My Monika Drawings

"L'Erotisme, c'est offrir au corps le langage des sens, la légèreté de l'âme et la volupté de l'esprit..." Maître Zen

My other erotic drawings

   Now that you know my penchants for pretty girls and eroticism in addition to my artistic talents, I did not resist the urge to unveil my few works in the form of drawings that I digitized for you respecting Maximum resolution so you can appreciate the finesse and details of my "pencil stroke".
   These drawings exclusively at the graphite mine (2H, HB, 2B or 3B) on Canson paper date for most of twenty years, sometimes more (1986 to 2009).
    Many of my drawings are reproductions of photographs from magazines of charm (one said "... of ass" in the years 70-80). They have contributed since my youngest age (15 years) to the development of my libido and my sexual fulfillment. Why not have photography done? You will say. It is true that this artistic craft initially tempted me but the circumstances decided otherwise ... On the other hand and without wanting to boast, I possess thanks to the drawing a talent in gold that transforms magic beauty. It is an excellent way of caressing, by recreating it, the beauty, the sensuality of the girls and prolonging the desire to the enjoyment, things that can not be apprehended before a simple image.
   Here are my works in black and white that you can also find on the site

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72 drawings, some of which you will find in duplicate. It is wanted so that you can make your choice.
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