel agency. I will also meet Mélissa there, the childhood friend of my tender Océane, a superb girl without whom none of this would have been possible. In a second phase, perhaps this summer, in any case very quickly, I will meet pornstars of foreign origin. Among the famous porn actresses that I would be likely to meet, there is Little Caprice, my dream, Jade Kush, superb Asian native of China, without forgetting the irresistible and superb Anissa Kate, recognized French actress and living in the USA, Alexis Crystal , sublime Czech actress, Eva Elfie, magnificent Russian actress producing amateur films, Emily Willis, young American beauty fan of big cocks and anal sex, and many others who have something to whet my appetite. All that's missing is my muse Monika, while it's with and thanks to her that I've reached this unexpected stage. Like what ! 
   In any case, it's the foot! I can't believe it, I'm still on cloud nine! 
   For now, only one film is scheduled for the month of April. It should be noted that most of the films I will shoot will be produced by the French agency Elite, partner of Marc Dorcel and managed by Jackie and Michel. With this in mind, Kristie gave me an appointment to work on the script with the team and two actresses who will participate in the shooting with another French actor slightly younger than me (55 years old), a handsome man with, as I I was able to appreciate on one of his videos, a hell of a chuck (reported at 18 cm on his personal profile). 
   Another event concerning my new activity, Melissa's invitation for her next shoot on the Côte d'Azur with Little Caprice. Oceane and I are invited to spend a few days in June. It will most certainly be the weekend of Pentecost or the Ascension Bridge. Mélissa promised me to introduce myself to Little Caprice in a heavenly and luxurious place. It remains to hope that the sun and the sweetness will be there. I can't wait to meet this 33 year old Czech beauty, a very famous model and actress in the world of porn. she is THE star much sought after for her charisma, her intelligence and her kindness. A girl's jewel full of resources. Maybe a future partner if the current passes between us (she is of the sign of the scorpion...). 
   For my darling Oceane, thanks to Melissa, this new turning point benefits her since she adheres without detour to my new activity which will be more playful than anything else. She wishes my happiness as ours. This one is already present since I met her but it will be reinforced with an increase of pleasure which she will enjoy and we will enjoy together. Océane has been transformed, metamorphosed by naturally opening up to things of sex thanks to trust, as she has blossomed me in every sense of the word. Our couple is, so to speak, almost perfect. Both of us fully enjoy the pleasures of life. These benefits, including sexual pleasure, allow me to earn Her. Isn't it amazing?
   This is how I tell myself that it is essential to combine business with pleasure and that it is absolutely necessary to believe in YOUR dreams, especially in these times. The more we believe in them, the more chance there is that they will come true and, as for me, sometimes even beyond our expectations. 

   To read soon in the section which will be entitled my debut in porn, the full story of my porn casting with Oceane in Marseille. 

   See you very soon to tell you about my adventure in the world of X for my, and your greatest pleasure. 

   Marseille, March 31th, 2022.

Mélissa for the 22nd anniversary of Océane: between projects and achievements

   Hello everyone, 

   As the title of the post indicates, Océane celebrated her 22nd birthday on February 5th. For the occasion, my companion had invited her girlfriend or rather her childhood friend, Mélissa. 
   This pretty 23-year-old Vietnamese woman, whom Océane and I met in early November 2019, came to spend a few days with us during the weekend of February 5 to 6. Mélissa disembarked on the 4th and stayed with us until the 8th of February. It was 3 full days, very pleasant and very naughty that we spent all three... 

   Mélissa's stay with us was an opportunity for Océane to reunite with her very close and intimate friend. They met during their adolescence at the Lycée which they attended together. Mélissa was 16, Océane 15. 
   This friendship had quickly turned into an intimate and Sapphic relationship. 
   That's how I discovered that my pretty girlfriend was a lesbian for love. Indeed, Mélissa and Océane love each other with a true and sincere love. Moreover, they are very touching when they kiss and caress each other... I am the privileged witness of this carnal relationship between these two pretty girls. Mélissa is a sincere, demonstrative and even protective girl towards Océane, who is rather sensitive, loving and very naughty. My beauty revealed to me an unsuspected facet of her personality when she finds herself with Mélissa. I have rarely seen a girl like Océane blend in like this physically. Their superb young bodies become one, their mouths and the friction of their cocks cause tremendous excitement and strong enjoyment, especially when Mélissa and Océane are shaken together by their orgasm! I will tell you more about it in the rest of the story "Eroticism, sex and swinging"

   In addition to these reunions, Mélissa took the opportunity to tell us about her new life as an X film actress. However, she remains attached to the fashion world with her known and recognized model profile. It is also thanks to the springboard of modeling that Mélissa quickly integrated the world of sex, a very lucrative environment, especially if you have a profile like that of Mélissa. I will detail it soon. 

   What is surprising with Mélissa is her ability to adapt and her detachment from professional constraints. Nothing can hinder his desire to be and to appear on the condition of showing himself completely and naturally, in short, laying himself bare... 

   But what was most exciting during this stay was the proposal, the one I told you about in the previous post, concerning the possibility of becoming an actor in porn movies. Initially, it would only be a question of starting out as an amateur actor in clips and short scenes with other amateur actors and actresses. Mélissa promised to intercede for me to discover this extraordinary and very closed world of the world of sex. For her, I correspond perfectly to the profile requested in the category of seniors and mature men. In addition, I meet the selection criteria very well. 
   However, it is essential to attend several castings organized by producers and directors. Most prominent in France and La production Marc Dorcel which recruits, supplies and sponsors amateur actors and actresses for various foreign productions. A reference in the world of X. 
   All this to tell you that Mélissa had just offered me a casting very soon, before going to shoot in a porn movie scheduled for May or June on the Côte d'Azur with the lovely and no less experienced Little Caprice! 
   For more ease and comfort, Mélissa will give me an appointment* for one or two days with one or a collaborator of the production Marc Dorcel for an interview and a shooting of a scene with a young French porn actress that the friend of Océane knows well. She'll give me her name later when she's sure she has an appointment. If all goes well, it will be in March. In not long then. This should be done in Marseille in a room of a five-star hotel or a dedicated studio, in the most total discretion. The exact location is not yet defined. I will play in the "Old and Young" category. 
   Océane is invited there if she wishes, especially since she can lend herself to the game by filming with me during the casting under the gaze of the team behind the cameras... I'm excited just by imagining the scene.. 

   Before participating in this casting, I should provide a presentation of my identity (age, height, weight, appearance, size of my sex, my sexual preferences, etc...) completed by certain tests such as HIV, Covid among others, several photos of me in portrait, in feet, natural and naked, erect sex. A short fuck scene filmed by us is recommended, whether with Océane or another girl. Regarding the latter, I have the choice provided that the girls are over 18 and that they consent. A certificate issued by the production must be signed for consent and possible dissemination on the net. 

   Well, this stay was memorable not only for Mélissa's reunion with Océane but also thanks to the promise made by the long-time friend and who wanted to honor it. I was happy and privileged to be able to satisfy one of my oldest fantasies, to shoot in a porn movie. It will be in a few weeks, what am I saying, in a few days! 

   I will keep you posted on this stage of my sex life. 


   Marseille, March 1st, 2022. 

* Last minute : 
   The appointment was made by Mélissa and set exceptionally for the weekend of March 19 to 20 in a luxury hotel in Marseille. 
   After consulting my file with my presentation and watching two fucking videos with Océane, the production gave its approval for a casting. 
   I will be received by a collaborator and her team accompanied by a pretty 24-year-old French actress, brunette, in business since 2015. 
   I will not reveal her assumed name, I have no right to do so. All I can tell you is that I have pictures of her, she is magnificent! They were provided to me by the production and remain strictly confidential. So it's with a pretty 24-year-old brunette that I'm going to try to prove myself... 
   I find it hard to realize what is happening to me! 
   Océane is also invited to attend and participate in the casting if she wishes. This will be brand new for both of us. We are preparing ourselves frantically both morally and physically. 
   If all goes well and if it goes as planned, I will let you know how this very special event unfolds that many men and women dream of realizing. 

   And then... I much prefer to make love, not war...!


The return of Monika... and Mélissa !

   Hello everyone, 

   In my last post, that of January 21, I told you that I was going to publish new photos of Monika. Well, it's done! They are accessible in the "Photos" section. I placed them in Album 85 itself found in the super album Monika IX. 
   Of course, all these magnificent images of the young 20-year-old Monika can be downloaded in the Download section. There are 293, which brings the number of my images of my Monika to more than 28,500! 
   Nowhere will you find such a collection grouped in this way. 
   Many of them are rare or even impossible to find, as for his videos. 
   I invite you to discover them quickly for fans and fans of the prettiest brunette of the 2000s. 
   Another thing I wanted to point out to you and which is of particular importance to me. 
   You know that my partner Océane had a childhood friend named Mélissa whom we had met in Paris in November 2019. This superb Asian girl from Vietnam, very focused on sex and pornography, has finally opened the doors to this very closed universe of films. X. She had promised to contact us to introduce Océane and me to it. Well, a week ago Mélissa called us to announce that she had landed a supporting role in a Studio Dorcel production and hold on tight, the lead role will be played by... Little Caprice
   When I found out that the lovely 33-year-old porn star of Czech origin was going to be the main star, my heart started pounding. Océane she is not too aware of this universe, but fully conceives the existence of a stardom in the world of pornography. 
   Mélissa told us that she would be part of a team made up of four actors, two men and two girls, including Mélissa. The film will be shot on the Côte d'Azur next spring. I have no right to reveal the exact location to you. 
   Mélissa told us that she would introduce us to Producer Marc Dorcel or one of his collaborators in order to consider a casting, perhaps with Mélissa or Océane who remains a little reluctant or quite simply with a porn actress with a little of experience. It seems that they are looking for a male actor over 50 with a "beneficial" physique and/or an atypical "Young/Old" style couple. 
   That's why Mélissa thought of us. She will come to spend a few days in Marseille before the start of filming. It will be in May or June 2022 depending on the rather busy schedules of actors and actresses such as Little Caprice, but also studies, in particular Océane exams, and my professional activity. What's great is that the production and the casting managers are aware of Mélissa's proposal to introduce us, taking into account the well-defined selection criteria for the search for a very specific actor. Apparently I meet these criteria. I have good hope. 
   What a surprise ! I am particularly happy and proud to have inspired Mélissa to introduce us to this environment. She told us to prepare for the idea of being selected mentally and physically. It seems essential to avoid disillusion, frustration or failure. Making love in public for an informed public is extremely difficult. I totally get it. 

   I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

   Here, I told you in my previous post that a cycle of my life is coming to an end. Well, I think another one is opening up, but in this one I'm not alone, Océane is accompanying me for a more exhilarating, more thrilling life where adventures spiced up with sex are looming. I really want to discover new horizons provided that Océane remains my partner and my guide. 
   In the meantime, enjoy the new photos of Monika as well as the erotic stories including the one concerning New Year's Eve 2021 which is still being written with new photos. 

   See you soon. 

   Marseille, January 26th, 2022.

Mélissa, 23 years old,
young amateur pornstar

The very pretty Mélissa, 23 years old, childhood friend of Océane. 
Porn actress since June 2021 and future pornstar with already 5 films produced by Studio Dorcel. 
Much appreciated by directors for her availability, her naturalness and her kindness, Mélissa has risen through the ranks in less than a year and will perform with the biggest porn stars, such as Little Caprice and from what I I was able to understand another pornstar of French origin, Anissa Kate.

Little Caprice, 33 years old, 
pornstar the age of 20

Gorgeous pornstar. 
Pornographic actress since 2008. 
Several times rewarded between 2018 and 2020, including the 2018 Venus Prize, for the best international actress. 
Should perform with Mélissa next spring during a shoot on La Côte d'Azur. 
If I am invited, I hope to be able to attend... 
I'm sick of it just thinking about it. 
Everything will depend on the wise judgment of my darling Océane. 
She wants to rely on discretion at first.

Eroticism, sex and swinging

   Hello everyone, 

   As promised, I publish the full story of the famous New Year's Eve 2021 evening as well as the New Year's morning 2022. 
   Until now, I only updated the page dedicated to Océane. For more ease and clarity in reading, for those who like to read erotic stories, I created a new page arising from my relationship with Océane and devoted, as the title of my post specifies, to eroticism, to sex and swinging. 
   To access it directly, click HERE

   Why devote a section to these daring and rather decried themes when initially it was a question of paying homage to one of the prettiest girls in the world, Monika VESELÁ? Quite simply because my fulfillment, whether sexual or intellectual, I owe it to this magnificent girl who opened wide the doors to me of a fantastic universe, that of eroticism, sex, escorting and swinging. 
   Well, it's thanks to Monika that I took the plunge into escorting by meeting a panel of the prettiest girls in the world! It is thanks to Monika that I started to practice Naturism and thus indirectly to meet my sweet Océane... Finally it is also thanks to Monika, to naturism and to Océane that I discovered the very particular world of swinging, the height of sexual freedom and private encounters where people strip completely and totally naked in order to release their libido in an atmosphere of voluptuousness and a cozy atmosphere... 
   The key word of this adventure, because for me, this is one, it's DARE, DARE to meet girls, DARE to get naked and get naked, DARE to cross certain prohibitions to satisfy your desires in order to sublimate pleasure. 
   TO DARE is to want and to accomplish, to achieve in order to erase the frustrations. TO DARE is to live differently, to follow a common thread that of the search for happiness and Love. 

   Coming back to Monika, I started looking for new photos of this Icon of the 2000s. I found new photo albums of my Monika dating from her debut, that is to say the period between 2003 around 2005. I realize that a cycle is being completed by returning to the sources of my site. After 13 years since the creation of my site, another cycle has just begun because of our relationship and our love Océane and me and at the height of our development. We are happy and we continue to make our way to Happiness, both of us. 

   I will publish them to you very soon. 

   In the meantime, live your life to the fullest, seek harmony, beauty and love. Love Life! 

   See you soon. 

   Marseille, January 21th, 2022. 

Photo opposite: Margot tickling Lisa's pussy. Photo that I took surprising them in the small bathroom adjoining the master bedroom, on January 1, 2022 at the very end of the morning after a long well-deserved rest following the long orgiastic night. Some of us had done that again. These two gorgeous babes were among them...

Beginning of the year under the sign of eroticism and swinging

   Hello everyone, 

   Before telling you in brief what happened on December 31st and New Years Eve, I wanted to wish you a happy new year 2022, with all my best wishes! Lots of love, sex, money and most of all better health to you all. 
   I also wanted to give you a taste of our exceptional evening in every sense of the word, which took place in Laetitia's apartment, 150 m2 entirely dedicated to naturism and sex, by outlining you. 

   Indeed, Oceane and I, had the idea of organizing, about two months ago, a meeting with our hedonistic friends in order to indulge in swinging and live the last moments of 2021 in the simplest device, to associate nudity with conviviality, to rhyme the freedom to be naked and the desire to satisfy the fantasies of each one, to release the libidos to facilitate the visual approach and the spontaneity of the physical and sexual contact between the participants. 

   Swinging is a sexual practice that we discovered with our friends during our stay in the naturist village of Cap d'Agde last August. We met there with Isabelle and René, the parents of Julia and Lisa, real libertine naturists. As for Naturism, it has become our way of living everyday Océane and I, which we share with our hedonistic circle including Loriane, Marion, Elisa with their friend Raphaël, Romain and Gaëtan without forgetting the young and sublime Julia and Margot completing the table. Uninhibited and fulfilled youth are thus united as freely as possible thanks to friendship, love but also shared nudity and sex. 
   Thus, Oceane had invited, in addition to our circle or rather our libertine family, two young students recruited on announcement. This is how Emeline and Rayan introduced themselves and brilliantly played their part by adopting our special way of life, ie naked to speak simply. But, Océane and I wanted to go further by creating an erotic atmosphere which led to a swinger or even orgiastic night. 
   All I can tell you is that everything, really everything has gone wonderfully, it's much more than what we imagined Océane and I, as a couple for two months. 
   Better, that is to say that sex engenders love. Nudity has naturally brought the bodies and hearts of some closer together. 
   There were two young teens, pre-teens more precisely only 13 years old, Lisa and Chloe, who took advantage of the awakening of the senses, driven by their hormones shaping their young bodies. 
   Chloe, Lisa's confident girlfriend discovered sex with a man. What in fact was not planned is its defloration by Romain, 31 years old, the boyfriend of Marion, 21 years old, my protege. The embarrassment was quickly dissipated by the fact that Chloe had expressed her will to live and assume at 13 years old, her sexuality. 
   Lisa, she, preferred the mimicry and spontaneity proper to her innocence. Her naturalness, her mischievous side, her ability to adapt to her immediate environment with the people around her, have allowed this young and very pretty 13-year-old beauty to experience her sexuality without taking the leap of merging the sexes. His wisdom, if we can speak thus, gave him a certain freedom by confining himself to the caresses of bodies transfixed with desire, to the touch and the tastes of the sexes of both girls and boys... 
   So Lisa had her first flirt with Loriane, who has since become her sexual model, slept with Margot and myself and was deflowered by her boyfriend Leon, 15 years old. All this in less than 6 hours! It must be said that the atmosphere was such that it was difficult to resist so many youth and naked beauties given the rate of pheromones distilled in the apartment. 

   I'm telling you everything that happened, in great detail, during its unique and special 12 hours, with as a backdrop, nudity, eroticism and sex. This in the relaxation, friendliness, spontaneity and the most natural approach to bodies that can exist, expressed with force by our dear guests, from Isabelle and René to Emeline and Rayan through Laetitia, Loriane, Lisa and Chloe. 

   Thank you to them and to them. 

   Long live sex, long live love, long live Life! 

   I will post my story to you which will follow the one at the end of the section "Oceane, my new conquest", with some photos illustrating these erotic moments, notably with Emeline, Lisa, Chloe and Isabelle... 

   In the meantime, I will meet you very soon.

   Marseille, January 12, 2022.

Above is a photo Raphael took with Lisa riding Loriane as these two gorgeous teenage girls flirted together shortly before midnight. Unique scene summarizing the erotic atmosphere which reigned with the naturalness and spontaneity favored by the nudity shared by all the twenty or so guests present. Wonderful memory! One of the most representative...

Last details before New Year's Eve on December 31, 2021

    Hello everyone, Here we are. The last stretch before rocking in 2022. 2021 was rich in events, meetings and discoveries for our family, Océane and me. We have my darling and I take a step forward by formalizing our union. We intend to take advantage of this unique evening to celebrate this union with our friends accompanied by parents, in what makes our specificity during our meetings, naturism. Indeed, we will spend this evening in the most complete nudity. It is an idea of Océane which delighted our friends. We have extended the invitations to parents and siblings, as well as their boyfriends and girlfriends. The more the merrier, the more we laugh! There has been a small change in who is invited. Elisa and Raphaël's parents will not be present when they were there during our naturist stay in Cap d'Agde. On the other hand, this absence will be compensated by the presence of young adolescents. A friend of Lisa and her brother, Chloé (13 years old) and Léon (15 years old) will be part of the party. Despite their young age, it seems that they practice naturism with their parents who have gladly accepted to entrust their children to the parents of Julia and Lisa who will be there for our greatest joy. We met them this summer. They are lovely and very friendly. The father, Francis is passionate about aviation. The mother, ecologically connected, very beautiful woman loves life and makes the most of it as naturally as possible. we can feel very well how she transmitted this art of living to her two daughters, Julia and Lisa. There you have it, that's all I wanted to add while looking forward to this beautiful evening with friends. We will be 17 or 19 but it will be very pleasant and joyful especially since we will all be ... NAKED !!! I was going to forget, Océane took care of the feasts that will be delivered on the 31st and the service which will be made up of two young students in pharmacy and medicine, a girl (23 years old I think) and a boy (25 years old) ) recruited through classified ads. This fun but paid service which will combine the useful with the pleasant, will allow these two young people to enjoy with us the joy of celebrating the New Year naked! Excitement and pleasure guaranteed ... See you soon, for possible new details and the story of this unique moment. Happy end of the year ! Marseille, December 24, 2021

* This is Emeline, 23, a 4th year medical student, single. In her presentation photo, she is quite pretty and slim, brunette with long hair. 

** This is Rayan, 25 years old, internal pharmacy student, single. Rather handsome, brown, round face with growing beard. 

These two young people will be welcome and ready to participate in the party for a substantial sum from each of the guests, and will not hesitate to get naked with an apron around the waist as only clothing. They will take care of the guests with a smile and a sparkling gaze ... It promises to be super-exciting!

New Year's Eve naked and with the family!

   Hello everyone, 

   Glad to meet you to talk to you in summary about my life with Océane and the projects we have made for our future. 
   We are officially a couple recently and we live a passionate love. This love is solidified thanks to the sex but also with our affinities resulting from our intellect and our way of living. 
   Oceane is a very intelligent girl who blossomed very quickly thanks to me with freedom and total confidence in our relationship. 
   For my part, she brings me stability, happiness and strengthens my physical and mental vigor. I am 60 years old and thanks to her, my heart and my penis are reboosted allowing me to feel like 20 years old. Besides, I am happier than during the period of my 20 years, much happier. I owe it to Océane and the love that flows from it. 

   I would also like to point out to you that the holidays approaching, we have planned to organize a big party for New Year's Eve at Laetitia's who will be present with her friend. we will be very numerous, which will require the intervention of a caterer and their waiters and waitresses. 
   It should be noted that this evening will be very special and in line with those that we organized Océane and me, that is to say in the most complete nudity. 
   So on December 31, 2021 we will all be naked as usual. However, the small difference will be the number of participants, ie people who are used to getting naked in public such as on beaches and naturist camps. 
   Well, amazing as it sounds, there should be quite a few people if you add parents and siblings. 
   Basically, after having established contacts with the people concerned, under the aegis of Océane and Julia, and after confirmation of their presence, we will have the pleasure of welcoming: 
      - Elisa, her brother Raphaël and their parents, who even if they are separated, will be there given their common universe, Le Naturisme, with the presence of Gaëtan. 
      - Julia, Lisa her little sister as well as their parents, naturists at heart. 
      - Marion with her new boyfriend Romain. 
      - Margot, still single but for whom I will be responsible so that she does not find herself alone, even if this fulfilled passionate person has acquired great confidence thanks to me. 
      - Loriane and her mother Laetitia, accompanied by her friend, will be there with great pleasure. 
   And finally, Oceane and I, which brings the number of guests to 16 if I am not mistaken with perhaps a surprise. This is Océane who should take care of it. I'll reveal that to you just before. Only Océane and I know about it... 
   In any case, it will be a promising libertine evening that will allow us to spend 2021 and 2022 in the greatest relaxation where everyone will be allowed in terms of lightness including sex but with special attention given the presence of Lisa who is coming to celebrate her 13 years and therefore still a minor and potentially fragile in the face of adult sexual pranks, even in the presence of parents who will also be naked and likely to exchange. 
   Everything will be done to preserve everyone's privacy as much as possible. 
   Regarding logistics, it is Océane and Elisa who take care of the meal and the waiters and waitresses. It will essentially be a service in the form of a cocktail with drinks of your choice. The main difficulty will be to find, on a voluntary basis, young girls and / or boys who will take care of the service in the most complete nudity or at least with a simple apron covering the pubis, while knowing that it is will act as a private party. This will spice up the evening especially if these young people want to participate. It is Elisa with the help of Laetitia who takes care of it. There are a few leads, especially among Elisa's student girlfriends, or more professional swingers club hostesses. It is in the process of being finalized. For my part, I will take care of the photos and videos with Gaëtan. 
   Everything will be ready this weekend. I'll keep you up-to-date. 
   We do not forget the gifts since a fund will be made available for all participants who wish to make a present to those they love. It is Oceane and Marion who take care of it. 
   In short, it is with big joy and a certain impatience that Oceane and I await this unique and unprecedented moment of the year. The only and big difference will be the total absence of rhinestones and sequins and the absolute ban on wearing clothes, except for the arrival of participants who will arrive in a classic way, sexy evening dress, suit and tie including each of them. -we will get rid of it quickly when everyone has arrived. 

   I will bring you details by then before devoting a special chapter to this New Year's Eve 2021. It will be memorable, I hope it will and I am sure of it. 

   In the meantime, I wish you a merry Christmas and tell you very soon. 

   Marseille, December 17th, 2021.


 Oceane, my new companion  

   Hello everyone, my dear friends and loyal followers,

   Two years and three months ago I met a young and pretty 19-year-old girl on a naturist beach on a midsummer day. It was August 15, 2019. 
   This meeting took place in the most complete stripping, the strictest nudity. We were naked and nothing was hindering our mind and our gaze on the truth of the bodies that were offered. 
   Naturism and nudity which makes it its strength will remain the strong symbol of this moment. 
   Naked, to be naked, to reveal oneself, this is the symbol which gave to this meeting a strong but real character, without a priori, without taboo, without vulgarity, allowing to lift the veil on the intimacy of the bodies and revealing the light of our souls. 
   The love born from this meeting turned out to be the most authentic because of this unusual approach in our societies based on appearances. The being is the key that opens on happiness with the other. Beyond the physical attraction which remains essential, there is undeniably a spiritual attraction which cements the union between a man and a woman. You might as well be ready. 
   We were, Oceane and I, at the best time of our lives and at the best time of each of our experiences, which were completely different, hence the interest of the notion of complementarity. 
   It is not the addition of two entities, no, but rather their merging into one. It is not 1 + 1 = 2, nor 1 + 1 = 1 but rather 1 x 1 = 1. A unique and original entity filled with love, Love with an L
   To be complete and successful, love must be nourished by sex and the spirit. Oceane understood it straight away. Her extraordinary intelligence made things a lot easier. In addition, her sensitivity and intellectual hyperactivity catalyzed this unspeakable phenomenon that happened between us. 
   The five senses plus a sixth coming from the depths of our beings sublimated our union and our two sexes. 
   In short, Oceane and I, we love each other with a single love beat solidly, I think, even if we often practice swinging, sodomy more rarely or bisexuality very often especially for Océane who has been a lesbian since her tender adolescence. , that all these sexual experiences enrich our physical and spiritual bond and I would say even strengthen us in terms of our sensitivity and our approach to the world as a whole. The only negative point in this way of seeing things is to find yourself disconnected from real life. The only remedy, pharmacy studies for Océane, my job as a pharmacist for me. The escape lies in the rocking effect between the reality of the moment and the fact of being together and loving each other. 

   All this should not mask the fact that I am a sex addict. My libido is mainly channeled by the beauty of girls and the desire to make love to them, whether they are adults or teenagers. Thanks to Océane and her extraordinary intelligence, this allowed me to discover and even introduce sex to young girls who are all pubescent and nubile, that is to say at the legal age allowing to have consented sexual intercourse with a boy or man, no matter how old he is. This is also true for a young boy with a woman. 

   So since August 15, 2019, I have experienced incredible and completely unexpected moments that I will summarize for you in a few sentences and in chronological order. 
   First of all, there was the meeting with Océane on a naturist beach. We fell in love with it. She took the initiative to give me an appointment to make our approach a reality by making love, something she hadn't done for over a year. 
   I got to know his mother, a gorgeous 42-year-old hottie with whom I fucked twice to Oceane's chagrin. 
   At the same time as her mother here is that little sister Loriane appears, a young beauty of 15 yo, crazy about me. She kept her feelings hidden from me until the day Océane offered to deflower her, just that. I did not hesitate for a second, the opportunity to realize one of my fantasy arose. but I also understood that it was a proof of trust and love that touched me. 
   Then came the confinement in March 2020 and the supreme moment of Loriane's defloration, a magical moment for both of us. For her who discovered sex with a man and me, because it was the first time that I made love to a young and pretty teenager of 15 years. 
   Then I met Elisa, one of Océane's best college friends then Marion, an extraordinary 20-year-old beauty at the beginning of April 2020, during a weekend with friends where Oceane organized a foursome . The moment was still very solemn because Marion was a virgin and I had the great honor of deflowering her too. It started to become a habit which my faith turned out to be an extraordinary opportunity to make love to pretty girls and their faire to discover the pleasures inherent in the penetration and the caresses of the body. 
   Spent the summer of 2020 with Oceane, Loriane and friends Marion and Elisa. In the meantime Loriane met and fell in love with Elisa's little brother, Raphaël, a handsome 19-year-old kid. 
   Back to school came. Oceane, we moved to a beautiful apartment on Boulevard Baille in the same building where Marion nursery school, which gave us the opportunity to live together from time to time. 
   In the spring of 2021, Loriane introduced me to Julia, one of her friends, a young and very pretty beauty of 16 years old, a brunette full of life, mischievous and with a charm that captivated me. She was a virgin despite the many suitors of her age who did not come close to Julia's strength of character. She succumbed to my charm and my virility, to my experience with girls. I am not a giant but I am rather proud of the effect that I produce on women when they are receptive and lacking... Julia deflower in good standing who was touched by the way I have her taken to the sheriffs of enjoyment. She wanted to prolong this magical moment, the most important day in a woman's life, to make love for the first time with a man, renewing the fusion of our bodies once a week for two hours. 
   Then, Julia, very happy with me during these stolen moments, knowing my experience and my way of loving girls, suggested that I meet one of her friends, a superb 16-year-old brunette too, named Margot, very shy but who is later revealed to be a real naughty very focused on sex. I was captivated and I reacted very quickly to the plasticity of this young and very pretty girl. She has a superb face with a penetrating gaze, superb natural breasts and a magnificent little ass that she loves to show off both with me and on the naturist beaches that we visited last summer. in short to say that she too, like Loriane, Marion and Julia, was deflowered. She fell under the spell and triggered in her a taste and an attraction for the thing, a strong desire to go further. I had revealed in she, her libido which was muted. It was an explosion of desires and pleasures that she succeeded in satisfying as much as possible with me under the watchful eye of my partner Oceane. 
   Oceane, who has recently become my companion, and despite my romantic escapades with all these babes, wanted to consolidate our union and our love. She is 21 years old, she is beautiful, fulfilled, intelligent, she has the future in front of her, a very promising future of which I continue to outline some of its outlines. She is in love with me. This love is exclusive, more and more demonstrative. It touches me and moves me. At 60, I live a dream that comes true, I who have not had a single part of what lives with her... At my age, I feel honored by this young woman who evolves in love, pleasure and sincerity. I am ready to honor her with my feelings that are still as deep as at the very beginning of our meeting, but with the certainty that I too have found the missing part of my being. This part is with and in me. 
   Oceane! I love you ! And I am ready to honor our union as long as possible!


   There you are, my dear friends. I am happy to announce my union with Oceane ! 

   What was to happen, happened in the form of a huge   

   I thank, and it is legitimate, the undeniable contribution of Monika, even if she, she does not know the happiness that she brought me when I had the good idea to create this site which is dedicated to her and which gradually became, by dint of eroticism, sketches, photos and vodeos, a portal on eroticism and a private diary, MY diary where I express my love for girls and their beauty too both physical and intellectual. 
   Whatever their ethnic origin or their age, even if I have a preference for the 15 - 25 years age group, girls bring me and will continue to bring me joy, happiness and pleasure, ingredients necessary to live happily. 

   Remember Walt Disney's maxim at the top of the previous section here: 

"To achieve something really extraordinary, first dream it. Then wake up calmly and go with a line to the end of your dream without ever getting discouraged."

   Well I think somehow it just happened, don't you think so? I do! 

   The proof, since it is like that and thanks to that that I found peace, happiness, beauty in the blue of her eyes, in the blue... 

... Oceane! 

   Marseille, November 15th, 2021.

Our naturist holidays in Cap d'Agde. 
Discovery of swingers evenings.

   Hello everyone, 

   Finally, I got to find some of my free time to mail you an insert about our vacation this summer. I am very busy with my professional activities modeled on those of Oceane in 5th year of pharmacy industry sector. We complement each other wonderfully and we live her and me, wonderful moments and moments. For a month now, we've been a couple again after Marion has found her alter ego. Indeed, our sexual partner found herself a jules. His name is Romain, a handsome kid who came to live in Marseille with Marion. 
   This handsome 31-year-old man, a commercial in international finance, fell head over heels for my protege. The meeting took place in the Libertine Club "Histoire d'Ô" in the naturist village of Cap d'Agde. Marion was seduced by this handsome athlete. Océane and I were happy to see Marion with a man with whom she has a lot of affinities. It is thanks to their taste for eroticism and sex that these two hardened bachelors, on the verge of despair, the forgotten Cupid, got closer and very quickly fell in love after having recalled, thanks to Eros, the good memories the archaic cherub. It was love at first sight. 
   It was a sublime swingers holiday but also a dream naturist stay where we, Océane and I, made beautiful, enriching and above all erotic encounters. We expected it and we were not disappointed. After a one-week stay in the Héliopolis village, we moved to the René Oltra Naturist Camps adjacent to the village. We were accommodated in a Chalet. We joined Julia and her little family there, including the little sister, the wonderful and mischievous Lisa, adorable and pretty 12-year-old doll... (see photo opposite). Margot was also present and accompanied her friend Julia. 
   Also presents the family of Elisa and Raphaël, accustomed to the place for more than 20 years, which allowed us, Océane and I, to find Loriane, superb and fulfilled. A breathtaking beauty... The transformation of Océane's little sister, aged 16, is largely due to Océane who gave me the opportunity not only to fulfill one of my fantasies, to deflower a young virgin, but also to incubate the emerging personality of a shy young girl but aspiring to discover the benefits and pleasures of existence. The meeting with Raphaël, Elisa's little brother, made Loriane blossom, prettier than ever. 

   You will discover our 15-day holiday at the edge of the Mediterranean in a wonderful place, one of the busiest in Europe, and even in the world during the summer, Languedoc-Roussillon. Land of meetings and exchanges par excellence, of refuge and freedom, of ideological tolerance, crucible of free living, of the philosophy of Naturism with the spice of eroticism and fantasy. 

   Most of our naturist and swingers discoveries are summarized in the form of photos, the most representative of our unforgettable stay in the most complete nudity, a corollary of the freedom and the pleasure of living together. See the sections "Naturist and proud of it" and "Oceane, my new conquest"

   See you soon for future publications about our couple who have tightened up for our greatest happiness. 

   Marseille, October 20, 2021

Three pretty girls, two lovers, a hidden love...

   Hello everyone, 

   Finally, summer is here ! Finally, the sea and the sun! 
   Soon the holidays and on Tuesday July 20, I said to myself that it was good to keep you informed of what is happening in my life with relations with "my daughters", that is to say Océane, Marion and Julia, aged 21, 20 and 16 respectively. These three girls with whom I live more or less regularly, have just changed my existence in the space of two years. 
   It all started with the meeting in August 2019 of Océane, a beautiful girl with whom I fell in love and with whom I live a romance that continues. As I speak to you, we have projects in mind to seal our union. I'll get back to you when the time comes. Nothing is fixed yet. 
   Regarding Marion, I became her mentor, a master thinker, a confidant or even an example equaling a father more and more absent recently from what I could understand in short a very close relationship where sex keep the essential place because her beauty transcends me and she feels safe in my arms. There too, something is happening that risks upsetting my love for Oceane. I am in a delicate phase since I have two lovers present with me from morning until evening. What we experience together is purely physical and sexual, of course, but we managed all the same, Oceane and I, to reconcile our true love for two with this unprecedented three-way relationship with the beautiful Marion ... For how long ...? 
   Julia, the youngest and freest of the three pretty girls, is content with a rather special relationship where sex has become an irrepressible need for us. Indeed, I have become crazy about this little bombshell, this teaser that can no longer do without me, to such an extent that we see each other twice a week in secret. Océane still ignores, in fact, this purely sexual relationship. Again, for how long ...?    
   Otherwise, I would only say one thing: CARPE DIEM! 
   For me, true happiness is the present moment. It is also surrender to love, whether physical, sexual or even intellectual. Soon to be 60 years old, I am happy, I feel in great shape and I think that sexual activity boosts my libido, has something to do with it. Unconsciously, the girls who live around me, Oceane, Marion, Julia and in a more detached way, Loriane who lives with Raphaël or even Elisa; feel this need to love and to be loved. It is, I am sure, the hormones and pheromones which dissipate in the air, which cause a natural debauchery of sex. 
   To come back to the trip organized for the weekend of July 5 to 6, I am in the process of composing its story. For those who like to read the crisp details, I will give you something to fantasize about, including the most extraordinary moment I had with a girl. 
   Since I fuck with girls, at each meeting, at each clinch, I live moments and moments of memorable discoveries that are increasing. Margot was no exception to the rule. It's always nicer, more unexpected, more authentic each time and Margot has exceeded my expectations Rarely, if not to say never, a girl has not transported me so much. During her deflowering, she turned out to be a beautiful slut who is unbelievably released. For her first time, once the hymen opened, she gave herself completely and did not hesitate to ask me for the total, including sodomy. Incredible Margot! A memory imperishable when it comes to sex, she confessed to me that she had fulfilled her most salacious fantasies. 
   The rest is to be read in the rest of the story being written. 
   Soon the holidays and despite the gloomy weather, we planned to stay a week from August 14 to 21 at the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, more precisely in the Port Nature residence. It was Océane who took care of all of them. Everyone will be present including Elisa and maybe Loriane and Raphaël. Four apartments between 350 and 450 € per week, were booked 2 months ago and will be available to us for nine people: Océane and me, Julia and Marion, Elisa and Margot, then Loriane and Raphaël. As for Margot, she should be there because she can't wait to discover naturism. Everything depends on her availability according to her parents' leave. 
   On the program, naturist beach, sports activities including sexual of course, swingers dance evenings in a select club (click HERE), all this while respecting the health instructions because only people vaccinated or with a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours will be accepted in the naturist village. Everyone of us has received both doses or are in the process of receiving them. I had sensed the affair and it was I who encouraged the girls to be vaccinated and thus benefit from the "health passport" in order to have a peaceful holiday.

   Here, I will leave you, it is 11:00, Océane and Marion are waking up. Do not forget to follow my adventures in the section "Océane, my new conquest" and to download the full story there either below or directly on the page cited in bold italics. Think of the wonderful photos adorning this story rich in true stories spiced by naughty moments. 
   Once again and I repeat, everything that is written has really happened and continues to unfold, which means that my story will have no end for the moment as long as the happiness of living with Océane remains. present. So you can read a lot of the incredible unfolding of my life! Good reading ! 
   I wish you good holidays and give you soon to take stock of these unprecedented holidays 

   Marseille, July 20th, 2021. 

N.B.: opposite on the right, a photo of Margot at 15, probably taken in her room by Julia. We can guess her big breasts and we will appreciate the natural beauty of this young cannon whose presentation you will discover in the last section of my site. And to think that I have just deflowered this very pretty girl! The most surprising thing is the way and the unexpected behavior following this magical moment. Margot was delighted and asked for more ... This allows her to flourish with and thanks to me, in order to equal my other proteges or even to surpass them... 

N.B.: Remember to click on the photos of Océane below to download my story on my idyllic adventures with my dear friend Océane. You will discover all the most delicious details on my antics with her friends, her little sister and her friends as well as with her mother...! Everything that is transcribed is true. Only the dialogues are slightly different but the background is there. Good reading !


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Fichier PDF (2,9Mo)

Swinger weekend. Elisa and Gaëtan. Margot's deflowering

  Hello everyone, That's it, there we are! Summer is finally here ! You may remember that we had planned Océane and I to organize a new stay with Laetitia after the Easter weekend, the first weekend in June. Well we were lucky this time since the weather was good with sun and rather moderate heat, ideal for strolling naked in the apartment and basking naked ass on the balcony terrace . There were seven of us instead of the expected nine, Loriane and Raphaël preferring to meet together to renew a relationship which had started to deteriorate following the impromptu flirtation of Marion and Raphaël. It was better to avoid the presence of the two lovebirds with the pretty Marion. The latter was well with us and remained at my side all the time and became my new protege. Loriane preferring, and I understand her, to find real intimacy with her boyfriend. They left for the weekend in Cap d'Agde, to visit the region and to spot the superb beaches of Languedoc, naturist for the most part ... I will tell you what they did during their romantic getaway. I am happy and relieved to see my pretty and eternal protege reconciled with Raphael. The latter is a good guy, handsome with an athletic body and a gentle character, a little shy but spontaneous when necessary, benevolent with his companion, adoring the benefits of Life, fulfilled thanks to his love for Loriane. I think the mini flirtation with Marion made her understand the fragility of a sincere relationship with a girl, especially if the latter is sensitive and she does not show it despite her inner suffering. In short, this weekend was rich in emotions, positive this time, with the discovery of two new arrivals in our group, namely Gaëtan, a handsome man of 28, Elisa's new boyfriend, and Margot , a breathtaking 16-year-old beauty, Julia's girlfriend. It is precisely by Julia that this very pretty girl was welcomed into our hedonistic circle. I had met her in Marseille in the presence of Julia who introduced her to me. Margot is a very shy girl, living in Marseille in the district of Saint-Barnabé. She is the youngest of three children, three daughters from good families. I invite you to read its presentation sheet. Why was she present you will tell me? Well, quite simply to live a rather interested experience ... After a long conversation with Julia and I, she was delighted to discover a new way of living her being, naturism. In addition, I was put to contribution because Margot is a virgin and Julia had revealed to me that her childhood friend was very keen to discover the things of sex. Ah! Margot, pretty Margot, very shy but not shy at all! Stuffed with fantasies, Margot allowed herself to be deflowered with delicacy and tenderness by me. As she knew with whom she had to do thanks to the details told by Julia concerning me, Margot was not disappointed, on the contrary. She was more than enchanted; she was transformed, metamorphosed, like all virgin girls passed in my arms and in my hands ... Following her first time, her blooming beauty captivated those around her and thus became the star of the weekend thanks to my particular care . Margot is extraordinarily beautiful, I strip it just by writing and viewing her photos below. Very sensual, in spite of her shyness, with superb finery, in particular her big natural breasts, extremely flexible and soft, provided with very large areolas. At 13, this pretty brunette already had a good build, proving that her puberty was very precocious. At 10 years old she was apparently, pubic hair adorning her pussy and her two breasts already had a very interesting cup (85 C against 95 D currently). Making love with her was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. It was the first time that I had fucked a very pretty 16-year-old girl when she already had the attributes of a mature and paradoxically virgin woman. This girl was apart in my repertoire of girls with whom I made love and god knows that there were, a good fifty, of all ages (rather young, between 18 and 30 years old, especially between 19 and 23 years old ...), of different ethnicities and different nationalities (mainly European). In short, this unforgettable intimate moment, as usual, was profitable for both Margot and me. In addition, I noticed that Margot only had eyes for me during the stay, which had, of course, not escaped the warned gaze of Océane. Indeed, Océane, seemed rather embarrassed by this pretty girl. Since she did not know her as she knew Julia, her little sister's intimate friend. Margot knew that I was living with Océane and did not dare to come too close to me following her deflowering, despite his attraction to me. It took diplomacy and a certain persuasion with regard to my dear darling for her to accept Margot's tight presence. She and Marion were my admirers during the stay, especially since Marion seemed to get along well with Margot. This was confirmed when the three of us fucked on Saturday late afternoon. It was an exceptional stay with the presence of five young and beautiful girls aged 16 to 21 and two handsome kids, myself included, two Apollos aged 28 and 59. All seven naked of course, from start to finish. Our clothes remained in the closet ... We have thus, fucked two to three times a day with lunch and dinner breaks while enjoying the sun on the terrace. The tanning sessions for the girls were the most sensual and erotic moments that I have ever experienced. Caresses, CF, masturbations, it was all there. Unforgettable ! Sensual! Erotic! Enjoyment! Are the words that sum up this weekend of anthology for me and the six young people. There will be others but we will be at the water's edge, on the naturist beaches, perhaps at Cap d4agde ... I will tell you more about it. In the meantime, I invite you, if you can, to read the rest of the section "Océane, my new conquest". See you soon for new stories and photos. Summer will be hot, very hot ... Marseille, June 12, 2021 N.B.: contemplate the photo of Margot opposite on a beach in Languedoc. One way to appreciate the natural beauty of this pretty brunette, especially her face and her big breasts that I discovered in real life during her deflowering, a marvel!

An escort as a snack. My impossible love with Julia...

   Hello everyone, Slowly spring is finally settling in while summer is fast approaching. Late, spring is, postponed was our meeting for the Pentecost weekend. It would have been impossible to sunbathe naked on the terrace of Laetitia's apartment exposed to the southwest, full sun but also and above all very windy. Océane and I postponed our swinger stay for the first weekend of June, hoping that this time the sun and the heat are really there. There will be beautiful people, the same as for the Easter weekend, namely Elisa, Raphaël, Marion, Julia, Loriane, Océane and me with in addition two new recruits, a girl and a boy, a beauty of 16 years old, Margot, and a 28 year old step-kid, Elisa's boyfriend, Gaëtan. We will therefore be nine. I already met Margot a month ago when I was with Julia on Le Prado where we had made an appointment for our torrid ritual. She was with a 16 year old young beauty. I was quickly won over by his allure and kindness. A little suspicious at first, Margot quickly relaxed thanks to Julia by explaining to her who I was without revealing our special relationship between her and me. I probed him tactfully and the interview was facilitated by Julia's ability to befriend others, especially girls. It suffices to see the unwavering bond existing between Julia and Loriane which has recently become physical, transforming the friendship into a love between two lesbian girls. This meeting planned by Julia turned out to be quite rich in information concerning Margot. I will reveal some of her secrets to you very soon, but I can already tell you that she is very pretty, she has been 16 years old since last March, on the 7th it seems to me. She is the only child of separated parents and lives with her mother most of the time. She is in second with Loriane and Julia. From what I could understand and according to what Julia said, Margot would still be a virgin. In confidence, Margot confessed to being eager to meet a boy. Well ! Julia smelled the right thing and it will take all the persuasive force of Julia to put this very pretty girl in my arms. I confess that I rather look forward to making him discover the joys and emotions that comes from sex with a man. I now have the habit and the experience to deflower her as I did with Loriane, Marion and Julia. Moreover, it was Julia who was responsible for making her accept that it was I who would take care of her and that it was precisely I who had deflowered her shortly before. I just learned yesterday after seeing Julia in her apartment where we make love, that Margot was ready to take the plunge. According to Julia, who knows her well, you will have to be very gentle and patient. Margot is a sensitive girl who lacks self-confidence as she lives in a blended family. Not easy to take your bearings. it's pretty stimulating. I like this roundabout approach with this restraint specific to girls in need of consideration and in search of tenderness and emotions. It is a paradox that I manage to channel into a legitimate search for real pleasure and the intensity of emotion. Apart from that, I am happy to experience a new love, a love that is forbidden because it is hidden. Océane and Marion don't know that I see Julia once a week in a secret place where I spend a whole afternoon loving each other. This young and very pretty girl (see her photos HERE) gives me a little different well-being from that of Océane or Marion. Her spontaneity, her jovial character, her naturalness and especially her youth which betrays the fact that she has barely emerged from childhood and that she is not yet a young woman. Her gestures are at times like those of a little girl. How touching. In fact I realize but maybe not her that I am a bit like her father or even her grandfather. Difficult to admit given the moral barriers and taboos towards teens on sex, but what could be more beautiful than the love of a lolita and a gentle and considerate mature man where the sensations of pleasure are and will remain the motor of Life on the path to physical and spiritual happiness which are both closely related. You know my addiction and the pursuit of sexual pleasure with girls. Not long ago, at the beginning of May on a chilly day while Océane and Marion were revising their exams, I spotted a young escort of 22 years of Romanian origin, Roberta. This beauty from the east was on tour in Marseille and offered her services which were complete (FK, DFK, CIF, COB, CIM, A +, Dress-code, Fetishism, etc. with the possibility of taking pictures or making a video by means of an extra of 100 €. The occasion was too good to miss. I very quickly made an appointment in 3 sms for an afternoon by exposing my desires to her.
As I had already done with another escort 6 and a half years ago named Veronika I was eager to renew and realize my fantasy, filming my antics with a pretty girl. You can view the results in the "My meetings" section at the very end of the page. I will give you other info after our meeting at nine at Laetitia's who was away for a month with a friend. See you soon. Marseille, May 27, 2021 N.B .: Above is a video image of Roberta, the escort of Romanian origin that I filmed making love to her. Below are two great photos of Margot, including a selfie. She's a 16-year-old beauty, virgin, whom I hate to get to know more thoroughly ... Damn! She has her breasts! For 16 years it is rather rare. And that face! She is beautiful !

Loriane, de l'innocence à l'épanouissement...

   Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

   Il ne se passe plus un jour sans que je sois ou que je pense à mes beautés chéries. elles sont au nombre de quatre dorénavant, quatre magnifiques jeunes filles et jeunes femmes. 
   Océane (21 ans), Loriane (16 ans), Marion (20 ans) et la toute dernière Julia (16 ans) restent parmi les plus jolies filles que j'ai rencontrées de ma vie. Je frissonne en sachant que j'ai fait l'amour de nombreuses fois avec elles et que j'en ai dépucelées trois d'entre elles : Julia, Marion et Loriane la petite sœur d'Océane, ma tendre copine. 
   C'est d'ailleurs Loriane que vous pouvez contempler sur la photo ci-dessus que j'ai prise moi-même le week-end dernier avec mon appareil photo chez elle dans une des quatre chambres qui est en fait une pièce faisant office de bureau. Elle m'avait demandé de venir la rejoindre alors que Raphaël passait ses concours d'entrée dans les grandes écoles. Je l'ai aidé dans son travail puis nous avons fait l'amour sur le petit lit juste derrière... Elle en avait très envie car cette fille m'adore. Idem pour moi...
   Elle a tenu à me recevoir en écolière mais de façon très sexy avec cet ensemble très affriolant à dominante rouge. Cette mini jupe à carreau, style écossais comme un kilt dirons nous, lui va à merveille. D'ailleurs elle ne portait pas de culotte... Coquine elle est, coquine elle restera... surtout avec moi, elle me connait trop bien...
   Regardez comme elle est jolie ! Loriane est devenue une superbe jeune fille. Elle a eu 16 ans le 16 mars dernier et respire la vie. Elle est épanouie et pleine de vie. On sent très bien qu'elle vit pleinement son adolescence. C'est une bonne élève, malgré le travail en distanciel, elle a réussi à s'adapter à ces mesures en obtenant de très bons résultats lui permettant de passer en première. C'est une sportive et cela se voit très bien rien qu'en admirant ses courbes, notamment ses superbes jambes musclées et galbées à la perfection. Cela se devine très bien rien qu'en contemplant son merveilleux visage à peine maquillé. Elle pose de façon à mettre en valeur sa superbe poitrine. Elle ne porte pas de soutif, elle n'en a pas besoin car Loriane possède des gros tétés bien dodus et bien fermes. 
   Extraordinaire cette nana qui me fait beaucoup d'effet. Cependant, je suis comme un père pour elle. Loriane me donne beaucoup de satisfaction, aussi bien sur le plan sexuel que sur le plan intellectuel. Je suis heureux de l'avoir prise sous mon aile. C'est la petite sœur d'Océane et elle mérite qu'on s'occupe d'elle même si je sais qu'elle est amoureuse de Raphaël. 
   Il suffit de contempler et d'admirer le résultat.
   C'est une merveille et j'en suis très fier !

   J'essaierai de vous parler de Julia la prochaine fois car je suis en train de vivre quelque chose de très spéciale avec elle. Cela me bouleverse tellement c'est fort... Je vous en dirai plus une prochaine fois,... enfin je l'espère !

   Bref, toutes ces filles qui m'aiment et me vénèrent presque, m'a fait oublier Monika et Sophie. Sophie que je dois rencontrer bientôt avec l'accord bienveillant d'Océane. Ca aussi je vous en dirai plus une prochaine fois. En effet, cette ancienne relation de presque 20 ans devient de plus en plus compliquée à gérer, surtout en ce moment et malgré une libido qui, à 59 ans, bientôt 60, se renforce de jour en jour pour mon plus grand bonheur...

   A bientôt.

   Marseille, le 12 mai 2021

New recruit, Margot, 16 ans, a friend of Julia

   Hello everyone, 

   Here I am again to make some revelations. Time goes by, things are progressing more or less well, life takes its course. Mine is enriched day by day thanks to the presence near me of wonderful young women and young naughty angels. 
   In addition to our circle of friends made up of five young girls, Oceane, Loriane, Marion, Elisa and Julia as well as two men, Raphael is enriched by a very young beauty of 16 years old, Margot*, a very close friend of Julia since they have known each other since early childhood. It was Julia who had the excellent idea to let us know about her, to make her known to me as a priority. Indeed, I recently met Margot when I had a meeting with Julia on La Corniche in Marseille just before we meet up like every week to make love. She wanted to introduce me to this very pretty girl, also a virgin but who, from what I could understand, is starting to take an interest in boys and one in particular that she likes. But Margot is one of those chicks, like Loriane and Julia, who lack self-confidence and confidence in others. Margot is a very shy but smiling young girl, as shown in the photo above taken by Julia. 
   Without Julia revealing anything to me, I understood very well what she was hoping for from me. Decidedly, I had become an initiator, a master of everything in matters of sex. But with Margot I realized, talking with her, that she was a very open intellectually girl who liked to enjoy good things and have fun. However, she did not dare, she lacked audacity as she confessed to me. Never mind, I was happy to be able to help her by making her take the step towards her first sexual act with a man and as Julia told me, I might as well do it with me, the experienced and the expert. 
   Julia had skillfully prepared the ground for her lifelong friend. Margot is an only child like Marion, she is of the sign of La Balance, born October 4, 2005 in Marseille in a wealthy family in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille. I will present it to you in my next publication. 
   Indeed, it is planned to meet on the weekend of Pentecost as for the weekend of Easter. We will be nine if we count Gaëtan, Elisa's new boyfriend who should be present. It promises, if the weather permits. 

   So I say to you very soon, that is to say within a month to tell you all this... 

   Do you well. 

   Marseille, April 29th, 2021. 

*: opposite a photo of Margot taken by Julia. She is very pretty, she is 16 years old, an ideal age to discover for first time the joys of sex and love. That's what she's looking for anyway. I'll tell you all about it soon.


Hot and sensual weekend at mother's Oceane appartment

   Hello everyone, Oceane and Marion being in the living room revising respectively the end of 4th year and 3rd year pharmacy exams, I take advantage of my privacy to tell you about our weekend spent at six at Laetitia. Like last year practically to the day, Oceane and Loriane were reunited of course but there was Marion, my dear and dear one whose beauty you can appreciate and contemplate on the photo opposite taken the very day of our arrival at Laetitia's, Elisa and her brother Raphael with in addition a friend of Loriane, Julia aged 16 like her and finally, me, the naughty dean, the handsome mature man of 59 years eternally in love and fulfilled by so many sensual beauties. 
   There were therefore seven of us with a hot stay, 22°C. As much to say to you that we were able to benefit greatly from the terrace in our simplest device from Friday afternoon. 
   There were thus five girls and two men, all naked in the apartment for three days... A real treat where I was able to enjoy each of the beauties present aged from 21 to 16 years old. It was the same for the handsome Raphael who, in addition to his tender friend Loriane, had the privilege of fucking with Oceane, Marion who did not say no, the little and young Julia but also, an unprecedented and taboo thing, with her very pretty sister Elisa older than him and who took the initiative, carried by the erotic atmosphere and the sensuality of naked bodies and fully offered... The tender and pretty Julia was an incredible jocking girl and revealed a sexual appetite that delighted everyone. This pretty girl barely out of childhood took advantage of the other four girls with a strong attraction for Loriane but also for me. I was both happy and surprised by so much tenderness but also by an incredible dynamism against me. Julia revealed to me that she was very attracted by my virility, my presence but especially by my gentleness and congratulated me for that because she was enchanted by my character that she never found in boys of her age. 
   It was therefore on a hot spring day that we started this meeting organized by Oceane. Accompanied by Marion, Oceane and I arrived in the luxury apartment where Laetitia, Océane and Loriane's hot mother lives at the end of the morning of Friday April 2. Loriane and her pretty friend Julia were waiting for us in alluring little outfits. Elisa and Raphael arrived at the beginning of the afternoon when the five of us were already naked. Laetitia she spent the weekend with a friend. 
   For three days we took turns taking turns. It was a torrid eroticism that we can only watch in porn videos... Apart from sodomy, absolutely everything was there, threesomes, foursomes, duet and threesome lesbians like for example Loriane-Oceane-Julia-me (next to Marion-Elisa-Raphael) or then Oceane-Loriane-Raphael-me (next to Marion-Elisa-julia) or else Loriane-Julia-me (next to Oceane-Marion-Elisa), Oceane-Elisa-Marion-me (next to Loriane-Julia-Raphael) but also Oceane-Marion-me (next to Loriane-Elisa-Raphael), Marion-me (next to Oceane-Raphaël, Loriane-Elisa-Julia), Elisa-moi (next to Océane-Julia, Loriane-Marion-Raphael)... 
   Hostilities, if I may say so, began with Julia, who had to be prepared for next times. Prepare in the sense that I had to deflower her because she was the only girl among the five who had not yet made love with a man.
   I can assure you that during these three days spent naked every seven, the atmosphere was very hot and sensual with strong emanations of pheromones coupled with fountains of sperm that sometimes flooded the bodies and the pretty faces of the five busted chicks. of pleasures like crazy little girls. As I told you, we can only attend these gang-bang scenes in the porn cinema. All that was missing was the cameras, but Océane would not have accepted it. The only regret for the girls, especially Elisa, the absence of another handsome guy who could only make love with me but also with her brother for the first time from what I could understand, when she found herself with Loriane or with Marion. Indeed, with the exception of Marion, who I consider to live with me, Elisa is still single and is looking for her alter-ego*.
   This stay was unforgettable and we spent it in a good mood with a lot of laughter, tenderness, rascality, torrid eroticism and love and that without an ounce of jealousy on the part of everyone. We only had fun sharing caresses and giving each other pleasure. 
   Joys, pleasures, sex, sensuality and love were the motives and the sine qua non condition for complete fulfillment without a priori or moral barrier. 
   I am preparing the description of this erotic stay that I will post to you shortly in the last section of my site while waiting to create one which will be solely devoted to Oceane and which will take up the entire page at the end site namely "Oceane, my new conquest"

   Know all the same, for those who like to read my sexual adventures, that the writing of the full story will take some time because of my threesome which prevents me from taking care of my site regularly. 

   I tell you very soon. 
   Marseille, April 15th, 2021

*: Alter-ego that Elisa ends up finding in the person of a 28-year-old man named Gaëtan, an acquaintance of the faculty of medicine, former tutor of the stable where Elisa was registered. It was Oceane who announced it to me today, Sunday April 18, after a long telephone conversation. Elisa is happy to have seen this boy again who she says fell in love. She should present it to us very soon. Finally a male who will re-establish a boy-girl balance within our little one, a circle of course naughty but no less friends...

Below is a foretaste in the form of images taken by me, moments spent with in particular the very pretty and jocking girl Julia, one of the five sublime girls present during this erotic stay.


Here is the face of my darling, Oceane, 21 years old since February 5th. You have the privilege to contemplate its natural beauty which breathes the joy of living fruit of a total blooming with me. 
Photo taken in her studio on Sainte Cécile street in 2019


Another photo of Oceane when we make love almost every night, often after studious days accompanied two to three times a week by Marion whose natural beauty you can appreciate at the top of this post. 
Here you can contemplate the recently completely shaved pussy with her two big slobberies that I am about to lick and suck... 
Mmmmh! I love this tender kitty!

The benefits of living with two pretty girls, Oceane et Marion 

   Hello everyone, I'm finally back for this long-awaited spring. It has been a long time since I posted any updates. Blame it on the restrictions forcing Oceane to work her 4th year pharmacy courses at home. This has an advantage since we are more often together enjoying each other and I can tell you that we spend a lot of time making love. We have been together for a year and a half, even as a couple we would say. This explains why I abandoned my site a bit. It is difficult, and this is the disadvantage of my darling's presence at home, to devote myself to my site in the presence of Oceane. Discretion requires. My site remains the very last piece of my secret garden, for now. 

   Plus, and it was an incredible surprise, Marion literally fell in love with me. But even more unexpectedly, Océane noticed it and did not oppose this idyll of her girlfriend and no less friend, with me. 

   The most astonishing and the most sensational is that this relationship with Marion has turned into a relationship of three, which is not to displease me. It is the same for Océane who fell in love with Marion... This faithful friendship between the prettiest girls of the College has become a sincere and true love relationship. 

   So, twice a week, we make love as a threesome by meeting in Marion's apartment which is located, that's a significant advantage, in the same building one floor above the one where we live Oceane and me. 

   See you soon 60, on August 19th, I am living a dream, a dream of always, the one I had almost forty years ago when I was a student in this Faculty of Pharmacy and where I was far from imagining that I was going to meet these two beauties who fell in love with me when I did not expect them. Like what I only now realize the significance of this adage written at the head of this page: "When we want one thing, the whole Universe conspires to allow us to realize our dream." This wise quote, I found it in an iniatic book by Paolo Coelho, "The Alchemist" that I had read 25 years ago! Like what the dream can really come true at some point in his life, when we least expect it. It is more than patience, more than hope, it is will, a deep desire which ripens when the time comes and which offers itself to you like a fruit which is in front of you within reach of the hand and which lets itself be picked after having attracted us by whispering to our mind: "Here, I am ready!". So I come to wonder which of the fruit or of oneself took the first step? Both. It is indeed the spirit which establishes this mysterious link like a thread weaving the destiny of each one. 

   I am extremely happy to be able to write again on my site and share with you my existence surrounded by two very pretty girls aged 21 for Oceane, barely 20 for Marion. As I write at exactly 3.15pm, they are both working in the living room. The atmosphere is serene. They do from time to time a pose and I can watch them while they are in relaxed outfits, shorts and polo shirt without panties or bra. I know that in the evening before the evening meal, like a ritual, the three of us will meet in Marion's room to have a good time... 

   So much for this new post. Next time I will give you news of Loriane who has just celebrated her 16th birthday and who is living perfect love with Raphaël, Elisa's little brother, Océane's other friend. The 6 of us must meet at Laetitia's for the Easter weekend. Maybe we'll go naturism if the weather is right like last year. See you soon and good luck. Marseille, March 25, 2021. 

Opposite a photo of Oceane taken in her old studio on rue Sainte Cécile in September 2020. Memories, memories ...!

Naturist holidays. Reunion, sex and love.

   Hello everyone,

   Here I am after an absence due to the wonderful vacation I spent with Océane, my young and pretty girlfriend. Magnificent because they had taken on the joy and pleasure of freedom found, however with the constraints of the health protocol put in place during the deconfinement.

   Of course, we were mostly outside, on the nudist beach where there were an incredible number of naked people with a few textiles. All these people who could not go abroad found themselves at the water's edge.

   I noticed that many of them, especially young people, were practicing naturism for the first time in view of the areas of their body that had not been exposed to the sun. It was an opportunity for Océane and I to make some discoveries and a few encounters like that of a couple whose husband I had not seen for 30 years and who was accompanied by his young wife, their daughter Léa. 12-year-old (left in the photo above) and her cousin Judith, 12 (right in the photo above). This now 60-year-old agricultural engineer was accompanied by a young and lovely wife aged 35.

   It was also an opportunity to celebrate the first year of our relationship with Océane, whom I met on August 15, 2019. We organized the reunion with the people present a year ago, such as Catherine, Caroline and Sylvie accompanied by their children. We organized another day on August 19, my birthday, to receive Océane's sister and friends. So there was Loriane and her boyfriend Raphaël, Elisa and of course, the sublime Marion who was discovering naturism at the beach for the first time. The same for Loriane who had a blast with Raphaël ... It was difficult for the two lovebirds to hide because they were so attracted. They were downright glued to each other. All this small world of young people were accommodated as best they could in the apartment of La Seyne sur Mer, the very one that was used for our first frolics, Océane and I ... As much to tell you that it did without things in our accommodation. We reproduced for nearly a week what we did in April with rascality for two, three, four and six... I will try to share with you these moments of sex once again unique and unforgettable...

   Another thing, Océane and I are about to move into an apartment, much larger than the studio on rue Sainte Cécile. From 25 m2 we have gone three times. He is on Boulevard Baille in the same building where Marion lives. It is thanks to the latter and Laetitia that we were able to find this charming T3 close to the university. Thanks to Marion, my new conquest, I was able to reconcile the diplomacy of Oceane and the love of Marion. We often find ourselves together for threesome sex. This is why we have considered changing accommodation. Suffice to say that we are almost a threesome. But I reserve the possibility as she asks me to join Marion to be only both to satisfy her desire for sex. She adores me and proves it day by day...

   I have also added two extracts from a very rare video of the 2015 Miss naturist election where we can discover Elisa who will be promoted to 1st runner-up. She was 16 years old. This perfectly shows her superb appearance at the same time as her jovial character and her naturalness which marked the photographer, the judges and the magnificent female animator. As a bonus, you have the leisure to admire the lucky one, Karine, 18 years old, Miss naturist 2015. She is very pretty and horny as you wish, so much so that I enjoyed ogling her big natural breasts, her pretty smiling face and her amazing little ass...

   I will also continue the rest of my stories in the section "
Oceane, my new conquest". I was very late, but this is explained by two months of intense moments of joy, pleasure and tenderness in addition to the preparation of our move into our new apartment.

   I will keep you posted for the rest, while thinking of Momika who remains my main inspiration for what I am going through. It's hot, intense and sincere.

   I tell you soon for new naughty revelations as long as the news allows us.

   Take good care of yourself.

   Marseille, September 25th, 2020.


Summer "Sea, sexe and sun"...

   Hello everyone,

Here we are in the heart of summer, the time when the weather is hottest and therefore conducive to savoring the joys of living naked.
Like last year, I renewed with a lot of enthusiasm this wonderful way of life. This time I am accompanied by a cohort of beautiful girls, I have a hard time talking about it. I am moreover all alone writing this post in Océane's apartment in La Seyne sur Mer, the same one lent by Catherine, the pharmacist boss where my conquest had done her internship. It is almost noon, Océane works every morning in this dispensary of which she has fond memories. New this year is the presence of Marion with us, Océane's magnificent friend, 19, who has chosen to do her internship in the same pharmacy as Océane. It is on the proposal of Océane, who has kept excellent relations with Catherine who is herself also a relation of Laetitia, that Marion approached us both. I have plenty of time to enjoy these superb girls both at the beach and in the apartment ... I will soon be 59 the happiest of men.
   Since July 20, Marion has been doing her internship with Océane who she works part-time every morning from Monday to Saturday, which means that I can enjoy my pretty and tender every afternoon. Sometimes we go naturism in the afternoons. But arrived on weekends, Marion joins us to enjoy the benefits of nudity on Saturday afternoon and Sunday when Catherine joins us with her friends and their children.
   For Marion, this is the first time that she gets naked in public and that she practices naturism. She was won over and swears by this way of living in summer, especially since she is confident with Océane and me.
Last weekend, August 2 and 3, Laetitia and Loriane came to join us as well as Elisa and Raphaël. We met as a family including Loriane and Laetitia. For the weekend of August 15, the day I met Océane last summer, we will be with family and friends to celebrate one year of our romance. There will certainly be Catherine and her two daughters, the pretty Clara and Lisa, Sylvie with Elisa and Romain as well as Caroline with Elisa and Manon accompanied, as I hope, by their girlfriends.
If all goes well we will also have a visit from Mélissa, Océane's childhood friend who was invited to spend a few days with us and enjoy the charms of the Mediterranean and our heavenly place where far from everything, we live in the harmony of the senses in the essence of Nature.
   Know that Naturism can only really be beneficial to human beings physically and spiritually if we integrate sex and its practice. I can tell you that with Océane and Marion, Elisa, Laetitia, Loriane and Raphaël, supplemented by the presence of Mélissa, it was memorable. We had a blast, not all at the same time, of course, but always in a good mood and enjoying the present moment.
Regarding our life as a three in the pretty apartment made available by Catherine, it is going wonderfully and I can tell you that I take full advantage of these two very pretty girls who are Océane and her friend Marion. Even though there is a convertible sofa in the living room, the three of us sleep together loving each other fully. Océane and Marion are two superb girls in love with me and I am completely crazy about her two magnificent sluts who both adore each other in every sense of the word. Indeed, I was surprised to see Marion take care of both me and Océane. They kiss in an incredible way while taking care of me. I have been living a daydream since I deflowered Marion. Despite the love that Marion has for me, this does not seem to affect the deep and sincere relationship that Océane and I have. On the contrary it reinforces our affection and gives spice and excitement to our antics to all four.
   But the strongest moment was the arrival of Mélissa who came to live a few days with the three of us. As Mélissa is an inveterate and experienced bisex we made love to four and Mélissa directed these magical and unforgettable moments of three beautiful and young girls aged between 19 and 21 years old with a man of 58 years soon 59.
During the short stay of Océane's childhood friend, Mélissa's artistic and cinematographic career was discussed. Indeed, Mélissa left the world of fashion because of Covid and returned to her first passion, photography. This splendid Asian girl has an innate talent for posing in front of the camera, subjugating cameramen then seducing them to be able to pose naked and shoot porn casting before meeting with the celebrities of the French pornographic milieu but also with actors and actresses from the East countries. 
   Knowing my taste for porn and actresses of Czech origin, she confessed to me that she had met the most emblematic of her and the most prominent, namely Little Caprice. When she told me this revelation my heart began to pound. Mélissa understood what I was feeling and offered to meet her. His spontaneity left me speechless until I gave him my consent but with the condition of talking to Océane who does not know everything about my tendencies and my fantasies.
Mélissa would be delighted to be able to organize this meeting and perhaps carry out a casting with Little Caprice that I have always dreamed of knowing and kissing, failing to be able to do it with Monika, who she followed a completely different path following her extraordinary charming fashion model career.
   Mélissa thus became a charming actress turns porn movies and thanks to her charisma and her talent to succeed in integrating this very particular medium of pornography, opening to her unexpected horizons but which was part of her dreams and her deepest desires .
That's it for the moment. I am awaiting the return of Océane who is at the pharmacy with Marion. We will quickly go down to the beach. The sky is blue, it's hot and I can't wait to rediscover the joys and well-being of living naked with my pretty and faithful friend.

I wish you a good continuation, taking care of yourself but enjoying Life.

Marseille, August 7, 2020

P.S. You are probably wondering who the pretty girl is in the photo above? Well it's Elisa splashing around naked on Jonquet beach. This image was taken by me last Sunday, August 2 more precisely.

Return of the summer and the freedom to live naked

   Hello everyone,

   Here I am back after an absence due to the fact that I have had an intense relationship with Océane since we returned home to her studio in rue Sainte Cécile and that I no longer have the time to devote myself for even an hour to my site. In addition, I frequent a 19-year-old female student named Marion, whose madness I fell in love with, whom I met 2 months ago during the day spent completely naked in Laetitia's apartment just before the deconfinement.
   During this period of confinement, I lived my best hours with the girls. It was an incredible debauchery of beauty and eroticism but also of sex and innocence because in barely a month I deflowered three young and pretty girls who wanted to know the joys of sex with a man, a real one. This is how I had the unique chance to kiss with Loriane, 15 years old, the sister of my tender and sweet Océane, Marion, 19 years old, superb student who is a bit candid but who turns out to be quite a naughty and justine, 15 years old, Loriane's girlfriend, invited by the latter and who wanted to know me after having contemplated my cock that the sweet Loriane had photographed during our day spent naked in early April. Remember, it was during the evening that followed that we have Loriane, Océane and I accompanied by Laetitia, fucked by four in a memorable orgy. Justine, this very pretty teenage girl was one of the most incredible rascals I ever fucked. One of my best shots since sleeping with girls.
   Apart from these incredible moments illuminated by the beauty of these young girls, there were the distance exams D'Océane which she passed with flying colors with the key to her passage in 4th year of pharmacy. These warm and intense moments of sex did not alter the concentration and the brain work of my little genius. Océane is a bright, intelligent and fulfilled girl. As she confessed to me, it's thanks to me and my constant presence by her side. We managed to organize the revision days without putting aside sex, on the contrary. For Océane, it is a need that allows her to relax and recharge her batteries by vibrating her neurons. I also had to discreetly juggle my meetings with the young and pretty Marion, freshly deflowered and who is in love with me. She too I had deflowered and was captivated by the way I liked it. She greatly appreciated in addition to my athletic body and my sexual performance, my sweetness, my charm, my tenderness, my patience too. For all these girls with whom I made the most important love it is not the enjoyment in the end but the way I bring it, cultivate it and maintain it. It is not only caresses and kisses, there is also the depth of a look, the illumination of a smile, the song of a sigh ... All this at the same time becomes the recipe for body fusion, that of a girl with a man. To achieve this, only experience and the desire to give pleasure count. I am happy to have both and thus achieve what I have always wanted, love, tenderness and ecstasy the supreme ingredients of happiness on Earth.
   Otherwise, for the next few months Océane should return to work at Catherine's where she did her official internship in August 2019 and during which I met her on the Jonquet beach. I also learned that Marion should do her internship in the same pharmacy as Océane. It is not a coincidence since it was my tender Océane who suggested it. It goes without saying that Océane recovers the studio provided by Catherine and thanks to the latter Marion will live in co-location with Océane with the authorization of her boss. It promises because with my presence it will be difficult to hide my love for Marion but we have to look at the bright side of things, we will share the same bed all three even if there is a convertible sofa that can accommodate a second couple .. In addition with the naturist beach close by, I should have happy days in charming company in the simplest device
Since I tell you, I am the luckiest and the happiest of men!
We should therefore make the transhumance to La Seyne-sur-Mer by mid-July.

   Another important news is the visit of Mélissa in a week. Remember, it is Océane's childhood friend, whom we met in November 2019 in Paris where she lives. She should spend a few days when we leave for La Seyne-sur-Mer. She wants to discover naturism with us and she must also make us some revelations about her career which should be oriented towards photography and cinema, in particular the porn that she has always dreamed of making.

The beauty, the charm, the desire to please, her aura enabled her to make herself known in the fashion world at the same time as during the olé evenings, olé brutally interrupted by the Covid crisis. It was during this period that Mélissa decided to take another direction in her career by giving it a sense of meaning, the pleasure of the senses ...

   I feel that we will have a lot of fun for the next few weeks in the heat of a rather special summer, unlike any other. Hoping that the filthy Covid doesn't come up again.

   In the meantime, I wish you a happy holiday in newfound freedom.

   Good luck to all of you.

   Marseille, June 30th, 2020.


Elisa, Marion, Raphaël, Loriane, Oceane and me... All naked!

   Hello everyone,

   Finally the beautiful days with the first warm days ! I hope the heat will wipe out the virus that has put us in unimaginable trouble. Everything was completely upset, even the relationships with others, especially with the girls. I practically no longer have the opportunity to contemplate the faces outside their gaze which I find moreover more insistent when we speak to try to detect more or less unconsciously a smile or a grimace. .
   Otherwise, we live Oceane and I again in her studio. She has just passed her tests at the end of the 3rd year of pharmacy... at "home"! Indeed, the rooms and the amphitheaters being closed, the dean decided and under the recommendations of the sanitary authorities, to make pass the tests in "distance", ie by electronic means and in the form of MCQ. A first time for the Faculty. I will not dwell on the modalities but know that Oceane remained concentrated for two days with a large break the night when she relaxed while making love. A good way to rejuvenate your mind by removing negative waves. As for me, I stayed in a corner after resuming work slowly...
   I would like to point out that I have just published the beginning of the story of our meeting with the two Oceane friends accompanied by Elisa's brother. During this day of April 24, we were naked in Laetitia's apartment, absent and with a very close work friend... Océane's mother after her daughter had just found her footwear and turned away from me physically at least. We are only two very close friends. So no more hot sex with this extraordinary woman after Océane passed a soap to her mother.
   So, you have the opportunity to start reading the story of this day that we all spent naked before fucking four in the evening. There were indeed four girls: Elisa, Marion who had just been deflowered just before and Oceane. Loriane and Raphaël was flirting without taking action. They came to join us in the room while we were in action... They did not just watch. Loriane attracted by our antics, came to caress and lick the three girls. Elisa saw her brother who reveled in the vision of her hot chicks and in action. It was quite a surprise for him to attend this orgy. He did not expect to see his sister and Loriane his new conquest behave thus. This was beneficial later since he freed himself completely by making love for the first time with Loriane.

   What happened during this day was going to happen again because we had planned to meet at least once a month to play together and have fun leaving all our fantasies free.

   Soon I will tell you about the special day lived by Loriane and Raphaël where Elisa's little brother made love for the first time ... I will also reveal another surprise related to sex and ass still during this famous day. .. I will tell you everything later

   In the meantime I wish you an excellent deconfinement. Long live love, long live sex, long live freedom!

   Marseille, May 28th, 2020.

Fin du confinement, retour chez Océane.

   Hello everyone,

  Then on May 11, the date of the the deconfinement and the lifting of movement restrictions, Oceane and I decided to return to her studio on Sainte Cécile street and prepare for the end-of-year tests.
   Indeed, Oceane knows the dates of the exams at the end of the 3rd year of Pharmacy. It was Elisa who told her when we were at Laetitia on April 24. They will take place the last week of May at Parc Chanot, the faculty of medicine and pharmacy being closed.
   Oceane has to revise thoroughly, even if she took the lessons on the internet when we were at her mother's. It is between the session of naked tan and our antics that my dear and tender lurned its lessons simply naked.
   As for Loriane (see photo opposite), her patent has been cancelled and it will be the notes of the year that will prevail. Anyway, the pretty little sister with an average of 15/20, is guaranteed to join the High School at the start of the next school year and move on to first year high school. She enrolled in the private establishment "La Provence" as Oceane. So she finds herself practically on vacation and is living freely at the age of 15 her new idyll with Raphaël, 18, little brother of Elisa.
   The meeting took place at Laetitia's, always this famous April 24 on a hot spring day when we were all naked. In addition to the four of us, Elisa (21), Raphaël (18) and the very pretty Marion (20). It should be noted that Elisa and Raphaël have been practicing naturism since their earliest childhood with their parents, whether on beaches such as Agde or in naturist campsites in the Languedoc-Roussillon region where they come from. Marion her, discovered with curiosity naturism facilitating my sexual approach because she was of great natural beauty... What happened with her and also Elisa, I invite you to read it during the next publication very soon.
   It was Raphaël, whom I met, who fell in love at first sight and experienced his first naked flirtation with Loriane, who was won over by being seduced with tender kisses... He is a boy serious, gifted in studies, sweet, rather attentive, handsome kid and with a fairly large cock, slightly less than mine (~6.3"). Subsequently, Loriane and Raphaël had their first sexual intercourse on the superb day of May 7 when Laetitia was absent and also in gallant company according to Océane.
   I would reveal to you in detail everything that happened during these magnificent days spent in full confinement where we favor sex and eroticism, thus avoiding the ambient sinistrosis.
   This will be read following the story in the section "
Oceane, my new conquest".

   In the meantime, I wish you good luck and above all don't forget to pay attention to yourself!

   Marseille, May 15th, 2020.

Foursome, taboo pleasures between three girls and a man...

   Hello everyone,

   This post follows the previous one where I told you about the naturism experience in the apartment of Oceane's mother, Laetitia.

    It was Oceane who had the idea to organize this day dedicated to nudity, hedonism and eroticism. It was the day after deflowering little Loriane that this day took place in splendid weather. We were lucky because it was hot (25°C in the sun), without a breath of air with an azure sky with in addition an extraordinary view of the harbor of Marseille.

   So, from morning to sunrise until evening and even beyond, the four of us, Loriane included, live naked, eat naked and of course, sunbathe naked on the balcony-terrace before offering at the end in the afternoon around 5:00 p.m. a blow job-facial session with my three super hot girls.

   But this day could not end just with a dressing and then hop, to sleep, no!

   This is why I had proposed to Oceane, to end in sexual apotheosis, a naked dancing evening immediately followed, after having warmed up the erotic atmosphere, of a foursome where of course, the little and pretty Loriane was more than ever in the game.

   It was in the evening of April 7th that I was able to experience a game of fucking like I never would have dared to imagine. It was a real demonstration of sex that my three sublime girls made me live. There was no longer any taboo since mother and daughters and the two sisters between them, gave themselves up naturally without any restraint to the panoply of perfect lesbians: caresses, FK and DFK in profusion, licking and sucking of pussy and hole of bullet... It's Loriane who, as surprising as it may seem given her young age, 15, who was the most enterprising. This young and pretty girl was since her defloration in good standing thanks to my talents and my sexual attires, completely uninhibited and did not hesitate to indulge thoroughly and take advantage of her big sister, her mother and especially me. I had become a sort of reference, mentor in matters of sex and sought, thanks to my experience to amaze Oceane and Laetitia... It was an incredible and memorable evening where we explored the limits of desire, pleasure and enjoyment without taboo. We were free and happy, the only precepts necessary for happiness.

   I want to confess to you out that to be able to live serenely confinement in the best conditions, nothing will replace sex, especially if each of us has a strong libido and this is obviously the case for the four of us.

   Since April, we have been living Oceane, Loriane, Laetitia and me, as often as possible naked in the apartment before engaging in a fuck party not necessarily with four, but alternately with Loriane and Océane, either with Océane then with Loriane taking each menstrual cycle which is slightly offset by a few days (*). Only Laetitia could no longer fuck alone with me. She became either spectator or she engaged only in caresses or cunnilingus with her daughters.

   So much for this unforgettable day that I wanted to share with you.

   It should be read, with some photos of the pretty Loriane, in the section "
Oceane, my new conquest" in the paragraph "Sex for four, taboo pleasures between 3 girls and a man...", whose writing is still in progress. 

   There will be others since I offered Océane to invite her two best college friends, Elisa and Marion, both 21 years old and who turned out to be superb cannons, accompanied by Raphaël, 18 years old, the Elisa's younger brother. Elisa and Raphaël have been naturists since their earliest childhood, which made things easier. Only the pretty Marion discovered this way of life... And I can already tell you that it was a treat! The appointment was made for Friday, April 24th (to find out in my next post).

    It was the first time that a boy had participated in a day like the one the four of us experienced. But there was a surprise, it took one and a good one, it was the birth of an idyll between Loriane and Raphaël, and yes, her first boyfriend ...!

   Thereafter, it was Loriane who invited on May 6th, so tomorrow, one of her friends, Julie, 15 years old like her and also naturist, now accompanied by her new boyfriend Raphaël...

   But I will tell you all about it in detail and the most crisp in a future publication.

   Lovers, as well as ass and sex addicts, be there, as usual!

   Hold on, the decontainment is approaching!

   I wish you good luck and take care of yourself!

   Marseille, May 5th, 2020.    


(*) Loriane's menstrual cycle appeared at the age of 12 and the start of her period occurs about 10 days after that of Oceane, who became nubile at the age of 13. There is therefore a range of around 7 days between the two where you can make love together while avoiding ovulation periods because Oceane and Loriane do not take the pill and do not like the condom too much.

Naturism at home, between well-being and eroticism

    Hello everyone,

   It's spring, with good weather, mildness and a blazing sun. Beauty is also part of this one of my three girls.
   It is also the beginning of the period when I begin to let myself go naked on naturist beaches. The 
air background and the sea are still cool but sheltered, with full sun exposure, it becomes extremely pleasant. There are few people and anchor too few young naiads apart from a few girls between 8 and 12 years old, studies oblige ...
   However, this year, we fell a tile with the appearance of a filth from Asia, as always, forcing us Oceane, Loriane, Laetitia and me to remain confined. But luckily, our confinement takes place in the ideal conditions of the magnificent 110m2 apartment of Laetitia, with balcony-terrace, facing south. From where the idea of Océeane to propose to her mother and under my aegis, to practice naturism while waiting to be able to return to the naturist beach of Jonquet this summer, finally, we hope.
   This is how the four of us spent the day of April 9th, totally naked! We were real naturists at home!
   On the program, small household chores, idleness, dancing with music chosen by Loriane who was magnificent and very exciting, sunbathing on the balcony in the afternoon with very hot erotic moments.
   These moments were a kind of prelude to what Océane and I proposed and organized the same evening, namely an orgy for four where Loriane will be all the more so... Wow!
   What I can tell you for now is that it was very, very hot sexually speaking. All the details in a future post in preparation.
   For now, I invite you to read the paragraph on this wonderful day in the middle of a gloom never seen in 75 years!
   This is why we should not hesitate to do good when the circumstances allow it, and to take advantage when possible of the benefits of Life, beauty, charm and sex. I am for this adage during this period conducive to the tensions favored by this seclusion, "Make love, not war!" and from the troubled period of the late 60s.
   This day is to be discovered and read in the section "
Oceane, my new conquest" in the paragraph "Naturism at home, between well-being and eroticism".

   While waiting to publish the sequel to not sting beetles, I wish you a good containment while keeping hope and courage.

   Take care of you !

   Marseille April 23, 2020

Loriane, from innocence to seduction and sex...

   Hello everyone,

   For a month, Oceane and I have been living in confinement under ideal conditions.
  Under the guidance of her mother, we fled Oceane's too small studio to live in the sumptuous apartment of Laetitia located in the 8th district of Marseille at the bottom of Roucas Blanc.
   From the first days at Laetitia I lived the most pleasant and the most unexpected moment that a man can live. These magical and unforgettable moments are with Loriane, Océane's little sister aged 15 yhat lived it (see photo at side).
   Indeed, this pretty girl seduced me before falling in love with me. It did not happen by chance. Even if Loriane flashed on me as soon as she saw me last November, Oceane and Laetitia have something to do with it. Loriane is a young teenager who has never met a boy before. This girl is completely pure and virgin. It is precisely for this that Oceane, very close and very accomplice with her rather shy and reserved sister, seeking to spare her the misadventures experienced when she was 17 years old with Kevin, a rather selfish and brutal boy, wanted Loriane to get closer of me physically so that I teach her the basics of sex with of course the agreement and consent of her mother and little sister. The goal was to prepare her as serenely as possible for the most fulfilling sexuality possible. So that implied that I deflower Loriane. But why me? Quite simply because Oceane and Laetitia trusted me and that I possessed certain essential qualities to have serene relationships with women and girls. 
   These prerequisites can be summed up in me as follows: my easy character, my sensitivity and my sweetness, essential for living with a girl or a woman and especially the respect and the experience, without forgetting and without boasting about my intelligence and my charisma, and everything I'm pretty proud of that.
    I admit that I was rather surprised and above all embarrassed, but Loriane is so pretty, so sweet and so desirable, especially when I mate her, in the company of Oceane and Laetitia during the hot afternoon of Sunday 5 April. Loriane was very sexy, I would even say hot, I watched her sunbathing topless on the balcony next to Oceane who was also topless. I was overwhelmed by her natural beauty and her appearance as an innocent girl.
   So there you go, I fuck with Loriane. It was divine and so unexpected. Especially since this pretty girl practically fell in love with me because I became her first love after she experienced her first emotions from our first meeting 5 months ago. Everything is told in the paragraph "
Loriane, her secrets, her fantasies, her learning".
   What happened makes me say that love can be sudden, it can strike anytime, anywhere, anyone at any age and does not take into account the age difference and moral barriers, but will always reign supreme as long as there is gentleness, confidence, sincerity and experience. These four qualities Loriane discovered them at home and with me. Oceane, to whom I owe a lot, is my most faithful witness.
  I now know, and I am convinced, that loving a girl is easier than you think. You just have to be yourself and have pure and sincere feelings.
   I invite you to discover this magical moment, without a priori or taboo polluting feelings, but only with a smile and the desire to have fun, the full story dedicated to Océane, in the last section, in the paragraph "
Loriane, her secrets, her fantasies and her learning..."

   See you soon for the rest of my story which, I tell you in advance, will be rich in erotic moments with my three darlings...

   Marseille, April 16, 2020.

Oceane and I return to her mother and sister

   Hello everyone,

   For almost 3 weeks we have been living Oceane and I reclusive in his 25 m2 studio and even if the crowding does not bother us, quite the contrary, since we live one inside the other, figuratively, 2 to 3 times by day without counting the night, it becomes difficult to bear this forced and forced confinement, especially in this pretty but too small apartment in these circumstances.
   It was on Laetitia's proposal that we decided to join the sumptuous 110m2 apartment on the slopes of Roucas-blanc in order to continue confinement in ideal conditions. Oceane was happy to find her mother and share the links that unite her with her younger sister Loriane and share it with me.
   This is how a friendship with Laetitia was born, but this is no longer to be demonstrated since we fuck together, no I want to talk about this new sincere friendship with Loriane. This pretty young girl quickly became attached to me and behaves as if I were her father. It's really touching because Loriane's innocence moves me and reminds me of my closeness to Oceane when we are met and loved...
   But for the moment Loriane is only a rather precocious adolescent, intelligent and very quick-witted masking a certain shyness which is only a small lack of confidence which I will try to correct as long as we are all four...
   All this to tell you that I am, despite the circumstances, a happy man, fulfilled and full of life. And then what a wonderful idea my sweet Laetitia had!

   Well, I will quickly join my 3 girls who are waiting for me for dinner. I will tell you more either in the story in the section "
Oceane, my new conquest" (partly in French at the moment) laor here on my blog.

   See you soon.

   Marseille, April 4th, 2020.

PS: In order to be able to continue publishing my updates to my site, in fact those concerning my new life with Oceane and the budding friendship with Laetititia and Loriane, I took my PC to work there discreetly in the apartment spatious of Oceane's mother. The latter did the same because she continues to work on the internet for the end of 3rd year pharmacy exam postponed to the end of June.


Joys of containment and sexual activities

   Hello everyone,
   We have been living for 10 days in an unprecedented situation with the compulsory confinement of the population. Everyone is concerned and it completely turns our everyday life upside down.
   Who says confinement says to be cloistered at home, in the apartment, the studio, ... Which results in the severe test of the mind especially if you are alone.
   Oceane and I live this situation rather well and we happily adapt to the life of a couple in her 25m2 studio on rue Sainte Cécile. This allows us to make love even more often and it is a chance because we love it. In addition, it encourages us to exercise... Océane and I are very comfortable and we love to wander completely naked with an ideal temperature that I set with the thermostat, around 23°C sometimes 24°C in the bathroom. The shutters are fully open to let in the daylight, the windows remain closed with opaque curtains to avoid prying eyes. I only open them to ventilate in the morning for 30 minutes to renew the air. So staying locked up both is good since as inveterate kissers we indulge in sexual activities 2 to 3 times a day, night not included, helped and inspired by the viewing of porn movies... Yes, if it is doable and I strongly urge you to do it if you live in a couple or even in three. It keeps you busy, allows you to exercise without going out, improves morale, drives out boredom and allows us to satisfy our fantasies.
   Last weekend Oceane and I tried to spend two days with her mother and sister in order to get together. Laetitia also remains confined and manages to telecommute while helping Loriane with her homework. They also take care as best they can by airing out on the large balcony or by doing a little yoga for Laetitia and dancing for Loriane. Besides you can appreciate the flexibility of Loriane taking a posture and doing stretching (see photo above) ... This allowed me to taste his plastic in full transformation and which gives Loriane a flourishing physical good for a 15 years old girl. During this family weekend, I felt an evolution at Loriane towards me. She is less embarrassed, less shy and much more smiling and did not hesitate to wander barefoot, in shorts and teeshirt without bra, revealing her pretty well muscled legs, her bare belly while Laetitia herself, remained in a dressing gown on more often or in leggings and fitness outfits highlighting the muscles of his legs and his body which I know perfectly since we make love almost once a week while Loriane was in college.
   All this to tell you that confinement can be good if you know how to deal intelligently by removing the stress of isolation, chasing boredom by adapting to a new way of life, certainly temporary and which allows get to know each other better by trying to visit new horizons in the sexual approach, by satisfying your fantasies.
   If you live as a couple, man-woman or three, man-woman-woman or man-man-woman or otherwise, try the experience and do like us, Océane and I who visit new facets of coitus directly inspired by the videos of Pornhub where I have an account since 2011 (see my profile
meMbre13) *

   It is obvious that this situation creates isolation and a lot of stress related to the disappearance of a source of income. I want to talk about the income of prostitutes and escorts. I think about them a lot right now. Many of them more or less affluent have stayed or returned to their families, but others remain trapped in their often cramped apartment. I am thinking in particular of a magnificent 25-year-old escort named
Anna of Russian origin, smiling, very pretty and very kind. This pretty girl has perfectly adapted to France and adores Marseille. I often went to see her before I met Oceane. I continue to visit her from time to time because she is addicted to sex with me, finds me beautiful and very sweet. I contacted her yesterday Monday and she was very happy to see that I was thinking of her. I offered to contact her regularly so that she would feel less alone ... Anna found the idea great.

   Also follow the current story of my erotic and romantic adventures with Laetitia. Then will come that of our party with three Océane and Sophie which took place in the evening and the night of February 13 to 14, Valentine's Day. This evening was memorable since it was the first meeting between Océane and Sophie since August 15th, 2019. It will be read as soon as I am more available, at the end of the section "Océane, my new conquest" (partly in French at the moment).

   While waiting for the end of this burdensome situation, react and do not let yourself go, stay at home but live, kiss and love as much as you can, this can only be beneficial for health!
   And above all, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF !!
   Marseille, March 24th, 2020.

*: visit my profile on the PORNHUB website. Here is the direct link:

  Valentine's Day celebration with Oceane and Sophie ...  

   Hello everyone,

   Here we are. Two more days before we meet Oceane and I with Sophie. I am indeed very pleased to announce this famous meeting for Friday evening in a large hotel in Marseille. As I did after our meeting with Melissa, her bisexual girlfriend, I will reveal to you during a next publication all the most crisp details because there will be some, I promise you.
   I am very happy to finally be able to concretize my fantasy which is also that of Oceane since her meeting with Sophie on the naturist Jonquet beach last August 15th. Oceane was captivated by Sophie who had photographed her not only by her physique, in particular by her huge breasts but also by her contact and her naturalness with those present, in particular with young adolescent girls of whom she took a lot of photos (see the section "
Naturist and proud to be!".
   In addition, this is great since after tomorrow it will be Valentine's Day, a feast of lovers and I will be for the first time with Océane and Sophie, my two loves of my life...
   It will also be an opportunity to celebrate a second time the 20 years of Oceane around a good meal after that of February 5th that we both celebrate around a dinner in a restaurant, Le Villa Donna in The Valentine before setting off the fireworks in her studio all night and where we had fun like animals...
   So see you soon.

   Marseille, February 12th, 2020.

N.B.; This will be my second threesome sex experience after that lived in Paris with Mélissa, Océane's girlfriend (see the paragraph "Meet Mélissa for a threesome fuck..." in the section "Oceane, my new conquest").


2020, année des 20 ans d'Océane et du retour de mes 20 ans...

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

   Me revoilà pour un bref moment parmi vous puisque je profite d'un court instant avant de retrouver Océane ce soir à son studio, pour vous faire partager ma nouvelle vie avec ma tendre copine et surtout vous souhaiter une excellente année 2020 ! Qu'elle vous apporte, joies, bonheur, prospérité, pimentée par les plaisirs magiques que procure l'activité sexuelle !

   Voilà ! Une nouvelle année se présente et quelle année...!

   2020, sera pour Océane celle de ses 20 ans et pour moi le retour inattendu de mes 20 ans, ces belles années que je n'ai pratiquement pas vécues comme j'aurai aimé les vivre au niveau sexe... En effet, ce que je suis en train de vivre est extraordinaire et exceptionnel. A 58 ans, je vis une idylle incroyable avec une jolie étudiante en pharmacie de 19 ans, bientôt 20 le 5 février prochain, une de ces aventures amoureuses dont j'ai touours rêvé.
   Vous avez ainsi le privilège unique de lire ma romance que je tiens à vous faire partager librement grâce à ma rubrique "Océane, ma nouvelle conquête".
   Tout cela je le dois à une flle magnifique, jolie comme un cœur, joviale, intelligente qui me procure d'incroyables sensations aussi bien physiques qu'intellectuelles. Non seulement Océane est très jolie et amoureuse de moi mais je m'aperçois qu'elle est en train d'inventer une relation unique et idéale basée sur le sexe, l'amour, les plaisirs et les sensations conduisant au bonheur. Cette relation serait stérile s'il n'existait pas la sincérité, la complicité et un mystérieux lien spirituel qui s'auto stimule et que je crois être un courant issu de la Kundalini.

   Autre chose aussi dont je souhaitais vous faire part et non des moindres. Je viens de mettre au parfum Sophie sur notre liaison sous les conseils d'Océane. Et bien je fus plutôt surpris par sa réaction. En effet, Sophie a réagit assez bien et comme je m'y attendais, connaissant son flair légendaire, elle se doutait que je fréquentais Océane et cela depuis le début, lorsque j'ai commencé à m'approcher d'Océane ce fameux 15 août 2019 alors que nous faisions du naturisme. Sophie avait saisi rapidement, en me le cachant, les conséquences de sa rencontre avec son amie Sylvie (voir ma rubrique "Naturiste et fier de l'être"). Malgré une certaine jalousie qui s'est émoussée avec le temps du fait de notre approche plus ou moins complice avec les jolies filles, Sophie m'a fait part de son désir de connaître Océane et d'éventuellement la rencontrer... Tiens, tiens ! 
   Je me suis empressé de rapporter mes échanges à Océane. Décidément j'en apprends tous les jours avec les femmes puisqu'Océane n'a pas sourciller d'un poil lorsque je lui ai révélé notre liaison et elle fut enchanter de savoir qus Sophie souhaitait La rencontrer. Cela, outre ma surprise, m'a tout de même gêné et semé le trouble... Bizarre, mais pas tant que ça...! J'ai très vite compris ce qui se trâmait... 
   Je pense que ces deux magnifique nanas, Sophie, 40 ans et Océane presque 20 ans qui en fait s'étaient déjà rencontrées à poil sur la plage naturiste, avaient une idée ou plusieurs derrière la tête... J'imagine que vous m'avez compris vous aussi. Et en effet, je ne m'étais pas trompé, Sophie et Océane sont deux incroyables coquines... Après les révélations surprises d'Océane pendant notre séjour à Paris à la Toussaint où elle m'avait fait part de l'existence d'un premier amour d'adolescente avec une fille, elle m'a avoué il y a une semaine sur l'oreiller, après que nous ayons fait l'amour et suite à mes révélations, qu'elle souhaitait à nouveau coucher à trois et que là, l'occasion se représentait à de façon inespérée... Je fus agréablement surpris mais content que cela se fasse puisque Sophie me l'a avoué, toujours sur l'oreiller elle aussi dans la foulée après nos ébats. 
   Mon cœur se met à battre à l'instant et je vous promets de vous faire partager cet incroyable moment et vous faire vivre ce fantasme à trois...

   En attendant, je vous invite à lire les suites de ma romance avec Océane. J'essaie de retranscrire le plus fidèlement possible et le plus rapidement possible  mon vécu avec mon amoureuse. 
   Je vous tiens au courant très prochainement de notre rencontre au sommet entre Sophie, Océane et moi...

   Bon vent à toutes et à tous.

   Marseille, le 14 janvier 2020.

  Oceane, my eternal naughty lover ! 

   Hello everyone,

   I live at the moment an incredible adventure, an extraordinary idyll with a no less beautiful girl. She is young, she is 19 years old, she is very pretty and I fell head over heels in love. This is Océane, she is crazy about me and we live since last August 15th a love story where the love of course, the complicity but especially the sex that makes us ad-dictates one of the other. What we live is unique and it is especially thanks to her and her sincerity, her spontaneity and her naturalness.
   As promised and reading my previous post, I offer you sharing in the form of a story, which you will find in the last section of my site "
Oceane, my new conquest", my romance, my idyll and my intimate moments erotic with Oceane. This story has no end or conclusion since it is completed each time according to my availability which is rare because living with her, by strong and naughty moments, where I express my feelings and my unique feelings for Océane . Oceane who is slowly and surely trying to dethrone Sophie my dear girlfriend. Sophie is not aware yet but I prefer to act with tact and transparency. It is thanks to the intelligence and lucidity of Oceane that I act knowingly. Her self-confidence helps me a lot to endure this state of affairs about how to love, temporarily two girls at a time.
   So, I invite you to discover once again my new love with Oceane, with her beautiful pictures, to have fun reading my real frolics, my erotic moments and porn, do not be afraid of words, with my pretty Oceane. It is to discover in "Oceane, my new conquest".
   One thing I did not mention is that Oecane is not yet aware of the existence of my site and therefore the publication of my section about her. I prefer to wait before talking to her or I will not tell her anything. This will be done or not done, there is no obligation except in confessing the publication and sharing of my diary "intimate".

   See you soon for the rest of my story about what represents my real fountain of youth, Oceane, my eternal naughty lover...

   I would also like to wish you a Happy New Year and see you next year to celebrate the new year.

   Marseille, December 6th, 2019.

 Oceane, my new love 

   Hello everyone and every lovers,

   I come back to you after my previous post where I told you about my naturist meetings including a very nice student in pharmacy aged 19 years.
   Well my dear friends, the outcome of this meeting far exceeded my expectations. What has happened to me has jostled the course of my life as her own. In two days we fell in love with each other which resulted in two unforgettable nights where we has sex together... I still can not believe it since I have just left home she while my tender Oceane is going to university...
   I hasten to publish a new section about my tender beauty called "
Oceane, my new conquest". I prefer to warn you that it is essentially a text still being written, with some pictures of her who presents Océane, retraces my meeting, my idyll and my antics with her. I urge you to read it because you will find all the dialogue and specific details, especially erotic of our emerging love... I want to clarify also that I composed this text erotic love-word for word, sentence for sentence , expression for expression in all situations and places where we both found. Everything that happened during this weekend will remain etched in my memory and my heart, and enrich my diary "intimate".
   In direct relation with this new section and as indicated in the latter, you will find at the same time additions of photos of naturists young or old; in my section "
Naturist and proud to be".
   As for Monika, who is temporarily in the background, I will try to publish her latest images appeared on the website GLAMOUR.CZ. You will understand that what happens to me is exceptional. I live a dream with a 19 year old girl, who is a 58 year old man but with desires and feelings that have boosted my pride and my joie de vivre. I drank at the fountain of Jouvence named OCEANE and I LOVE HER... (tears of happiness) 

   See you soon.

   Marseille, September 6th, 2019

NB: For English speakers, the complete translation of the texts of my new section will appear later because I will need more time to transcribe them in English.


   Hello my dear friends,

  As I told you in my previous post about the naturist meetings that we made Sophie and I, they seem to bear fruit and one of them appears to be extraordinarily tasty...
   Indeed, I told you about a group of naturists composed of young teenagers and adolescents between 12 and 15 years old accompanying their parents in this case their mother, plus a very pretty student of 19 years old named Océane. Well, since last night I'm excited after she sent me a sms under the stroke of 20:30 asking me if I could come for a drink with her!
   The explanation of this unexpected contact goes back to this famous day of August 15th in fact and that is why:
   It's after talking a long time tactfully on the beach with her, to get to know that things have chained. It must be said that Oceane is very pretty, live alone and she irresistibly attracted me all the more as we were naked under the sun of August 15th.
   We got more and we naturally exchanged our phone numbers.
   I did not think I would see her again so quickly even though I was planning to sleep with her in the near future. But I'm not so surprised that it was she who contacted first. She suggested me to join her in La Seyne-sur-mer Saturday afternoon.
   So rendez-vous with Océane for Saturday, August 31th afternoon in La Seyne-sur-mer, that is tomorrow...

   Be sure my dear friends that I will keep you informed of the continuation of this date galant in charming company, whatever the outcome of this meeting ...!

   See you soon.

   Marseille, August 30, 2019.



   Hello everyone,

   Summer is coming in its last straight and it is very pleasant to make the most of it. That's what I do or rather we do my girlfriend and me. I would like to confess to you that it has done us a lot of good for both of us at all levels, be it physical, mental or sexual.
   Indeed, as I suggested in my post last July 15th to live naked, we attended Sophie and I our beach naturist practically every weekend and it is in this little paradise that we made very pleasant meetings that I will reveal to you early september, with in particular an escort, Angelina which I knew two years ago, and a friend of Sophie's job named Sylvie.
   It was during her unexpected encounters that we were able to immortalize these moments of pure well-being... When I say we, I mean Sophie who was put to use to photograph all these girls including the beautiful Angelina escort, especially with pretty teenage girls who accompanied their mothers and a very pretty student of 19 years of which I made the acquaintance by flirting her delicately and in the rules of the art (I will tell you about it very soon)... All this small world was part from our small group of naturists. It was during the day of August 15th and 25th. Sophie feasted on these sublime pictures of young naiads naked, with the consent of their parents naturists themselves.
   I will publish all this, including photos, in the heading "
Naturist and proud to be!" in early September.
   In the meantime, enjoy the last days of summer. In any case it's what we intend to do Sophie and me, as long as the weather remains lenient...

   See you soon.

   Marseille, August 27th, 2019.


   Hello everyone,
   During these warm weather, what's more natural than cooling off at the edge of the water especially if the sun and the gentle breeze caress the skin. What could be more invigorating than being with your alter ego if possible, in the midst of Mother Nature and giving thanks to her by living in harmony to make more than one with her.
   To do this, one must stray from everything, everything that interferes with the spirit, like the material trivialities that accompany our everyday life.
   The only way to live this is to live naked during a summer to enjoy and immerse yourself as much as possible in the benefits of Nature and to remember only positive for you as well as for and with others who are also looking for the same thing, Happiness.
   Only naturism provides this simple and natural approach in the respect of Nature, of oneself and others.
   To live naked with others is to learn to tolerate and respect one's neighbor and to be equal and to erase the physical and social differences.
   To live naked is also to discover and live one's body in harmony with that of others. To display one's nakedness is to reveal one's intimacy and to show one's sexual attributes. This must be done as soon as possible, from childhood to flourish, to balance his mind and eliminate modesty or prudishness. But it can only be done in places dedicated to public nudity (beaches, camping, clubs,...) and not deviate to the exhibitionism and voyeurism that corumpts a state of mind aspiring to live healthily.
   For me, there is nothing simpler and more invigorating than to live naked with others on my naturist beaches accompanied by my girlfriend Sophie. It's fulfilling and it makes you happy.
   Happy we are every time we arrive in these magical and heavenly places (see my section "
Naturist and proud to be").
   We discover my girlfriend and I not only the beauty of Nature but also that of girls young and old. It's Sophie who helps me to spot discreetly, before we get settled ideally, the girls to immortalize. This is how I made you discover the most beautiful girls photographed by me for 6 years. They are about 12 to 30 years old, many are teenagers between 14 and 18 years old. Each time I live a naked dream. What I can tell you is that each time, I am captivated by the naturalness and simplicity of these beauties living naked without complex. I find it both beautiful, moving, exciting as if I contemplated a bed of colorful flowers with intoxicating fragrances.
   I invite you to come and discover my section dedicated to Naturism and savor the few images from these heavenly places. Some are from websites but most have been taken very recently as on July 14th.

    As for Monika darling, I'm watching the site
GLAMOUR.CZ where appear a series of photos where my favorite beauty started 17 years ago now. I'll publish them to you next time.

   In the meantime, I wish you a pleasant summer and a good holiday ... naked!

   I give you an appointment in September, in September.

   Marseille, July 15th, 2019.


   Hello to you all,

   I'm very happy to see you again in this late spring.
   If I am with you today it is to inform you of my outings to meet pretty girls. Indeed, I wanted to make you discover a new beauty that I met on April 29th through website She is Spanish like Lorena and Natacha, she calls herself Catalina (click on the photo below to learn more). You will know more by going to visit my page "My meetings". Know that I feasted and she also after doing the total including the traditional cunnilingus she found "great", these are her words, since she enjoyed loudly in contorting, but without the anal penetration that I try to experiment later with Nadine or another who "cash" well as the other would say... So I will become an "accomplished fucker" as a friend has hinted.
   As for Monika, I'm waiting for the publication of new photos of my beloved beauty on the very beautiful site
GLAMOUR.CZ which, as its wording indicates it, presents exclusively top-models of Czech origin (CZech) and where Monika is still ranked 3rd when she is no longer active. I find it pretty incredible. This proves that she has left an important mark for her beauty and personality in the world of charm. My site is also there to attest, know it!

   So, I find you at the beginning of the summer before the holidays... Finally I will try to find you some erotic treats.

   But before you leave, I wanted to remember one of my post (the longest) that was and remains very informative about my motives, my personality, my hidden desires and my unconfessed fantasies.
    This is the
post of June 14th, 2017, almost 2 years ago now but I wanted to scrape it by duplicating it.
    It's just after the sublime image of Catalina.

   See you soon.

   Marseille, May 2nd, 2019.


Admire this unique silhouette and body! I have rarely seen such a pretty girl with such proportions.
She is just perfect.
Damn look this ass, a wonder!
Well, it is in this outfit with thong, alluring bra and high heels Catalina received me and it is this dream vision that I could enjoy and that caused the thrill of my cock deep in my slip on my arrival at her place...!

REMEMBER, IT WAS JUNE 14th, 2017...

   I told you the why and how of my approach by sharing you my attraction for pretty girls, my passion for eroticism and my addiction for sex with them.
    I wanted to re-publish my post corresponding to my most intimate secrets about my personality that you see in the section "
My erotic stories".
     So, it's just after this digression. Have fun trying to get an idea of who is on my keyboard and behind the screen...

   How and why I became a sex addict?

   "Following these erotic comments, I wanted to make a parenthesis on the genesis of my tastes in feminine beauty, my passion for eroticism and my ad-diction for sex with girls.
   With all the girls I loved and with my girlfriend
Sophie, making love and practicing sex have become my raison d'être and part of my reason for living. There is no more fulfilling for a normally constituted man than the contemplation of feminine beauty, caresses and penetration in order to embrace nirvana before engendering happiness in addition to pleasure...
   From my earliest childhood, I began to be interested in girls of my age. Even I had not yet reached sexual maturity (the libido begins to appear as early as 12 years), I was relatively early (10 years) and very attracted by the finesse and beauty of their face. I remember being a very good student during the
4th year of primary school (I had finished 1st of my class), I was flourished and I began to discover the world around me and especially the girls. 
   As a result, and despite my age at the time, I think, that in addition to wanting to bring me closer to the girls of my class, I had already the gift of attracting the prettiest of them, as in the photo above from a photo of my 4th year of primary school and where I had placed myself closest to her. She was really pretty...  What has become of her? It's shame I can not remember her first name... Rediscovering this image, I think that I already had a lot of taste for beauty and she had to appreciate my kindness. It must be said that it was during this period that my talents as a designer were revealed. In addition, this class of 1970-71 was the first class of primary school to have instituted the mixed (claim of spring 1968) in the school where I was enrolled. In my opinion this has contributed to my innocent discovery of girls and to bring me a little closer to them. Besides, that's how I later fell in love with a lovely blonde from my 3rd year of high school during the year 1974-75, she named Christine... I had become a teenager to whom the beauty of girls did not leave indifferent, quite the contrary. I was rather demonstrative while being shy and it was at the end of that school year that I danced my first slow (Jean-Francois Michael - Adieu Jolie Candy  and Mike Brant - Dis Lui) with my first feminine conquest, ..., my heart was packed and I was sweating, both happy and affected by these new sensations... It was my real first emotions... I was 14 years old, all excited by the first appearances of my libido effects which will rise to power until today...
   Thus, for me, mixing in the school environment was beneficial in establishing healthy and balanced relationships between girls and boys and later between men and women. This greatly favored the discovery of the other in adolescence by bringing down many prejudices on sex.
   However, after my love affair, I had reached sexual maturity and my libido began to assert itself with my first ejaculation following an erotic dream... Later, as soon as I was 18, after leaving the family cocoon and during my studies, I Discovered the real pleasure by instituting my ritual in front of my first porn mag. I remember it was the magazine LUI of February 81 (that I still own) where I was able to discover and enjoy the beautiful beauty of Leslie Graves. She looked mysteriously to my girlfriend Sophie (same size, same face, same pair of big breasts)... Then on, I didn't stop enjoying myself while masturbating alone when I had the opportunity but as often as possible with both porn magazines or with my erotic drawings, then in front of porn movies. It was my first stage, which lasted for a good ten years, a studious period in which I never had time to conclude despite some great opportunities on the benches of the faculty; I remember very well Patricia, pretty and very intelligent, she was a year older than me and despite our looks and smiles exchanged, timidity blocked our vague desires. It was close I slept with her... the same with Martine who liked my company in the amphitheater. She was particularly pretty and I loved to make her laugh. Too bad she had a Jules, supposedly... I still remained a virgin long enough before my first rumpy-pumpy (I was over 30 years old). It was with a beautiful escort-girl of a good thirty years in Toulon where I resided at the time, who had agreed to take my virginity and very happy to make a handsome boy to take away. I saw her twice in 1 month. It was a real revelation for me... I was 35 years old, oh yes! But since then, I didn't stop fucking and I continue when the envy is felt. I caught up with the lost time by relieving my desires and my fantasies because of my exacerbated libido too long held back. I became insatiable and ad-dictated. Sexual pleasure with or without a partner allowed me to thrive physically, sexually and intellectually. Especially since in order to give me confidence and to live fully enjoying all my senses, I began to frequent in 1997 the naturist beaches of my region, first alone and then later, accompanied by my girlfriend Sophie . There, too, was another revelation at the same time as a new stage. From then on I said to myself, you have to DARE! Moreover, I live the most rewarding period of my life at all levels, I have acquired the strength of the age with my full maturity and that the young girls and women I make happy, appreciate and demonstrate to me for my great pleasure. Thus, and due to the site*), the number of girls encountered (blond, brunette, redhead, latin, slavic, asian, metis and beurette, of various nationalities, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Thai and Brazilian Sure French, all aged between 18 and 30 years) and i've fuck with during these last 20 years, especially the last five, approaching the fifties, correlated with my canonical age, 55 years!

   So much for my sexual journey since my childhood and my initiation to the pleasure of the senses with the girls. Parenthesis that I wanted to share with you so that you can understand me a little better and understand my motivations here."


   Hello to you all,

   Here I am back on my blog. You must have realized that my post have become more and more spaced. Why will you tell me? Not because I leave my site, not at all. The explanation lies in the fact that I find more than enough to feed my unique site with photos and videos about my darling Monika. Well yes, I think I have already reached the ultimate publications of what Monika produced during her years when she posed as a model of charm. If they capture photos and videos of Monika that I do not own, it means that they have become unavailable on the net. However, I doubt that these exist. But hey you never know, I keep poking around. Nevertheless.

   On the other hand, I still have the freedom to publish anything that directly or indirectly attracts Monika and eroticism. Now since spring is almost here and already announces the summer, I wanted to amend my page on naturism with new commented photos taken for the most part by me while I attended my favorite beach with my girlfriend Sophie last summer

   This is to discover on my last page "
Naturist and proud to be!"

   For those who hoped to discover and see publications about Monika please forgive me. Be aware that you have with my site all there is and everything that can exist on Monika as well in videos as photos. My site remains and will remain for a long time the most complete, the freest on this unique beauty of its kind, and that is the most important, 

                                                FREE !!

   That being said, continue to enjoy my erotic pages and make you happy by viewing what is more beautiful among the beauties of Nature and the Universe, girls... !!!

   See you soon for other publications about eroticism or Monika, who knows!

   Marseille, February 25th, 2019.


   Hello to you all,

  Autumn is here, a season unlike spring, and it's not meant to bring joy and celebration. And yet, personally, I feel myself growing wings like the first day of an encounter with a pretty girl.
   In fact, my dear friends, you have before you a happy man. "That is to say?" will you tell me. Well, I fell in love with an escort. It finally happened... It was Thursday November 8th at our last meeting set at 2 pm and I stayed a good hour. Her name is Anna, escort discovered on April 19, 2017 and at the top of my top 10 of my meetings (see the corresponding paragraph in "
My Meetings"). She is a very pretty Russian girl of 24 years perfectly integrated in France thanks to her intelligence and her many contacts and friends in Marseille where she has lived for 3 years.
   I meet her at home regularly for 1 year and a half (April 19, 2017) and step by step, in addition to our increasingly hot melee, it has created a relationship of mutual trust where reign respect, the smile and tenderness accompanied by our complicit glances, a bit like Sophie when I met her 16 years ago at the age of 22. Only flat, my dear Sophie is not aware of my
love at first sight, even if she knows that I make love with Anna from time to time. I think that's why Sophie, the naughty, had wanted to fuck threesome; she felt that there was some complicity between Anna and me. A way to feel and test our love. Ah, the feminine flair!
   Thus, my two loves are born of tender sexual relations in relaxed atmospheres thanks to the smile, the relaxation, the warm caresses, the tender kisses, favoring the shared pleasure.
   Do not neglect either the grace that I became not only addicted to sex, but also a true lover respectful of the female sex by practicing and creating love, I want to talk about my beautiful muse Monika which I you offers
170 new photos added at the end of Album 84 (monika 84).

    While waiting for next updates with new photos of Monika, I look forward to meeting you in two months, ie after the holidays, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my site. Already! The time flies...

   Happy end of year to all.

   Marseille, November 14th, 2018.


Do not forget to read my erotic comment on my meeting with escort Adele...
In the meantime here are her pictures...

Click on my little heart!


   Hello to you all,

   Spring is fast approaching and temperatures are still lagging behind. I languish more and more to bask in the sun completly naked in charming company. While waiting to enjoy the happiness of living naked and smile spontaneously to the beauty of Nature and young and pretties naiads, I offer myself a few moments of pleasure when the desire is felt, with an escort.
   The last one was with Anna, a beautiful 22 years old cannon, who is becoming my second girlfriend, well almost... That there was a real connection between us. After having sex for half an hour, I can guess at the same time as her wonderful smile, her look clouded with happiness... I make her happy and her tender kisses betray her love... That makes me proud and moves me so much so that I wonder if we are not falling in love with each other... It reminds me of my very first adolescent emotions when I was barely 14 years old. I do not forget my sweet darling Sophie who knows my ad-diction for pretty girls. Over time, she accepted this situation without altering our relationship, on the contrary. Indeed, Sophie is aging (36 years old), matures, flourishes, becomes more and more beautiful and radiant. I perceive in her a real opening on the relations that I hold with the female girl and in particular the escort-girl. Her curiosity drives her to want to participate in my antics with these young and pretty girls. This is what she asked me one day while kissing and stroking naked in front of the mirror: "Tell me darling, I would like to lick pussies!" she tells me. "As I know you see girls, you would not know one who would let you...?" A little surprised, I immediately agreed and that I was going to conduct my investigations in my lovely relationship... A little later, I had an appointment with the beautiful Anna, I asked her my request admitting that I knew a long-time friend in the person of Sophie. I described to her, the physical of my girlfriend and the kind of relationship with Sophie. My heart was quickly packed and very happy when she told me that she saw no problem in my tender Sophie participating in our tender lovemaking. It will be a first for her too. It must be said that Anna's response is motivated both by our regular meetings, by the fact that she trusts me and that she resides permanently in Marseille. So, soon I have to get in touch with my beloved Sophe to announce the news that should make her smile knowing that she will be able to satisfy her fantasy, our fantasy. It gives me wings to know that my dear Sophie wants to go off the beaten path, it makes me happy and illuminates a little more our desire to flourish and make the most of the pleasures of life... I'll hold you of course aware to share this moment of tenderness and sex with three...

   Regarding my new publications, you can discover 3 new photo albums (
Monika 80, 81 and 82) and 1 erotic video of Monika, all this downloadable, as well as 3 new series of photos and 2 erotic videos also downloadable, from La beautiful redhead Ariel.

    We'll meet again in two months for new publications of Monika's photos and one of Her Girlfriends too with, I hope, the opportunity to share my intimate moments with Anna and Sophie, the two most beautiful girls that I have been given to love...

   Good luck and see you soon.

   Marseille, March 17th, 2018.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


   Hello to you all,

   First of all I would like to present you my wishes for this new year, that it brings you as much as possible happiness and wealth with this little bit of madness that spices up our lives and which allows to enjoy freely the pleasures that procures us the other.
   All this requires each of us a minimum of understanding, spontaneity or tenderness without falling into schizophrenia and ambient paranoia without without giving us the impression assaulting each time we look or even a smile to a girl, a woman or even a man. We are beings of flesh and blood endowed with intelligence, sensitivity and responsibility. It is of course inconceivable to condone some behavior, however minority, but we must avoid making a case to turn it into a generality in the name of a just cause causing mental castration because of some sexual insanity. This fight, which for me is not one, must be carried out if I can say, with discernment, respect and without passion. We are no longer savages but social beings. Let's stop looking at our navel in the name of injustice! So are the unique and sacred relationships between a woman and a man.

   With this post, it's also an opportunity to celebrate the nine years of my site. How much has been traveled thanks to beauty, seduction and sex! All these pages have been created with and for love, not only for Monika but also for all the feminine population I like to apprehend, contemplate and touch all this with the skill that characterizes the artist. Who touches art touches the sacred. For me the woman is not an object but a subject dressed in sacredness that is an integral part of the man and vice versa. Both are irremediably complementary, never opposed, in which case it would be a sacrilege against Life. This essential link to life, unique and indestructible that binds us all is called Love...

   As for the updates, I'm always happy to offer you new photos and videos of my beloved sweetheart I love... Aaaah Monika, my Monika! How I like this girl! She is so pretty that I fall in love every time I look at her... All the energy that accumulates with each vision of her delicate face and her unique plastic makes my heart beat with a blood flow that triples and harden my cock in an incredible way to reach my famous 17 cm! For me she is unique. This is how she is at the origin of my rebirth and my sexual fulfillment. Thanks to her and my girlfriend, my libido is maintained, revived and cleansed thanks to new encounters with pretty girls who give me an unspeakable happiness. I became a free and happy man.

   In short, you will find my Monika in 2 photo albums (Monika 78 and 79) and 1 erotic video. I also offer, after those Little Caprice before the holidays, 3 photo albums and 2 erotic videos of Melisa Mendiny, a beautiful gun that gives me orgasms as intense as those initiated with Monika. You will find her in Melisa 15, 16 and 17 and in 2 sublime erotic videos including one with Zuzana Zeleznovová in a lesbian duo.

   I also wanted to share with you my discovery of Naturism in the late 90s (1997 more exactly) and the consequences of this philosophy of being and that was for me a therapy to conquer self-confidence while adapting my vision of the world around us by enjoying with a new eye its beauty and fragility to the test of the selfish trivialities of the modern world. It's in my column "Naturist and proud to be!" at the end of the menu.

   These are my dear friends, I am happy to have been able to satisfy you with my erotic publications. Nothing can give me as much happiness and happiness as the fact of devoting myself to my site whose I wish to be able to celebrate its 10 years, in January 2019! By then, it will continue to enrich with beauties making the happiness of men (or women, why not) normally constituted, you understood me...

    While waiting for the next publications of Monika and another Czech beauty of my panel, I wish you all good luck.

   Marseille, January 24th, 2018.

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  Hello to you all,

   It's just an intermediate publication, waiting for the updates that feed my passion for my muse Monika.
   Indeed, I wanted to tell you about my meeting with a new escort girl a week ago, the afternoon of November 6th near the Vieux-Port in Marseille to be precise. Her name is
Bianca and she is a beauty from Hungary. I had a great time with this beautiful brunette girl of 25 years old, a beautiful gun very GFE. A certain complicity, accompanied by her broad, cajoling smiles, took hold as I lavished on her what Bianca adores above all else, the preliminaries, namely caresses, FK and cunnilingus of which I became an expert. Moreover she made me noticed since she enjoyed without restraint. It makes me proud and happy to satisfy these beautiful creatures by giving them pleasure. Fun there was no lack and was proportional to my desires and my fantasies that I could satiate freely always with a smile. These moments of unforgettable happiness are plots of eternity that fuel the happiness so difficult to apprehend in our so-called modern world.
   That's why I wanted to share them by instilling a bit of my passion for beauty, sex and eroticism, the three main ingredients that feed my site.

   Go and discover it in the section "
My meetings".

   In the meantime, I'll be seeing you again soon, this time with new photos and videos of my darling Monika and maybe a new beauty that will have hit me in the eye.

   Marseille, November 15, 2017.

(see "My meetings")

   Hello to you all,

   Meetings of the 3rd type means special visits to the alcoves of the beauty, sensuality, pleasure and pleasure that pretty girls bring, I mean the superb escort girl in Marseille. It is now almost five that I regularly visit this particular feminine gente and that delivers me moments of pleasures and joys almost timeless. But each time, these are new discoveries.
   Between April and May I visited three of which one I wanted very much to see again. In order, I discovered and rediscovered three beautiful beauties,
Anna, a very nice Russian 22 years old residing in Marseille, Alina, a superb Italian 24 years old and finally my favorite of the moment Nadine (click on her firstname and see her selfie opposite), a beautiful Bulgarian 21 Years that I had previously met almost a year ago.
   These three girls were of a kindness and a sweetness rare. The reception they gave me was at once simple and extremely voluptuous.
   These three babes with their blossoming beauty have given me a lot of shared happiness and pleasure. That said I was very willing to share with you as part of this post the crisp details of my antics with these girls and appearing as comments in my private page*). Here is what I describe about each of these three wonderful creatures of dream (see photos at the end of this post).

  Anna: Encountered on April 19th. Very pretty Russian 22 years old, 5' 5", 121 lb. "Anna is a very pretty girl of Russian origin speaking rather well French, a little shy but she is a very nice girl. Anna gets a bit naked before she gets naked and she looks like Megan Sage, a beautiful American pornstar, and Anna has a nice face that I loved to fondle. FK is hot and has put me in all my states, she is very GFE, soft and caressing, her small breasts react to the rubbing of the nipples, her ass is a marvel and vibrates with every somersault on all fours. My cock is and will remain an unforgettable spectacle. After several positions, I finally enjoyed in large quantities on her stomach... A treat!"

   Alina: Encountered on May 4th. Superb Italian of 24 years, 5' 6", 121 lb speaking very well French. "I met Alina in Marseille in the same apartment as Lorena (see post of June, 17th 2016) and Natacha, another Spanish beauty we met recently. And they all know each other even if Alina is of Italian origin. Superb girl, well rolled with a beautiful pair of natural breasts that stir, bounce and swing during the coit.This pretty face with the sweet and naughty look, likewise for her nice ass that I have caressed and kneaded without stopping from the beginning to the end so it is Soft and firm... I was able to contemplate it in all its seams and in different positions... I ended up enjoying in it in the position of the missionary, eyes in the eyes like a love transi of happiness... If not no bad surprise aside from the little supported FK, I missed to set fire...

   And finally my sweet Nadine (see picture above or click on her first name): met for the second time on May 19th. She recognized me right away : Very pretty girl with Italian-Bulgarian origins and speaking very well French. She is barely 21 years old, small size of 5' 3" for 115 lb with measurements of dreams, 34C-24-34. "Very pretty girl with an angel face with green eyes She is very young (21 years) with a" babyface "style eliciting emotion.I cracked by looking her in the eyes and listening to her sweet voice, But the FK are a little shy, she is very kind, she speaks French very well with a little accent from the east (she is Bulgarian) It is a small template with nice shapes where it is necessary. Nadine has a rather wide ass and a beautiful pair of live breasts that I was able to contemplate in detail in the reflection of her dressing mirror while she gave me a Blow Job (**) of hell on all four, me, lying on her bed, my fingers between her wet labia minora... This girl loves to put on doggy style, so I could admire, always in the mirror of her dressing, her big tits swinging swaying to the rhythm of my tumbles And feel my balls striking against her pussy at the same time as her trembling buttocks so my kidneys, all this with a nice view on her little asshole... It was so exciting that I cum in her rather quickly in this position, hearing her moans of pleasure. I always spend a nice time with this girl very nice, very simple and very lovely and it is rather rare."  

   (*) You will find me on this beautiful site, very well done under my pseudo meMbre13. Once on my private page, you will have the opportunity to see the Top 10 of the best escort-girls met as well as the adjoining comments. Too bad there are no top 20 or top 30, because many girls with whom I have fucked do not end up in the standings. This is the case with Angelika (Russian), Delia (Russian), Mila (Russian), Angela (Russian), Emmanuelle (Italian), Aissa (Bulgarian), Delia (Spanish), etc, etc.... and so many others I lost track of on the site.

   (**) Blow Job : long felacio or give head

   How and why I became a sex addict?

   Following these erotic comments, I wanted to make a parenthesis on the genesis of my tastes in feminine beauty, my passion for eroticism and my ad-diction for sex with girls.
   With all the girls I loved and with my girlfriend
Sophie, making love and practicing sex have become my raison d'être and part of my reason for living. There is no more fulfilling for a normally constituted man than the contemplation of feminine beauty, caresses and penetration in order to embrace nirvana before engendering happiness in addition to pleasure...
   From my earliest childhood, I began to be interested in girls of my age. Even I had not yet reached sexual maturity (the libido begins to appear as early as 12 years), I was relatively early (10 years) and very attracted by the finesse and beauty of their face. I remember being a very good student during the
4th year of primary school (I had finished 1st of my class), I was flourished and I began to discover the world around me and especially the girls. 
   As a result, and despite my age at the time, I think, that in addition to wanting to bring me closer to the girls of my class, I had already the gift of attracting the prettiest of them, as in the photo above from a photo of my 4th year of primary school and where I had placed myself closest to her. She was really pretty...  What has become of her? It's shame I can not remember her first name... Rediscovering this image, I think that I already had a lot of taste for beauty and she had to appreciate my kindness. It must be said that it was during this period that my talents as a designer were revealed. In addition, this class of 1970-71 was the first class of primary school to have instituted the mixed (claim of spring 1968) in the school where I was enrolled. In my opinion this has contributed to my innocent discovery of girls and to bring me a little closer to them. Besides, that's how I later fell in love with a lovely blonde from my 3rd year of high school during the year 1974-75, she named Christine... I had become a teenager to whom the beauty of girls did not leave indifferent, quite the contrary. I was rather demonstrative while being shy and it was at the end of that school year that I danced my first slow (Jean Francois Michael - Adieu Jolie Candy  and Mike Brant - Dis Lui) with my first feminine conquest, ..., my heart was packed and I was sweating, both happy and affected by these new sensations... It was my real first emotions... I was 14 years old, all excited by the first appearances of my libido effects which will rise to power until today...
   Thus, for me, mixing in the school environment was beneficial in establishing healthy and balanced relationships between girls and boys and later between men and women. This greatly favored the discovery of the other in adolescence by bringing down many prejudices on sex.
   However, after my love affair, I had reached sexual maturity and my libido began to assert itself with my first ejaculation following an erotic dream... Later, as soon as I was 18, after leaving the family cocoon and during my studies, I Discovered the real pleasure by instituting my ritual in front of my first porn mag. I remember it was the magazine LUI of February 81 (that I still own) where I was able to discover and enjoy the beautiful beauty of Leslie Graves. She looked mysteriously to my girlfriend Sophie (same size, same face, same pair of big breasts)... Then on, I didn't stop enjoying myself while masturbating alone when I had the opportunity but as often as possible with both porn magazines or with my erotic drawings, then in front of porn movies. It was my first stage, which lasted for a good ten years, a studious period in which I never had time to conclude despite some great opportunities on the benches of the faculty; I remember very well Patricia, pretty and very intelligent, she was a year older than me and despite our looks and smiles exchanged, timidity blocked our vague desires. It was close I slept with her... the same with Martine who liked my company in the amphitheater. She was particularly pretty and I loved to make her laugh. Too bad she had a Jules, supposedly... I still remained a virgin long enough before my first rumpy-pumpy (I was over 30 years old). It was with a beautiful escort-girl of a good thirty years in Toulon where I resided at the time, who had agreed to take my virginity and very happy to make a handsome boy to take away. I saw her twice in 1 month. It was a real revelation for me... I was 35 years old, oh yes! But since then, I didn't stop fucking and I continue when the envy is felt. I caught up with the lost time by relieving my desires and my fantasies because of my exacerbated libido too long held back. I became insatiable and ad-dictated. Sexual pleasure with or without a partner allowed me to thrive physically, sexually and intellectually. Especially since in order to give me confidence and to live fully enjoying all my senses, I began to frequent in 1997 the naturist beaches of my region, first alone and then later, accompanied by my girlfriend Sophie . There, too, was another revelation at the same time as a new stage. From then on I said to myself, you have to DARE! Moreover, I live the most rewarding period of my life at all levels, I have acquired the strength of the age with my full maturity and that the young girls and women I make happy, appreciate and demonstrate to me for my great pleasure. Thus, and due to the site*), the number of girls encountered (blond, brunette, redhead, latin, slavic, asian, metis and beurette, of various nationalities, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Thai and Brazilian Sure French, all aged between 18 and 30 years) and i've fuck with during these last 20 years, especially the last five, approaching the fifties, correlated with my canonical age, 55 years!

   So much for my sexual journey since my childhood and my initiation to the pleasure of the senses with the girls. Parenthesis that I wanted to share with you so that you can understand me a little better and understand my motivations here.


Very pretty Russian 22 years old, very smiling. A nice little hot babe of 5' 5" for 121 lb.
Love the FK...
Encountered on April 19th.


Superb Italian of 24 years old. A beautiful hot babe of 5' 6" for 121 lb. A hot ass and big boobs alive... Damn, on this picture it looks terribly like monika...!
Encountered on May 4th.


Lovely small real cuttie of 5' 3" for 115 lb. She is very young, 21 years old. Very pretty face with green eyes. Originally from Bulgaria.
Loves to go doggystyle ...
Encountered twice, on July 2th, 2015 and on May 19th.


Superb Spanish 25 years. Pretty little girl, very fine with a dream body. 5' 5"  for 110 lb. Very carressing and smiling.
Meet twice, in theesome with Lorena on May 19th, 2016 and solo on February 21th.


   Hello to you all,

  Here I am with new updates.
  Moreover it is spring, it is 20°C and the sun warm and warm up. I feel good and I am happy as always at this time of the year, everything is in flower, even girls, especially those who are of age to frolic and paradise all the beauties in evidence. They are between 15 and 20 years old, their angelic face expresses at the same time the innocence and the need to seduce. Their body is transformed by making appear the curves and their attires. I never deprive myself of contemplating and scrutinizing these young and delicate figures who wander in jeans stretch or legging molding their juvenile hips, their little buttocks trampling under a wise sway and the perfect curve of their fine legs. They are there in front of me walking on the sidewalk, their smartphone glued to the ear, practically ignoring my presence. I take advantage to guess behind a blouse or a teeshirt, the size of their chest sometimes betrayed by the swinging of the breasts under their bra... I discreetly glance a quick but warned on their pretty face caressed by their long hair as their hazel eyes are lost in their thoughts... Hell as they are pretty all these chicks! As I would like to relive this age, halfway between childhood and maturity, become a high school student and immerse myself again in this universe of innocence, candid freshness and new beauty, unknown desires but how many Pleasant and that we would like to prolong to infinity next to a pretty girl with a glittering look and who smiles at me ... There comes to me a wave to the soul thinking of those moments of eternity yet fainted forever...
    That's when :

"I will go back to Swann
Revisit my first love that gave me an appointment
Under the oak
And let herself kiss on the cheek
I do not want to go the other way around
And yet I would pay dear to relive a moment
The time of happiness
In the shade of a girl in flower... "
"On the side of Swann" (Dave, 1975)

   On today's menu, my 69th album of Monika (Monika 69) with soft pictures but daring and exciting when she was only 20 years and two superb videos including a lesbian duo with a pretty Czech blonde whom I no longer find the pseudo (someone to an idea?), it's at Monika Videos VIII.

   That's almost the whole thing for now, but i'll see you in a couple of months, finally in june, as the summer approaches, for other updates.

   Good luck to you my dear friends and fully live your desires and your feelings...

   Marseille, March 17th, 2017.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


   Hello to you all,

    Me revoici with new updates on your site fetish in the form of photos (
Monika 68) and videos of my tender and pretty Monika.
    In addition I have added 7 of my erotic drawings that you will find on the page "
My drawings".
    As for my Sophie adored and waiting to be able to reveal it in photos and videos very soon, I offer you a taste of her beauty in the form of a
drawing very similar to the page "My erotic stories"
   Ah! I was about to forget ! Also worth mentioning is my meeting with an pretty escort on last December 28th. She is named Kristie*, she is of Lithuanian origin, lives in Paris and had come to spend 10 days in Marseille. She had contacted me and so I did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity. It was the 3rd time we saw each other and had an excellent memory of our torrid moments... That day there she welcomed me in a small studio located in a chic district of Marseille in a cozy and musical atmosphere . She was completely naked with her eternal smile, and I quickly put myself at ease before starting a lambada naked, my cock having an hard on against and caressing her little buttocks, inducing her hilarity before starting, as on each occasion, her DFK** that cause my emotion, harden even more my big cock and keep myself busy... Indeed, my cock had tripled in volume and tickled her pussy... This beautiful girl of 22 years old with the face "babyface" style, always smiling, cheerful, is a treasure that we want to make happy! I did not deprive myself and she too because she loves me...! Here is the comment I put on her profile in my private page: "Very pretty girl 21 years old, more than conform to the pics presented (she is really prettier, even little makeup). She does not speak French but she is jovial and loves laughing (she loves to joke) Her young body of goddess has moved me a lot, smiling angel face, superb breast alive during coitus, adorable little ass to chew, buttocks firm and rounded and legs well- In short, a real treasure that makes you enjoy and that you love to enjoy... Indeed, in order to have a maximum relaxation she attaches great importance to the enjoyment (she loves cunnilingus) I am not deprived before being rewarded in return by penetrations in various positions at once energetic and gently... (met on February 10th, 2015, August 13th, 2015 and December 28th, 2016)"
   I can say that Kristie is the nicest girl I've met in 20 years that I fuck with escorts. It is always a privilege to make love to her and give her pleasure!
    I will meet you next month after Valentine's Day if I have been able to make pictures of my girlfriend in which case I will publish them, either in March to celebrate the return of Persephone.

    Good luck to all.

    Marseille, January 25th, 2017.

   *: Kristie (see picture below);
        Lithuanian of 22 years speaking Russian and English,
        Size: 5' 5",
        Weight: 114.6 lbs,
        Measurements: 36-24-36

   **: abbreviation of Deep French Kiss designating a deep kiss with the participation of the tongue.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.

The very pretty Kristie met on December 28th.

Superb lithuanian of 22 years speaking Russian and English, Size: 5' 5", 
Weight: 114.6 lbs, Measurements: 36-24-36, meet 3 times since february 2015.
Kristie is the prettiest girl I've met in 20 years. It was a privilege to be able to fuck her and give her pleasure...


   Hello to you all,

   It's 10:15 in this Monday, November 21. The elements are unleashed behind my window where rain crazy on the tiles. I am in front of my screen, outside wind storm, it's fall.
   This season the cocooning is also an opportunity to enjoy your home and do things more personal, even intimate. In addition to reading or listening to music, I practice often drawing, to paint sometimes. Knowing me for my taste for beauty and pretty girls, you can imagine drawing, making drawings of cute naked girls, pin-up or manga in addition to the fact of me jerking off in front of an erotic Monika video or porn movie I love...
   When this opportunity as today, I therefore hasten to prepare my utensils (sheets of drawings, pencils, photographs, etc.) and prepare according to a specific ceremony. Just imagine... In general, I do the morning because I'm fresh and ready. However it is essential, it be the temperature of the room up to 25°C and illuminate my plan to work preferably with a maximum of daylight despite the overcast weather. The colors stand out better when the light of day Thames under the clouds. That's when I'm naked, completely, before settling into my simple device...
   I like to feel warmth and inner piece caused atmosphere, while outside elements are unleashed. Previously, I took care to view the home page of your fetish site with pictures of Monika, what helps me to feel the totality of my being leaving mount sensation of well-being to the end of my big cock, I'm hard to be more specific...
   Well, me sitting so that I let hang my balls as my throbbing member tries to recover, caressing my left thigh spread with the glans half-shifted, and this despite the weight of its 6.7" by 1.8"...!  From there, my pulsating cock and prancing, almost mid-thigh so much longer, I started drawing, pencil mine: to begin to make a slight sketch of the girl before attacking to the 2B to mark the facial features, the makeup, the shadows, the hairs of her pussy and the edges to highlight the superb curves which enhance the beauty of the girls. To draw the hair black and mark the shapes of the face, breasts and buttocks, I use a pure graphite mine and a stump. The blurring is the secret of a successful and realistic to hand design the representation of the relief. I attach very great importance to features face, eyes and especially of the gaze which determines this sensual magic evaporating a female body.... I'm ecstatic, I take a look at my big pulsating cock that Pearl of desire at the end of my Glans... The girl is here, in front of me, she offers, gives himself as I draw, as I desired her, ready to come to life, perfect, challenging, beautiful, real and unreal at the same time, fruit of a fantasy, true it since from my state of mind... My drawing is finished, I put my drawing utensils, I gaze hungrily at my work and I catch my tail which is huge and makes me almost bad so it is hard... It's time to relieve my desires... I began to jerk weighing my balls, stroking my rod to harden a little more... While clouds run heaven, the pleasure goes up like a wave until a spastic flash emerges as the high point of an orgasm as strong as when I fuck with a girl... I enjoy my whole being, freely by emptying me completely, flooding without restraint the underside of my work plan with a very large amount of sperm... There are everywhere but whatever, makes me a very foolish and a moment of happiness like a ray of sunshine emerged in the gray of the sky and the colors of beauty appeared just crossing my eyes that from pretty grayish lines of the daughter of my muse, Monika, because it was she who was caressed the tip of my pencil... A short but true moment of eternity. Also this is Monika, a dream manifest, from the depths of my heart, that it becomes living space of a moment of pleasure...   

My erotic drawings to download


   Hello to you all,

   I'm back finally after a great summer my faith.
   September is here, summer is gone and we imperceptibly slide into the cold season, while temperatures remain rather high, 26 ° C at the time where I am writing, sufficient to walk around naked at home and indulge in the pleasure of a good handjob in front of the photos and videos by Monika...
   For this my site remains a reference being the fruit of my fantasies with this extraordinary girl who put an end to his career as a model of charm already 5 years ago. But will continue the strong wish to share my passion and my sex desires that haunt my days. These desires are constant and recurring as I relieve my high sex drive, almost on a daily basis, most often against Monika, either in front of a porn among thousands stage that I archive on a regular basis, or with my girlfriend Sophie often when we are in lack of mutual presence, caresses, hugs, love, with my big cock... is finally, with my favorite escorts, Letizia and Lorena (see photos June 17 post) when they are on tour in my town.
   It's September, it is still very soft and in the street, the subway or stores, I found; always under the thumb of my libido, September is the month where girls and young women are, despite their candour, the prettiest and most desirable both their face radiates heat of summer ending, while their bodies molded and sexy by their leggings exude eroticism almost causing. It can be as well a behavior deliberately orchestrated or so do they unwittingly with a hidden sex desire...
   On my side I get tired nor me gene to watch them discreetly. It remains for me a makeover and a source of joy for the day.
   I consider these soft and pleasant moments as the last stand of beauty, sex and love, just before the exile of Persephone from Hades that the whole chilled free next spring.

   However, I published you a photo album of Monika, the Downloadable album 65. Monika, who just celebrated her 33 years old on 1st September, remains an inexhaustible source of beauty, of pleasures and sex so she is pretty, incredibly sexy and smart. Source also of joys and happiness that I will continue to share by you posting the photos and the erotic videos in my nice muse.
   In fact, today I'll give you three with the 69, 70 videos  et  71 and it is in Monika VII videos  et VIII

   Next time I'll start to post you photos and videos of his girlfriends at the same time as those of Monika. It will be in one or two months I think.

   So that's my new updates.

   Good luck and see you soon.

   Marseille, September 26th, 2016.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


   Hello to you all,

   Yes, I know, I'm late, in addition I do procrastination right now, that is to say the art of putting to the morrow what to do at the moment. But hey, know that I do not forget you and that the desire to share my inclinations and my passions remains intact, especially when the summer comes... Ah yes...? The Summer...? Where...?
   In addition, at 3 days of summer, what difference compared to last year in June! The sun has never been so shy since 32 years, 1984. Records of sunshine deficits have been beaten except in Marseille where the mistral, rather cool, has been blowing for nearly 2 months. In addition we would need this sun, yet high in the sky, in view of the deleterious climate that exists in our beautiful country since last November... It is not Euro 2016 that will change all this...
   In short, I am here to bring warmth or freshness, it is according to, joy and sex before finally reviewing the colors of summer with the auditory, olfactory and tactile sensations emanating from the atmosphere Summery beaches dotted with pretty girls of all ages with winning smiles, wandering or tanning around me.
   Indeed, I really look forward to returning to my naturist beaches to finally decompress and return in complete harmony from head to toe, with Nature, the spirit freed from all contingencies, whether dressed or moral. Nudity is the only true way to regain unity with Nature, our lost paradise and to live truly on an equal footing with the other.
   But it is good to rediscover all these sensations by activating its 5 senses! Which means that I enjoy without hesitation, completely furry and tanned, accompanied by my half adored naked like me also, sometimes also alone, but as a discreet regular, to watch and contemplate the beauty of naked girls, sometimes very young, barely pubescent, in any case they are nubile (many between 14 and 18 years old), fully tanned, paddling in water, lying on their bath towels or running on hot sand with all their feminine attributes; Their small buttocks trembling at each of their hoofed steps, the nascent fleece of their little pussy in the form of a small mold from where scarcely their little lips escape, their small breasts proudly pointing their nipples, shells that move to the rhythm of their strides, foreshadowing a big chest with breasts swaying, their camber which already rounded the wonderful curves of their little tanned buttocks where I sometimes guess the end of the blond witness to their childhood reflected under the rays of the sun, their hips incipient nicely enhancing their fine waist and their stomach that shivers still reminiscent of the small "belly bun" of the little girl, their small legs with thighs and calves finely muscled and then especially their angel face, smiling at life, with their long hair in the wind, hardly emerging from innocence... All thanks to the hormonal influence transforming the wonderful bodies of young adolescents who hardly emerge from childhood... What a pleasure to contemplate this youth and feminine freshness, how adorable all this diversity of small asses from all walks of life. In short, it is a true intimate happiness to look with a smile, all these young girls who are no longer little girls but who are not yet quite women...

   All this fascinating and fabulous spectacle of naked and animated beauties, in which I also participate with my tender Sophie, arouses, not to say provokes in me shivers of joy, an inner emotion barely betrayed by a legitimate excitement while I Lets go to a pretty strong hidden erection that I can not hold back so relaxed, especially under the sun with these sea and aphrodisiac scents. I feel Paupol quivering, jumping also joy, ready to ejaculate freely, but I manage to hold him by going to refresh myself along the water accompanied by my girlfriend... So I smile, I'm zen and that me Does a lot 

   What counts above all is this ecstatic contemplation of the beautyful girls as well as that of Nature, which thus makes me happy; In the image of the bourdon foraging a flower or a cluster of ripe fruits gorged with sun and love swinging under a sea breeze...
   However, know that full nudity, lived by naturists like me, has nothing perverse, quite the contrary, since it allows to control (it is rather difficult but good...) and assume his sexuality in At the same time that we feel and feel directly the essence of Nature around us. It remains for me, from the realm of spirituality, with this deep desire to find the garden of Eden, our paradise lost somehow.

   Let's go to my new publications of photos and videos of my pretty muse Monika. Monika, this girl who transcends me and brings me joy and happiness when I look at her. It allows me to satisfy my over-libido when I'm not with my tender Sophie, my girlfriend or with a familiar escort-girl (
Lorena or Letizia not to name them)(*)(**).

   In short, here is my
64th photo album of Monika with 3 series of unpublished photos of Monika where she appears in lesbian staging. They remain rather soft and were taken at the very beginning of the extraordinary Monika's career. This smart girl and very open to try everything in the field of eroticism. It must be said that its plastic lends itself wonderfully to our greatest happiness...!
   However, Monika very quickly obscured this phase of her professional life by devoting herself and focusing solely on her solo body. It is there that she excelled most and best in giving herself thoroughly.
   How do you think she made me and keeps getting cracked ...?
   Then you will find a
new erotic video entitled "Monika Arch" where she offers herself sublime and gradually, the time to raise desire, pleasure and enjoyment. A delight !

   My dear friends, this post is the last before the holidays.

   I wish you excellent holidays away from it all to enjoy what it has most wonderful on Earth, Beauty!

   Back in September, I think with new photos and videos of Monika and his girlfriends.

   Good wind to all.

   Marseille, June 17th, 2016.

(*) : See their profile photos below. These are not photoshoped and remain the most representative.

(**) : Visit the site 6annonce and look for my pseudo meMbre13 by visiting the profile of Letizia and Lorena

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


Very pretty girl from the Czech Republic. She is 27 years old. A real cannon! Encountered 7 times since May 2013.


Superb cannon of Spanish origin. 24 years old. Encountered 7 times since May 2014.


   Hello to you all,

   Finally again me with my new updates. This time, I preferred publish you exclusive pictures and videos of my beloved Monika dear. It will be my present for the end of this year.
   Phew! Highly 2016! We will reserve this new thought? I don't know and I hope no more worse than 2015!
   Difficult to remain calm after what we experienced. Yet we must continue to live the way we live, it is important and essential, keeping his cool while remaining alert, lucid and firm in his convictions.
   The year-end holidays arrive at large not and nothing will stop us change us ideas and do us good... Freedom as the life are too valuable goods. Similarly, it's the beauty of Monika and his girlfriends, or pretty girls populating our beloved planet, they are, will be, and will always be there to satisfy our need for pleasure and to feed our spirits ad - dictate joys and happiness.
   Facing the ugliness of behaviors, oppose the beauty, facing hatred against love, facing ambient morbidity are against life, face to the suffering are opposed the pleasures, gloom facing object joy, on terrorism whether physical or intellectual, oppose freedom.
   Long live freedom, love, beauty, fun, life and joy!

   That being said, you will find 2 downloadable photos of Monika series from a Czech site (GLAMOUR.CZ) rather glamour and where my beloved beauty truly began his career. She is also classified as the Czech model best. It's in the Monika VII section with Monika 61 and 62 in the photos of the site map.
I also offer
2 videos erotic downloadable 63 and 64 of my beautiful muse. It is in the Videos of Monika VII.

   So much for today. I hope that this will fill waiting to offer you other photos of my favorite chick that always gives me so much pleasure. Be it the same for you all.

   I wish you pleasant and happy holidays and you say next year, in January for the wishes and 7 years of my site... Already!

   Don't forget, do you pleasure and CARPE DIEM...!

   Marseille, December 10th, 2015.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


   Hello to you all,

   37.5°C (*) at 13h33 on the heights of Marseille where I live, it is the temperature displayed outside this Sunday July 5th and it did not finish rising. Will I see a new record? For sure ! The previous one was 37.4°C 1 year ago. Yes, there is a small sea breeze but, although I do not fear the heat, it does not refresh the ambient air while the windows remain wide open shadow side. It is 29°C in my room and I am completely naked to evacuate the overflow of heat from the body. It feels good to live like this, to give free rein to my sensations, strolling the cock to the air that alternates placidity and erection according to the swinging of my balls stroking my leg and my thighs... I then sit in front My screen where my Monika shows off and I offer myself a moment of enjoyment to evacuate the overflow of pleasure accumulate in my big cock emptying my balls after each of my erections of the day ... Mmmmh, c Is divine ...!
   There is actually only on the water's edge, on my favorite beaches, you can really do well, both physically and morally. The relative freshness of the water (24°C) calming the ardor of "popaul" by too indiscreet... You see what I mean... naturist beaches of course!
   This is the beginning of the holidays and I will finally be able to enjoy these magical moments under the benefits of the azurean sun and the sea air deafened by the incessant concert and strident cicadas in the pines with intoxicating scents, clinging to the Hills plunging into the sea. These cymbalists are at the party punctuated by the waves limping at the feet of pretty girls of all ages and all smiles wandering in Eve's outfit in front of me. I notice that many are very young (between 12 and 16 years old), their long hair in the wind, nubile with their nascent female attributes, sometimes well formed, like their little pussy more or less bushy leaving more or less appear small va gina lips according to their posture, their nipples pointing proudly to form already the relief of future udders. Assistant to this wonderful show both natural and erotic, I let my body and my senses express themselves naturally with a strong erection that I can hardly hide... I smile while my cock throbs... And it laughs, it screams, it lives, it resonates like a summer music of Nature in full regime and revivifies the body, the spirit and the soul!
   It's summer what!

   As for my new updates, you will be satiated I think.
   Indeed, I offer you a
new photo album of Monika (Monika 58) and 2 erotic videos, opening a new page of videos, the 7th bearing their numbers to 62.     Amazing as Monika offered herself thus in front of the cameras! And there are still some that I have not yet been able to find! She is so canon and cracking my beloved darling...!
   You will also find lots of new pictures and videos of 3 of her friends. That is to say :
1 photo album as well as a porn video, downloadable from the beautiful Olivia La Roche (yum, yum!).
8 new photo albums and 2 downloadable erotic videos of the naughty Suzie Carina.
3 new photo albums and 1 downloadable erotic video of the pretty Tinna.
   A treat, I tell you, to start the summer on the hats of wheels.

   On the other hand, I was able finally to complete the translation of all the texts of my site, including those of My erotic stories and all the commented images.

   While waiting for you to post other updates (it will not be before the beginning of September I think, to celebrate Monika's birthday as it should be), I wish you a wonderful summer, a great holiday and full of vivifying rejoicing.

   Good luck to all.

   Marseille, July 6th, 2015.

(*): 37.8°C at 14h51 on Sunday 5 July 2015 in Marseille-Montolivet, record beat of 0.4°C! Room at 29.5°C and pool at 30°C; never seen in 35 years that I frequent this city!

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


   Hello to you all,

   Finally, you will say! After three months, I am, like you, very happy to find you with my little speech and my updates. This time again they are hearty. Yes, no, what took me the most time, I admit, is the fact that my site becomes bilingual and I am committed to translate with the help of a tutorial, all Texts of my site in English and I have not finished yet. My attention to detail and my perfectionist side make the time for my new publications has been lengthened. I hope you will be all the more satisfied. Sharing and satisfaction are my only goals sought here with my precious site.

   You will have noticed it, and doubtless it will have put you in your heart, spring is finally back with its explosions of corollas and colors, its natural exhibitions of sex on plants still transis and its parry displays of passerines emerging of their winter torpor, as well as the rediscovered levity of girls more or less naked, even prettier than usual. I call this the "return of Persephone". Who is she ? Persephone is a Greek divinity sharing her reign between the subterranean worlds and Nature which she helps to resurrect every year, in Spring justly. This divinity is the feminine counterpart of the God Hades reigning over the hells and the sexual activity justly liberated by Persephone. Through this myth, the spring season can be interpreted as an explosion of colorful beauties at the same time as the libido of the libido thus reforming the sensual and enjoyable trio; Beauty, desire and pleasure.

   Well, that being said, here are my new updates.
   As I pointed out to you a few weeks ago, I have spoiled you a lot.
   Indeed, with a new photo album of Monika (
Monika 57) and two of her videos, I added you as in my previous update (see post of 14/01/2015), full of photos and videos of three of her magnificent Friends to know, Ariel, Eufrat and Sonia Red. So you will delight yourself with:
11 photo albums, just that, and 1 erotic video of Ariel, the redhead.
10 photo albums, 1 porn video and 1 erotic video shot during a photo shoot in the Canary Islands of the eternal teenager Eufrat.
7 photo albums and 1 erotic video of the wonderful beauty of Sonia Red.
   It goes without saying that all these frenzied novelties of Monika and her Friends are downloadable!

   Another novelty, not least of all, for our English-speaking Internet friends,    I would like to point out the possibility of reading all the texts of my updates, as well as all those of my Blog, in the language of Shakespeare.

   Rejoice, as the summer approaches, the sun in the head and the heart filled with happiness!

   While waiting for my next updates, by the end of May or beginning of June, I tell you good wind to all.

   Marseille, April 15th, 2015.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


   Hello to you all,

   I am always happy to see you on the blog. It allows me to share openly my penchant for sex and eroticism, my attraction for pretty girls, my adoration for Monika, my muse, as well as my invigorating intimacy with Sophie, my girlfriend, my confidante, my love...
  I am 53 years old and I feel deep within my being the desire to live like at 20 years. Strange and exhilarating impression at once.
   Thirty years ago, I was gay on college benches and I did not have time to enjoy the joys of life and the pleasures of sex with girls. If so, that's the truth! But it was smoldering in me and I maintained my libido by pleasant sessions of solitary masturbation with some erotic magazines. Internet did not exist at the time and I did not have video recorder. This time was for me, somewhat frustrating! In brackets, this does not prevent me to continue practicing these sweet moments of enjoyment alone with Monika ...
   This period of "scarcity" was a fairly long parenthesis in my sex life, between the adolescence when I lived at the age of 13 years the innocence of the first emotions (during a slow during a boom of the ending school year... I fell in love with my pretty partner, student of my class and I coveted...!), And my 30 years where paradoxically I completely released and burst with girls between 19 and 25 years. It's like I'm catching up with lost time, a real rebirth. I was finally on the road to happiness. A happiness, this happiness, fruit of the pleasures of love, pleasures just short.
   It is like this and thanks to that I came upon my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my tender Sophie adored!
   Long before I met the love of my life, I had nevertheless rubbed shoulders with women. I talked about a few that only remained friends and others with which I could perfect my sexual experience enabling me to strengthen my confidence with girls and flourish in everyday life. Helped by summer gymnastics and naturism, I learned to know the importance of my being, its depth and its influence on the world. Personally it was a revelation, I felt in osmosis with Nature and beings like me. The result of this experience was my full physical, sexual and moral fulfillment.
   I can affirm, for me sex is a real therapy. Indeed, overnight I had DARED, breaking a period of isolation home and intellectual that had lasted too long. I was reconciled with myself. My abilities, whether intellectual, physical or sexual, were expanded giving me more confidence and scope. I smiled at life as La Vie smiled at me.
   Moreover, convinced by this benefits visions of existence, I continue to practice this therapy which has almost become a true ad-diction.
   You know it since I had already revealed it in my post November 18th, 2013, 1 year ago. And yes, in addition to the long moments spent with my darling, I sometimes offer me unforgettable moments with pretty girls. The last one, which I see from time to time, is named
Lorena, a magnificent Spanish 23 years old, a cannon. I'll talk about her again.
   In short, what makes me happy and makes me smile in my gallant steps in addition to the shared pleasure is to know that I succeed in making happy merely, sincerely and fully a pretty girl with whom I spent an eternity moment. What's more enjoyable outside orgasm, than a smile, a long and tender kiss, a caress on the face...
   All this I keep in my memory, thus enriching my being with an inward happiness. I draw from it my real resources to live, appreciate Life and love, be it my tender darling, the pretty girls I meet or Monika.

   The site that I dedicate to her remains and will always be there to testify.

   That being said, I present with this post, my new updates.
   You will discover a new album of photos of Monika,
Monika 55 where you will see her at the beginning of her career, when she began to get naked. A hairy but without her pubic hair. Yes, Monika apparently had a glabrous period, these few photos testify. At a given moment and this is unheard of, we see her fingering her pussy. Monika was already a real naughty under her hypocritical air. But these photos have something touching with regard to the candor and the freshness displayed by this very pretty girl. And that's unique. Few girls of her caliber displayed themselves thus.
   Then, I offer you a
new video of Monika, touching too because it is her last appearance before a camera while she was about to end her career as a model of charm shortly after (see my post of September 5th).
   Looking at the statistics of frequentation of my naughty pages I wanted to add
4 new photo albums of Little Caprice with one of her downloadable erotic videos as well as 3 new photo albums of Melisa with a porn video of this beauty canon.

   Make the most of these treasures of naughty beauties.

   In the meantime I will tell you soon for new updates, before the holiday season.


   Good luck to all.

   Marseille, November 13th, 2014.

N.B.: To see updates, click on the corresponding images on the right and below.


    Hello to you all,

   That's it, summer is finally here! Here, at least, in Marseille! But, as the sun rises, it rises and rises towards the north.
   Finally, I will be able to take full advantage of this sexy season.
   Sexy by the freedom to dare, dare to discover, dare her body, dare her being and dare to live!
   In summer, it is this, to live freely what one has chosen to be.
   Summer is to unveil, to discover, to discover the other before knowing it.
   Summer is undressing, daring to undress, daring to get naked and bare.
   Summer is freeing oneself, releasing your mind, releasing your body and putting yourself entirely in the open air.
   In summer, it is to bathe in hair in blue, in blue of sea, in blue of the sky.
   Summer is shivering in the sea breeze, shivering at the beauty of the world, of things and beings.
   Summer is the thrill of the skin and in the heart to the vision of the beauty of a naiad emerging from the water like the birth of a Venus.
   In the summer, it is to let oneself be invaded by the desire to the contemplation of a pretty girl with hair nipping herself on hot sand...
   Summer is the rebirth of love, the love of your tender darling, of your half, feeling happy in the look and smile of the other.
   In the summer, the heat, the heat that melts the bodies to better melt there during the hot lovemaking...
   Summer rhymes with sunshine. Summer rhymes with freedom. Summer rhymes with a smile. Summer rhymes with desires and pleasures. The summer rhymes with warmth and fusion...
   Summer is Life, Love and Freedom!

   I would say only one thing: Long live the Summer!

   In short, here are my new updates with a little delay. I am all the more sorry that I understood your impatience to want to find my adorable Monika.
   Here is my Monika in a new series of photos (
Monika 50) and 2 downloadable videos, with bonus My [own] Wallpapers (rather naughty) I created from the most representative photos of her beauty. These wallpapers can be downloaded under the heading "Wallpapers" in the resolution of my own screen, namely 1920 x 1080.
   Other new features:
2 new series of downloadable photos of the beautiful blonde "Misa".
   Next time I will add videos of "
Her Girlfriends".

   I wanted to thank a number of you for having me order a few DVD which I remind you completely free! Sharing does not trade!
   In any case, thank you all for the interest you bring to my site. It is a pleasure to be able to share my passions for beauty, eroticism and sex...

   So much for now.

   I think I can bring you more news by August. Otherwise I wish you a pleasant Summer, the most pleasant and full of desires, pleasures and smiles!

   Good sea breeze!

   Marseille, June 3rd, 2014.

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   Hello to you all,

   Aaah, spring! This is the season of renewal. One breathes a great blow, the gaze towards the blue sky and the white skin, by dint of being covered, takes its first rays of sun. The king of the stars continues its ascension to go definitively to take power at its zenith in summer! And yes, the summer is approaching and already pointing its nose! It does not make you happy! Is there anything that makes you happy? No !
   The spring season full of colors, happy unexpected at the turn of a forest path or a sunny lane, rustling behind a bush leaving its buds burst... There, a still numb lizard stops in full sun so To warm up. Here, an immaculate butterfly out of nowhere, twirls in search of some nectar... And then all these flowers, these sexes in corollas, especially daisies, very abundant this year because of a soft and humid winter, which Explode in the green spaces by arguing light with a few violets always faithful to the rendezvous...
   Spring is a true festival for the gaze, a spectacle that makes the souls smile, shudder the body and warms the hearts still a little transis.
   But not only ! It is not only Nature and its benefits that reappear in spring! There's one thing more than anything that makes me love life, makes me want, want to love before being loved, it's girls. And yes, even girls, young and pretty girls especially, are in "flowers" in this period. They are such daisies, ready to be "leafed" after they have been flirt...
   Flirt in the shade of flower girl, it is above all the hearts that revive by restoring colors to the faces illuminated by beauty, desire and love. It is a sort of nuptial parade, another wonderful spectacle that our Mother Nature offers us and which incarnates the sparrows and other lovebirds...
   This pretty girl with long hair floating in the wind, accompanied by her girlfriend just as pretty, how old is she? 16 years, 18 years or 20 years old! I never tired of scrutinizing their angelic faces, their sparkling eyes, the shapes of their bodies dressed in jeans molding their little asses and the curves of their fine gams, or a t-shirt covering their little boobs, I like to guess by watching them tremble and bounce at each of their steps, so some are generous... They are barely out of adolescence, are 20 years old, sometimes less 18 years old, they are students, high school students or even schoolgirls... I can tell you without restraint that there are very good vintages in terms of chicks and that some are very sexy, real young pubescent women. But damn well our little French girls are pretty! They are walking in front of me, smiling and sometimes laughing... She is beautiful and sweet, the sun illuminate their shapes and their smiles, and they are happy.   Like me, joyous heart, crossing their lost eyes in their marvelous universe made of youth, candor and frivolity!
   A true and eternal happiness the spring!

   After this homage to the beauties and lights of the reborn spring, I present to you my new updates:
   . You will find my eternal photos and videos of Monika downloadable in this case Album 49 (
Monika 49).
   . I also offer
5 photo albums of the beautiful Raylene Richards as well as one of her downloadable videos to the menu "Her Girlfriends".
   . Gift also the
video of Suzie Carina. This girl is a superb pornstar who started with Pierre Woodman at 18 years old in December 2001. At 30 years old since November 28th, she has become a must because of her character and her personality at once curious, smiling, iovial and addicted pleasures.
   I planned to make you discover a new Czech beauty, but do not worry, it is in preparation. It will be for a next time, promised.

   That said, I say to you in a little more than a month, that is to say in early May for new photos and videos of Monika and her girlfriends.

   I wish you good wind, spring full of eyes, colors inundating the soul, desire and beauty filling the hearts.

   Marseille, March 28th, 2014.

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   Hello to you all,
   After a record winter (it's not me who said it) we must admit that this season 2013-2014 will have been atypical; rain, stormy winds and softness (not a single day of frost in Marseille, never seen!) With its share of damage inflicted on Nature and human. We are talking about climate change, perhaps. But the human with short memory;  these phenomena are not new even if they are exceptional. They are only exceptional, fortunately!
   But these meteorological characteristics have good, namely that the softness (temperatures between 10 and 15°C) causes an explosion very early (3 weeks) of flowers. The flowers, these sexes in corolla bloom thanks to the rise of sap and the rays of the heating sun which rises higher and higher in the sky.
   "Sex", "corolla", "sap", "rise", "sky"... 5 words that happens to have an erotic sounding, do not you think? My dear friends, you will have understood, it is my intention!
   Nature is the expression of Life on Earth, it is the exuberance resulting from sexual reproduction, but it is also manifested in us by the Consciousness, the root of the Spirit that feeds on Beauty, Desire and Sexual pleasure. What extraordinary power Nature! Observe the bumblebee foraging a flower; What does it inspire you?
   Nature is everywhere, even in us, human beings! Nature has offered us the chance to consciously enjoy its benefits through beauty, desires and pleasures. Nature manifests itself by the differentiation of the sexes, the existence of women and men and the necessity of eroticism, the desire for the beauty of feminine curves, the fusion of bodies and the sublimation of sexual pleasure. The blossoming of being.
   In us, reproduction has become procreation, copulation has turned into enjoyment since we are conscious, thinking and spiritual beings.
   But it will always remain the wonderful spectacle of the bee foraging a flower. An erotic show even though we say...!
   Well, back to my site and my new update.
   You will find today new photos and videos downloadable from my Monika honey to know
Monika 48 (Album 48)
   I also added 3 downloadable beautiful photo albums of Melisa Mendiny.
   Also you will discover
a new porn video of Carmen Cocks as well as an erotic video of Eufrat very representative what this Czech beauty.
   I will try to find you next time a new Czech beauty. I say "I will try" because it is according to my free time since it is necessary to glean biographical information in addition to photos and videos, which is not always obvious. This is indeed a lot of work, but hey, it's essentially fun to share.
   While waiting for the next update, which will be done towards the end of the month ie early spring which I hope will prove promising, I tell you good wind to all.
   Marseille, on March 1st, 2014.

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   Hello to all lovers,

   On this particular day, when Nature begins to shudder at the approach of spring, I address myself to all the lovers of which I am a part, girls and boys, men and women, young and not so young, in order to send them a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!
    This attention presupposes of course a particular thought for my accomplice and tender girlfriend Sophie, without forgetting my coveted darling Monika to whom I dedicate this day loaded of emotions and shared happiness...

    While waiting for my next real update, which will take place in about ten days, I wish you full of good things in TWICE...

    Marseille, February 14th, 2014.

N.B.: Click on my drawing below realized for the occasion to download it. The other drawing above was done by my care to illustrate my lovemakings with my girlfriend Sophie; click on it to enlarge it; You can download it with others by going to "My Erotic Stories".

My drawing of Valentine's Day


   Hello to you all,

   After a hot summer not to say canicular, extended by a particularly mild autumn, here is the bleak season arriving quite brutally. At the hour of writing, it rains without ceasing in a rather cool atmosphere (12°C), punctuated with thunderclaps. In short a filthy weather!
   Moreover, at the time of writing, it is Monday, the beginning of the week, when one concentrates mainly on oneself and one's labor.
   However, I remember, like so many sunbeams, the pleasant moments spent "teasing" my erotic "muses" who are alternately Sophie and Monika. Indeed, I live a real love with one and I dream virtually of the other.
   Personally, you know, what stimulates me, is to watch the pretty girls, to tell my girlfriend Sophie before making love to her.
   But, I admit, I also happen to offer me some extra by meeting, at the bend of a naughty ad, a chick offering her "favor", an escort girl. Yes, I dared, I met and it has enormously excited me, you can not know! I love this piquant side of life!
   Simply consult their profile and contact them by going to their web page attesting to their places of passage closest to home. Personally, it is enough to make my choice on Marseille. Given my ad-diction for sex it's easy enough for me to leap...! So I did not hesitate any more...
   Many of these girls come from the eastern countries, others from Spain or South America, they are rather cute on the whole, there are some pretty and among them, they stand out systematically One or several cannons for fairly reasonable rates (100 to 200 €) depending on the time spent with them (30 minutes to 1 hour). I wanted to test and I was not disappointed, quite the contrary, since during the last 4 months, I managed to meet two beautiful creatures, a charming Ukrainian 26 years old,
Veronika, and a very nice Czech same age, Letizia. These two girls return very regularly to Marseille. They are two superb sex-hungry cannons that have left me unforgettable memories and offered very pleasant erotic moments...
   These meager encounters were for me a means not only of satisfying a "pressing" desire, but also the means to perfect my sexual techniques and coitus positions, to improve my endurance during an hour of intense excitement and warm caresses . In fact, I take advantage of these privileged moments with these chicks without taboo, to realize some of my most salassy fantasies as the mastery of my ejaculation that I hold until the last moment to empty me abundantly either on the belly, either on the face of my pretty partner of a moment.
   So, it is with
Veronika (*), my pretty little Ukrainian with small tits and a small adorable ass, and after warm and intense embraces I arrived for the first time to enjoy in very large quantities on her belly shivering of pleasure, allowing this naughty to massage the body with my seed which served, according to her say, revitalizing balm, and it is Letizia (**), my pretty Czech with the big boobs alive and natural, after a long riding panting, who swallowed part of my sperm flooding her wonderful face in the agates eyes...    By way of thanks, after having contented them, they delivered me each, an unforgettable session of massages. That was good, especially with Veronika ...! I came out happy, invigorated and full of intense memories and obviously profitable to my vitality and my manhood. Here, I only strip it by writing it to you! These are two great memories, really!
   Why do you reveal these private moments? Because these 2 girls canons are sacred devourers of sex and because they have procured me these unique moments that one lives every time one meets a girl; the excitement of the encounter and the desire to discover the unknown, the heart pounding. Each time, I realize that these beauties, in addition to being smiling, sweet and considerate, are genuine naughty, generating the spice of a pleasure shared without artifice and that I LOVE... !!
   But it must not be forgotten that I want my freedom and these exclusive erotic and sensual encounters are only "snacks" in my sex life and have absolutely nothing to do with my love for tender beloved darling. It is important for me to tell the difference between love that is a need and sex that is a desire. Indeed, I always loved the fuck, sex and make love. Moreover, I will keep perpetually a strong attraction for the beauty of the girls, as well as a devouring passion for the unconcerned delusions with them, which will not prevent me from having sincere feelings for my adored girlfriend and to be a true bashful lover during the torrid body-to-body experiences with my beloved Sophie.
   Unless you've already experienced it, I urge you to visit this
Escort-Girl dating site; It is free, very appetizing and gives you water by mouth ...

   To get back to my updates, you will discover my photos and videos of Monika and Her Copines.
   So I offer you:
Album 45 (Monika45) downloadable of course,
3 videos of Monika, just that, downloadable too,
3 downloadable photo albums and video of a new Czech beauty, Hana Škrabalová aka Tinna, both candid and naughty,
3 new downloadable photo albums of Melisa Mendiny,
   - and
1 new erotic downloadable video of Raylene Richard.

   With that, you will not be able to tell me that I do not spoil you enough. In addition there is reserve. Then smile before enjoying it...!

   My next update will come a little before the Christmas holidays (already!), In December, with the appearance of another Czech beauty Monika Trubková aka Carmen Gemini, a well-known pornstar across the Atlantic.

   In the meantime, enjoy all the girls, unknown or not, without forgetting my site...

   Good luck to all.

   Marseille, November 18th, 2013.

(*) Veronika: Ukrainian, 26 years old, 5' 2", 105.8 lbs, 33-23-33
Letizia: Czech, 26 years old, 5' 7", 121.2 lbs, 37-24-35

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   Hello to you all,

   I just go to offer you some updates before wishing and celebrating September 1st, the 30th anniversary of my loved beauty Monika.
   This very pretty girl Monika is continues to give me pleasures, joys, happiness and hope. Hope to finally make contact with her! The path to this ultimate encounter of the coveted girl is difficult. You may not know it, she does not appear on any of the existing social networks. I may be deluding myself, knowing full well that she is surely living with a boyfriend and that "to live happily one must live hidden". No matter, this chick pleases me and subjugates me, and if I can, even at a distance, write to her or talk to her, then I would be a man filled...!

   In short, today it is very hot, the sun is lead, this for almost two months, apart from two storms that have refreshed the atmosphere appreciably. Summer is this time to be up to it and catches up largely rotten spring.
   You know now, summer is my favorite season for me because it allows me to enjoy as much as possible beaches, sun and sea; "Sea, sex and sun...!"
   It also allows me to escape and appreciate the beauty of girls and their young nubile bodies. They are between the ages of 15 and 25, they are incredibly pretty and stroll uncomfortably on the naturist beaches, in mono or bikini on the textile beaches, both candid and provocative.
   "In recent days, I was not alone because my girlfriend, whom I managed to convince, sometimes accompanies me on my beach naturist and then becomes a charming accomplice savoring our nudity while reveling young naiads with long hair and fully exposed to the sun's rays, walking on the hot sand or playing ball, fresh and laughing, while scrutinizing the slightest movements of their ass, their breast sometimes imposing swinging and bouncing according to their movements or the whims of the balloon... I hide then hardly my excitement to the vision of these young mostly pubic pussies, very often shaved, petals protruding from their little mold... My pretty girlfriend, naked, is then sitting with me my hands on her thighs, between my legs before my cock straightened and my balls wedged against the bottom of her back, hiding discreetly my throbbing erection and even dripping as I mate these young beauties naked... Yes, I know, I should not, I am naturist in the soul certainly, but there is so nice...! We are well my darling and I, our hearts are filled with joy and our senses are freed from all stress... After this idyllic vision, my cock dissipates a little its ardor then I offer a tender kiss to My Kitty...
   We get up before joining, hand in hand, the freshness of the Mediterranean, my long cock swings while stroking my thighs, my balls dangling while Sophie's big breasts dance under the burning sun... once in the Fresh and crystalline water, we embrace tenderly, we get together by rubbing our sexes against sex, we are in paradise...! A TREAT, I tell you...!! But the best is yet to come; I want to extend these unforgettable moments on the way back with my tender darling...
   Indeed, after a magnificent day spent at the water's edge, the skin warmed by the sun and caresses, our bodies entwined and our muscles firmed in the sea water, the ears still buzzing the songs of the Cicadas, intoxicated by the aphrodisiac odors of pines and iodine, our tender kisses overflowing our libido, we stop my girlfriend and me in the hotel where I had booked a room. We find ourselves then to satisfy our burning desires, to make love and to love all our being and our whole body... "

   As soon as possible, and with the agreement of my girlfriend and only her agreement, I will offer you these moments with photos of her and me, making love with perhaps a bonus, a very short porn film of our frolics... Go to the appointment, it will be in the section "
My erotic stories".

   So I offer you two albums of photos of Monika, the
 "Album 41" (Monika 41) where you can, as I promised you, discover Monika in the two series of beautiful photos very recent taken in 2012, and the Album 42 "(Monika 42). These 2 albums are of course, downloadable in the corresponding section.
   Gifts also, before celebrating 30 years of Monika September 1st, "
5 videos" exceptional, very rare and very naughty Monika from a site that no longer exists, BABES TV.COM. What to satiate and prolong a libido doped by a particularly hot summer ...
   As I think there is not enough to satisfy your desires of ass and sex, I offer you "
3 new albums" very naughty pictures of the pretty Carmen Cocks who was born on August 20th, 1984 and who Is 29 years old today. These are of course downloadable from the "Her Girlfriends" menu.

   Know that it was very nice to make you a little hello and make you share my ad-diction of beauty, ass and sex in the middle of the holidays. I have 10 days left before the new school year with a new update to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my tender and coveted Monika.

   In the meantime, I wish you all, good luck and a good continuation.

   Marseille, August 20th, 2013.

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   Hello to you all,

  My site being somewhere a showcase of the Czech Republic and following the floods in early June, I wanted above all to express my sympathy for their inhabitants and my relief for the preservation of the Prague historical center jewels, classified in Unesco World Heritage.    I would also like to greet the girls on my site who live in their native land, as well as their relatives, who may have been affected, especially Monika, who lives in Roundnice Nad Labem, on the banks of the Elbe, whose flood has broken the record of 2002...

   Finally, here we are in summer! However the sky and temperatures are hard to follow apart from the small heat wave of mid-June for some of us, including the Southeast, Provence and Marseille.
   The temperature rose to 38°C on June 18th. As much to say that the only way to endure this heat and this moisture is to go completely naked in the house where my thermometer displayed up to 28°C in my room and even 30°C in the room where is my computer .
   I who adore the heat, it does not interfere in any way to walk naked at home, quite the contrary. In addition to the pleasant feeling of the air on my skin, I find erotic and intimate sensations that end up invading my whole being. Bare feet on the fresh ground make me shudder, every step shake my muscles and the movements of my thighs swing my cock and my balls. Helped by the warmth and the caresses of my balls shaved on my thighs, my big cock reacts by elongating appreciably. As soon as I think of Monika or my girlfriend, here comes a very big desire...! I then weigh my bursa and then I touch the glans of my big cock who reacts instantly while jumping while my heart rate accelerates...
   Quickly, here I am bending while carrying out my occupations... But it is really difficult to do something else (even if to go piss for example) when you have your cock straightened at attention, Hard and thrilling... What to do...? Take a shower ? No, I prefer to indulge in pleasure...
   Stimulated by the almost daily erotic views and memories of pretty girls on the street or on my computer screen, the only solution that comes to mind is the evacuation of my energy and the tension accumulated by desire while masturbating.
   As much to say that it is extremely pleasant and equivalent for me to the beginnings of a "rumpy-pumpy" with my girlfriend...!
   So, quickly I fall in my chair, bring to the screen my site and the photos or videos of my dear Monika, sometimes I reread "My erotic stories" retracing my frolics with my tender girlfriend. Here I am, my huge cock of 6.7"/1.8" in hand, masturbating me making last the pleasure until the orgasm which is still powerful, especially with Monika on the screen...
   There is nothing healthier than to indulge in this little exercise, this little training I would say, between two encounters with my girlfriend...

   In short, I return to my site and my new updates.
   Today you will discover:
   . A new downloadable photo album from Monika, "
Monika 40".
2 beautiful downloadable videos of Monika, which I particularly like by highlighting the superb body of my muse and its exceptional and unsuspected erotic potential... It is under the heading "Videos" in "Videos Monika IV" with videos 33 and 34.
  . A new Czech beauty,
Lenka Gaborová, a very hot and very naughty girl... You will discover her in photos (1176 photos) and in a porn video where she gives one's all.
  . A
porn video of Little Caprice where you will notice her candid beauty.
All these videos are downloadable in the corresponding section of the "
Videos" menu.

  So much for my updates. The next ones will take place before the start of the school year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Monika. I like it very much.
  On this occasion, one thing would give me great pleasure is to be able to tell her or write her these 3 words on September 1st.
  So it will be a special Monika with lots of downloadable photos and videos of my beloved muse, accompanied by a new Czech beauty in photos and videos always downloadable on my site.

  While waiting to renew and share my attachment to Monika, I wish you a great holiday, full of pleasures and enjoyments...

  Marseille, June 24th, 2013.

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   Hello everyone.

   After a long weekend extended by the long week-end of the May 8th spent on the French Riviera, I am very happy to find you with not just an update but with many novelties that I concocted in addition photos and videos of Monika.
   I was able to take advantage of my attraction for the pretty girls during this short stay on the shores of the Mediterranean thanks to the sun and spring temperatures.
   I was able to discover some beauties which for the most part spoke with a strong Eastern accent; Yes, the Russians and especially the sexy girls are more and more present on the coast, Cannes and especially Monaco. Most are real guns strolling high heels or are seated at the terraces of restaurants often twice, blond in miniskirt and low-cut, cleverly made up. I did not hesitate to put them discreetly behind my Ray-Ban scrutinizing their approaches to sexy girls, mini-skirt half-thighs casting a nice ass without the traces of a panties... Which lets me suppose that they did not wear or at least let me guess a string... Pleasant also the vision of their legs curved as I love them and whose muscles tremble under the footsteps of their high heels. In the same way, their pretty faces, pale and rounded, still fresh from their regions, and barely emerging from the icy winter.
   During this little escapade, I could also discover very pretty little French babes in small sexy outfits, shorts and teeshirt very short showing the navel, sometimes without bra, molding their pretty little ass and arched like real goddesses, prefiguring pleasantly Summer that approaches beaches... A look insisting on these adolescent beauties 16 or 18 years old, fresh, bare legs, long hair for the most part, and... Hop, a babe, the prettiest in the band, lifts eyes, turns her head towards me, stares at me a second and then turns away the gaze a bit embarrassed to have surprised her charm and her beauty...! I love to act like that, it feels good to my heart at first before I feel my cock shudder under my slip... Then the smile comes to my lips while I hear them speak and laugh secretly...
   That it is good, that it is nice to live and relive these magic moments by releasing all its senses...!
   Young girls are and will always be these lovers of freedom, charm and beauty.

   In short, to return to my updates, I wanted to spoil you by offering you, in addition to a photo album of Monika ("Album 38" (Monika 38)) and an download erotic video ("Monika Queen"), the erotic photo of a Czech pornstar , "Szilvia Tomcalová" aka "Silvia Saint", dean of the "Monika's Girlfriends" since she is 37 years old (2013). She is still active, and thanks to her beauty and charms, she continues to serve the new recruits on her site created especially to promote her know-how.
   You will discover her in
downloadable photos in the corresponding section, and in video, such as Silvia Valentine's Day, a superb erotic demonstration revealing a small part of her naughty talents.
   I also offer you
another great video of Melisa such as Blue Eyed Perfection; You will see her go naked naturally and let us discover her beautiful body including her beautiful ass under her bewitching look. Another way for me to empty my balls with the most beautiful video of Melisa.
   Likewise with
Niky Case's beautiful downloadable HD video, "Nikky Libidineux", the most beautiful erotic video of my site with "Monika Swinging"; The vision of beauty and charms of this pretty girl transports me into the world of eros accompanied by a superb electronic music.

   So for now and waiting for my next updates within 2 or 3 weeks.

   The spring having great difficulty to settle, I wish you pleasant visits on my site.

   Good wind to all.

   Marseille, May 13th, 2013.

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   Hello to you all,

   As promised, I am back with new updates in the form of my coveted beauty photos and videos and more.
   Moreover, it is summer and I am happy to share once again my passion for the beauty of girls, pleasure with them and eroticism nourishing desire...
   Today it is warm, it is almost noon, it is already 30°C and I am completely naked home, the very moment I write. The sun is burning, accelerating the rise of sap, the sap of desire.
   My libido is full to block and only my cock and my completely liberated balls govern my mind and my body. I'm good and super happy to give you pleasure with my site I pampered while thinking of Monika and my girlfriend.
   Lately, and as every year at this time, I went to rinse my eyes on the beaches near Marseille. It was a very pleasant time. Not only do I love the sea but I never get tired of contemplating the beauty of Mother Nature. I let myself go to all my senses.
   And there, what a happy surprise! The beach was invaded by young beauties almost naked, young and pretty girls with the pressing gait and a bit provocative, with their little ass and chest barely hidden by their bikini, trembling at each of their steps hopped on the sand hot... The emotion is there; Behind my Ray-Ban, the eyes insisting on the bodies of her young and pretty creatures strolling or elongated, I then feel my cock swell under my swimsuit type "slip" from where escapes at the level of the groin part of my pubic hair... This produces its small effect since my look of mature and sexy attracts the eyes of he young naiads... Similarly, young women, topless or not, alone or accompanied, let themselves be taken by throwing me a more or less furtive glance when I wander at the exit of the bath... This adds to my pleasure as to theirs...
   Yes, my dear friends, in these privileged moments I am alone to make the playboy... for now! Indeed, I await the holidays with great impatience at the same time as the return of my girlfriend finally convoler with her on my naturist beaches before giving free rein to our fantasies and satiating them together...
   On these beaches everyone is naked, young and old, childs and adults, family or couple, without any distinction. These are natural and paradisiacal places on the edge of hills plunging into the sea, covered with Aleppo pines and garrigues with warm scents and aphrodisiacs where the
cicadas are unleashed.
   Difficult not to have an hard on without being seen you will say! It's true, but it's a matter of habit, the pleasure of sex fades before the pleasure of the eyes...! It is about holding oneself in the sense that one must know how to master one's impulses and emotions, accept and respect the gaze of others and vice versa. It is simply a gymnastic discipline that puts everyone on an equal footing.
   It is at the end of the day only, returning from a true cure of sun, heat and sea that I then let my sex express myself freely and totally in intimacy with my girlfriend
Sophie. And there, there is no better time than to make love after a good day on the burning sand. For me it is the ideal remedy to fight stress, anxiety and phobias. The sun, iodized air and heat are excellent aphrodisiacs and true disinhibitors, I can assure you! You understand why I look forward to the return of the summer. I'm not the only one ...
  For those who are curious and interested and/or who reside in the PACA region during the holidays, these beaches are located in the commune of La Seyne-sur-Mer in the Var at 50 km from Marseille, at the place
Plage du Jonquet . It is the ideal place to spend whole days to relax while admiring, transi of happiness, natural scenery while contemplating with discretion the beauties young or less young... I can affirm that there are in plenty from July to August since they come from all horizons in France and Navarre or elsewhere... So do not hesitate to come, you may find me and you will meet my girlfriend... It is worth the detour if I may say so...!
   To get an idea, remember to click on the underlined link or click

   Brief, Let's get back to the topic in hand and my site well said! It is still an update that I offer you, extending a little more my site. I am extremely pleased to see that my visitors enjoy it. I want to thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
   It must be said that it is rather unique because it offers simply, without frills, freely and without taboo, a certain palette of what I consider to be the prettiest girls of Czech origin who make the happiness of photographers and directors and by there are snags of beauty, sensuality and sex.
   Most of these beautiful babes have become famous as Jana Cová, and one is about to become one, it is Monika no doubt. In any case, I hope to contribute to her fame through the thousands of photos and the twentieth of her main videos that I unveil you since January 2009, when the site was created.
  Today I offer
4 beautiful downloadable photosets of Monika with "Monika 35" (Album 35), as well as 2 of her erotic erotic and sensual videos, "Monika Multitasking" and "Monika Slowly" also downloadable.
   Always with the vocation to make you discover pretty girls of these countries, I offer you some of the sexiest pictures of the ravishing and very naughty
"Lucie Weinreichová" aka "Olivia La Roche". Go quickly to discover it in the section Her Girlfriends. She will be 24 years old on July 6th and is undoubtedly the prettiest girl of the moment. In addition, she begins to be known because she quickly became a very active and much in demand porn actress while she continues to practice her job as a simple real estate agent. Incredible dynamism and taboo. It is not with us that we run the risk of meeting this kind of girl, alas...! But, well, let's not spoil our pleasure!
   The opportunity also, through this update, to offer you
a superb porn video with the very pretty Arwyn and her big tits. I want to warn you, in this film this beautiful canon, with her boob that bounces, is a real empty-balls...!
   Besides, at this moment, and just by writing these lines, I feel and I see my big cock dangling and dripping between my legs spread, swelling, pushing, straightening while throbbing and jumping in tickling my thighs... ... I slacken in my chair by placing my dick already hard on my stomach to give her a little break while letting my balls drop the time to finish my prose...

   My machine stamped with a jump of impatience "Patience Popaul, I finish, then I am yours...!"

   Well, here is for the novelties. My site is mature. My web space is almost reached. That is why I can hope to add new products to you from September onwards.

   Pfiouu, it's very hot! I hear the cicadas unleashing and I, as I would say, an urgent desire...!

   In the meantime, and before going to enjoy with Monika, I wish you a great holiday, enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy yourself and give pleasure.

   Think of bringing my site in your luggage, it will be of a precious help in case the sun would not be part.

   Good luck to you all by telling you at the beginning of September.

   Marseille, June 21th, 2012.